Admissions Policy and Procedures

Scotch College Melbourne has four main entry points for student admission to the School: Prep, Year 4, Year 7 and Year 9. Places may be offered at other levels where vacancies arise. The Principal reserves the right to determine to whom places are offered.

Initial offers of places for the entry years of Prep, Year 4 and Year 7 are mainly determined by the age of the boy on receipt of the initial application.

At the discretion of the School, some applications may be given preference on the basis of criteria such as:

  • Having a brother currently or having had a brother previously at Scotch;
  • Transfers from interstate or overseas schools similar to Scotch;
  • Sons of full-time permanent teaching staff;
  • Sons or grandsons of former students of Scotch College Melbourne;
  • Sons of ministers of the Presbyterian Church of Victoria and Old Boys in full-time Christian ministry;
  • Potential to perform at an exceptional standard academically or in other areas of the school program; and
  • Returning students who were offered priority at the time of departure.

In the case of Year 9 entry and the 'casual' vacancies which may arise from time to time when a current student leaves the School, the age of the boy on receipt of the initial application is of lesser importance.

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For more information about the enrolment process, please contact the Admissions Office by

telephone (+61 3 9810 4203), or by email