Brian takes the Lodge Chair


On 3 November the Lodge held its annual Installation Night, when the outgoing Master, Dr Richard Tait (‘76) retired and the incoming Master for 2011/2012, Brian Turnley (‘58) was installed in the Chair of King Solomon.

It was a very special night for Brian and his ceremonial team, including Andrew Silver (‘01), Senior Warden; Paul Daniels (‘00), Junior Warden; and Peter Turnley (‘57), Director of Ceremonies. Following the installation, the Lodge had a very enjoyable Christmas lunch at the Kooyong Tennis Club.

There were many highlights during Richard Tait’s very successful 2010/2011 year in the Master’s Chair:Achieving full accreditation for the Lodge’s performance and management

James Nicolson (‘94) made a special visit from his remote working area north of Ceduna, South Australia, where he is a drilling engineer, to our July meeting where he was passed to a Fellowcraft, assisted by his father, Dr Iain, who came up from Sale for the ceremony.

In August a special Sunday lunch was held at the Malvern Vale Hotel, where members regularly meet for Wednesday lunches.

At the September meeting Alex Buirski (‘95) completed his progress though the Lodge, and was raised to the sublime Degree of a Master Mason.

In October the Lodge attended the very successful OSCA clubs’ night at this year’s OSMaD production, Sweeney Todd the Demon Barber of Fleet Street.

The Lodge finished the financial year with a very healthy surplus.The Lodge was very saddened at the passing of our long-time member and Chief Steward, Tony Cordell (‘57) in July. Tony joined Freemasonry at Henley (Rowers) Lodge in 1970, and moved to the Old Scotch Lodge in 1993, where he quickly became involved as a Steward, and later as our Royal Freemasons Hospital representative.

The Lodge is still very involved with the Freemasons Task Force, where Ian McMurtrie (‘58) is the state coordinator, and Gary Edwards (‘60) is an executive member. The task force undertakes many community commitments, including assisting with the recovery of many of the areas damaged by the floods earlier this year.

The Old Scotch Lodge meets on the first Thursday each month, except January, at the Camberwell Masonic Centre. All Freemasons are welcome. Old Boys interested are invited to contact the secretary, Ian Thomson (’55) on 5981 0581 or

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Ian McKenzie and Richard Tait