Scholarship exams for 2022 entry are scheduled to take place on Saturday 6 February, 2021 starting at 8:45am. Should the pandemic social distancing regulations cause these exams to be postponed, only previously registered applicants will be invited to sit for any re-scheduled examination. All application forms must be completed on-line. The closing date was 5pm, Thursday 21 January, 2021.


Scotch College offers scholarships to boys of demonstrated academic potential who possess the capacity to enrich the life of the School and influence for the greater good.

The Scholarship programme enables such boys to attend Scotch regardless of the financial circumstances of their families. Generations of scholarship recipients have enhanced the intellectual and social diversity of the School, and, in all considerations, preference is given to boys whose families wouldn’t otherwise be able to send their sons to Scotch.

All boys seeking a scholarship must sit the Scholarship Examination held at the School. This consists of examination papers written by the School in Mathematics, English and the humanities. As part of the application process, boys and their families are asked to expand on, and give evidence of, particular interests, passions and talents, be they academic or otherwise.

Boys who perform well in the Scholarship Examination and impress with their submitted applications, are invited for interview with the Principal and (separately) the Academic Extension Coordinator. Those attending the interviews also complete a further online test of academic potential.

Each year, of the scholarships offered, a number are specifically designated for boys who wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend the School.

Scholarships may be awarded for:

  • Academic ability
  • Means Tested (including Alexander Wright Wales Memorial Scholarships)
  • Music (for boys with a passion for, and proven talent in, music)
  • Boarding (for interstate and rural boys seeking a boarding experience)
  • Indigenous students (see also Indigenous Partnerships)


The Scholarship Examination is open to all boys who are not yet attending the Scotch College Senior School. Scholarships are offered for entry to the Senior School in Year 7, Year 9 and Year 10. Applicants for music scholarships must also complete an audition, which is held at the School. 

Applications for 2022 Scholarships have now closed.

How to enter - Scholarships for 2023

Dates and times for 2023 entry scholarships will be announced at a later date.

Applications will open in November 2021 and close in January 2022.


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