Looking locally for world-changing ideas

Scotch’s ‘TiltShift’ team looked at environmental issues close to home, in a Scotch context.


A team of Scotch Year 10 boys hit the world stage in July, travelling to Singapore to submit their views on changing the world for the global good. To come up with their world-changing ideas they turned to an environment close to their hearts: the Scotch campus.

Scotch was the only Australian school to be invited to participate in ‘TiltShift 2011’ in Singapore, which was conducted by the Raffles Institute in June. The boys – Sam Banks, Peter Williams and Sorin Zota – were accompanied to Singapore by Ms Michele Linossier, Scotch’s Academic Extension Coordinator.

Greatscot _dec 2011_29a

Scotch’s TiltShift team (left to right): Sorin Zota, Sam Banks and Peter Williams

TiltShift 2011 was a five-day, high-impact conference, gathering 80 brilliant young men and women from around the world, who were each set world-changing experiments to conduct in team environments.

The Scotch team worked with the Glass Ark – Climate Change area of TiltShift, which sought ways to reduce school carbon emissions by raising student awareness of how they could make a difference. The team’s project, entitled EVOgreen, focused on a range of environmental initiatives and identified several areas they wish to work on, including using recycled paper around the school campus, replacing current exterior lighting with solar powered lighting, and investigating issues connected with heating Scotch’s indoor swimming pool.

The TiltShift website proclaims that ‘the biggest problems are sometimes solved by a simple change of perspective’, and this was the slant the Scotch team took, as they looked at environmental issues close to home, in a Scotch context.

Back at Scotch, the rubber hit the road. As the team began to implement the EVOgreen programme, they created a larger team of about 15 students from Years 9 to 11. In Term 4, the team arranged for 15cm holes to be cut in waste bin lids in the Scotch Quadrangle – making it easy for students to deposit rubbish, and leading to an immediate and visible reduction in litter around the Quad. This group is also looking at a mobile phone recycling initiative and has created a DVD aimed at informing and inspiring others.

Another EVOgreen initiative was the ‘Rubbish Free Lunch Day’ – Thursday 10 November – when students and staff were encouraged to bring their lunch in recyclable containers, or with minimal wrapping. More Rubbish Free Lunch days or ‘Nude Food’ days are planned once a term in 2012. Rubbish on those days will be measured and recorded, to assess results.