This Business Notice sets out the terms and conditions under which students are enrolled at Scotch College (“the College”) and is current as at 30 July 2019. The College may vary these terms and conditions from time to time upon giving parents and legal guardians a school term’s prior notice of such variation. The continued enrolment of their boy at Scotch will signify acceptance by parents or legal guardians of the variation.

  1. FEES

    An Application Fee, which is not refundable, must be paid with each application for enrolment. Enrolment is at the discretion of the Principal, as is the level of entry to the school.

    An Enrolment Fee and a Holding Fee are to be paid by parents/legal guardians on behalf of every new boy at the time that enrolment is offered. The Enrolment Fee confirms the enrolment for entry at a particular level and date and is not refundable. The Holding Fee, which provides evidence of the parents’/legal guardians’ intention that the boy will commence tuition at the College, is returned to parents/legal guardians as a credit against the second fee instalment account (the January instalment) rendered to parents/legal guardians in their son’s first year at the College. The Holding Fee will not be refunded if the boy does not commence at the College.

    The College will publish its Tuition Fees on an annual basis. It may vary and increase its Tuition Fees and other fees and charges from time to time and in its sole discretion. Parents/legal guardians will be notified in advance either electronically or in writing of any such variation. The Tuition Fees are set as an annual amount, payable in advance by three instalments. Instalment notices are sent out electronically by email and will also be accessible electronically.

    Accounts for Tuition Fees are sent out in August of the year prior to entry, then January, April and August each year thereafter. Accounts for any additional fees and charges will be rendered from time to time during the course of the year. When a student is in his final year at school, no account for a tuition instalment will be rendered in August of that year. However any miscellaneous charges that are incurred will still be rendered on a final statement.

    Boarding Fees are charged in three instalments as incurred, in January, April and August each year.

    Boys entering for the first time after the beginning of a year will be charged pro rata Tuition Fees and/or Boarding Fees.


    All accounts rendered by the College for Tuition Fees and other fees and charges are payable within 14 days of the rendering of an account. The College’s Finance Department is authorised by the College to take such steps deemed necessary, by civil process on behalf of the College, or otherwise, to recover unpaid amounts owing to the College.

    Where any amount payable to the College is not paid in full within 14 days of the rendering of an account, and no agreement for late payment is made in writing with the College’s Finance Department, the amount outstanding will accrue interest from the due date until it is paid at the rate for the time being fixed under section 2 of the Penalty Interest Rates Act 1983 (Vic). In the event that any outstanding account is referred to an external debt collection agency it is agreed by the parents/legal guardians that they will reimburse the College for any costs or expenses incurred by it, including legal costs on an indemnity basis.

    The College reserves the right to refuse a boy permission to register and/or participate in any school organized activities that require an additional payment to the College or a third party, while any amount remains due and owing to the College in respect of that boy or any of his siblings.

    Any agreement or failure by the College not to strictly enforce its terms of payment in relation to amounts owing to the College, or any agreement to defer payment of an amount owing to the College, will not operate as a waiver of the College’s rights in relation to such amount.


    Parents/legal guardians are required to provide to the College a full term’s notice in writing to the Principal before the removal of a boy from the College, or pay a full term’s Tuition Fees in lieu of giving such notice.


    The College reserves the right to refuse permission for a boy to commence the next school term or to cancel his enrolment at the College if any amount remains due and owing to the College in respect of that boy or any of his siblings, unless the College’s Finance Department has agreed in writing to the late payment of that amount.

    If in the opinion of the Principal it is desirable, in the interest of the College, that a boy should not continue any longer as a pupil he may notify the parents/legal guardians or either of them to that effect and remove the boy’s name from the School Roll and exclude him from further attendance. The parents/legal guardians shall be liable for all Tuition Fees and other fees and charges up to the day the boy’s enrolment is cancelled.

    Tuition Fees will continue to be charged for any type of prolonged absence by a boy from the College that is authorized by the Principal and where the parents/legal guardians request that the boy’s enrolment not be cancelled. For any absence less than 10 weeks the full Tuition Fee is charged. For absence in excess of 10 weeks the full Tuition Fees will be charged for the first 10 weeks and then half Tuition Fees thereafter. Places are not likely to be held for longer than one year. All of these arrangements are subject to the approval of the Principal.


    Parents/legal guardians agree that, to the full extent permitted by law, the College will not be liable for any illness, accident or injury that may occur to a student while either attending the College or taking part in College activities, whether such illness, accident or injury is caused by the negligence or otherwise of the College, its employees or agents.

    The College and its employees will not be liable for any loss or damage to, or theft of any property or personal effects of a student or which the student has in his possession, while attending school or any school event or activity.


    The College is authorized to obtain any urgent or emergency medical treatment for a student as the College in its sole discretion may determine and the parents/legal guardians agree to indemnify the College for any associated costs or expenses. Parents/legal guardians should maintain their own insurance policies that provide cover for such medical treatment. However, the College maintains insurance relating to student accident and travel insurance cover which may provide some assistance to students injured, notwithstanding that no liability is accepted by the College.

  7. OTHER

Every application for admission must be accompanied by, or followed by, a birth certificate or some official evidence of the boy’s date of birth. Evidence of citizenship and/or visa status may also be required.

The College must be kept informed of all of the boy’s medical needs from time to time including any significant illness or disability suffered or developed by him during his enrolment. The College must be notified immediately of any infectious or contagious disease contracted by the boy, who will not be permitted to attend school without a written medical clearance.

Boys are required to attend at the College at all times when the College is open for instruction, unless they have a reasonable excuse that is acceptable to the Principal. The parents or legal guardians of each boy will be provided from time to time with College handbooks and other documents containing the College’s regulations, rules and policies. The boy’s continued attendance at the College is dependent upon observance and compliance by the parents/legal guardians and their boy with these regulations, rules and policies as they may be in force from time to time.

The parents/legal guardians must keep the College informed of any changes to their address or addresses and contact details (including telephone and email addresses). If there is any change of postal or e-mail addresses after the lodging of an application for enrolment, the school must be informed. Failure to do this could result in cancellation of the application.

The parents/legal guardians who are signatories to the application for enrolment agree that, if more than one, they are jointly and severally bound by the terms and conditions of this Business Notice and other school regulations, rules and policies that might be in force at the College from time to time and that they will continue to be jointly and severally bound notwithstanding any changes that may subsequently occur to the relationship between them.