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Articles by the Principal

2019 April Voice : Our primary instrument of influence
2018 December Passing on the torch with courage and purpose
  September General Sir John Monash GCMG KCB VD
  April Bringing lit flame to the challenges and opportunities of the age
2017 December The magic that lies between the ‘0’ and the ‘1’
  September A life of enterprise: of service and purpose for the greater good
  April Flow and cycle
2016 December Building something better for those who will follow
  September  A commitment to academic care
  April In transition, each generation continues to get better
2015 December Teaching is a relational craft and schools are relational places
  September Our inherent connectedness
  May Embracing our hard-won freedom
2014 December Education in our century
  September Our opportunity to lead
  May Beyond the comfort of the known
2013 December The greatest deeds are yet to come
  September An inexhaustible source of magic
  May Judgement, equity and autonomy - the real debate for education
2012 December  Our challenge: improving outcomes by shaping performance
  September Opportunities with a global flavour
  May The essence of teaching and learning
2011 December Nurturing our most precious gift
  September Those ‘truly important things’
  May Considered responses to complex problems
2010 December Education is the answer 
  September Strategic intents
  May It’s about challenge and support
2009 December A commitment to service
  September Scotch as a place of belonging
  April Small changes in input
2008 December Strands of a rich tartan
  September The baton is in my hands