Fitness and skills prevail


The 2011 Water Polo season has been most successful, and has shown many promising signs for the future. The firsts performed very well, with no losses, and claimed the premiership for the first time since 2004.

An early pre-season was organised by coach Matt Wallace-Smith (‘05) and Teacher-in-Charge, Mr Ryan Nolan for the firsts side this year, in anticipation of a promising season. This effort was rewarded early with a confidence-boosting win against Haileybury, 11-1, in the first round. The team also defeated Xavier, one of our rival sides, 6-3 in the next round.

Round three saw Scotch’s toughest match for the year against reigning premiers Wesley. It was a tight match, with Scotch up 4-3 going into the last quarter, but our fitness and determination prevailed and we finished with an 8 goals to 3 win. Lloyd Tarrant (Year 11) showed his skills, scoring from everywhere, and showed why he had just been touring with the Australian Youth team only weeks earlier.

The two young guns in Year 9, Chris Perrott and Max Mellor, also stepped up to the challenge on game day and took advantage of their Wesley opponents who had underestimated their talent. This game was indicative of the firsts’ season, playing controlled and structured water polo with top efforts from all of the boys, and setting the tone for the rest of the premiership season.

Greatscot _dec 2011_43a
Greatscot _dec 2011_43b