Huxton Creepers: keeping to the beat


Huxton Creepers – a well-known band around Melbourne in the 1980s, which was made up of four Old Boys from the Class of 1981 – reformed recently for what they said was the last time, to play gigs in Melbourne and Geelong.

The band took its name from a character in a 1944 Sherlock Holmes film, The Pearl of Death, called ‘the Hoxton Creeper’. Band members are Rob Craw (lead vocals and guitar), Paul Thomas (guitar), Matthew Eddy (bass) and Arch Law (drums).

Interviewed in The Age, Rob Craw said back in the ‘80s the band’s first gig was in the Venetian Room in Lonsdale Street, Melbourne. ‘It all just spiralled from there, really,’ he said. ‘(We were) a bunch of mates from school who just wanted to play, and it was very organic. We played free nights on a Thursday at the Seaview Ballroom and the Prince of Wales, and if you were any good, there was a ready-made crowd to capture. We just enjoyed what we were doing ...’

The group spent a couple of years building up a live following, before releasing an album in 1986.

Since breaking up in 1989, the band has reformed twice, but Rob told The Age the recent shows were the band’s last hurrah. ‘We’re a band that enjoyed playing (and) the album is a document of where we were back then.’

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