Mr David Crawford AO Chairman

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At the recent Annual General Meeting of the Old Scotch Collegians’ Association School Council Chairman David Crawford was awarded honorary life membership of the Association in recognition of his outstanding service to Scotch College and to OSCA. In OSCA’s 98 year history only 28 Honorary Life memberships have been awarded. 10 recipients are alive today.

David Crawford AO attended Scotch from 1956 to 1962. He was a member of the 1st XI in 1961 and 1962, and the 1st XVIII in 1962. David was a Scout Trooper leader and 1962 House Captain of Lawson-MacFarland House. He was a Probationer in 1961, upgraded to a Prefect the same year, and was a 1962 Prefect. After playing football with University Blacks in the VAFA he played for the Old Scotch Football Club. In one season he was leading goal kicker for the club’s junior and senior teams. David played tennis with the Old Scotch Tennis Club and was an all-rounder for the Old Scotch Cricket Club. David joined the OSCA Council in 1973 and served it as Treasurer from 1974 to 1982. From 1983 to 1986 he was OSCA Vice-President. In 1987 he became the 47th President of OSCA, becoming the first son of an OSCA President to follow in his father’s footsteps. David’s father Frank was OSCA President in 1968. In 1991 David joined the Scotch College Council, replacing the retiring Bruce Lithgow. He became its Vice-Chairman in December 2003. In October 2006 David was appointed Chairman of the Scotch College Council. On the Queen’s Birthday in 2009 he was awarded the AO For service to business as a director of public companies, to sport, particularly through the review and restructure of national sporting bodies, and to the community through contributions to arts and educational organisations.

In response David remarked:

I am greatly honoured to have been granted Life Membership of the Old Scotch Collegians’ Association in recognition of my long association with Scotch.

It is particularly pleasing to receive this award at the same time as David Boykett. We both believe that our role has been to ensure that the opportunities are there to enable all boys attending the school to achieve to the best of their abilities. In that vein, David so eloquently expressed that his contribution to Scotch gave him most satisfaction in being able to ensure, that many boys less gifted academically than their peers, were able to achieve success.

My father, Frank Crawford (’25) , who received a deceased servicemen’s scholarship, his father being killed at Gallipoli, imbued in me the desire to contribute in as wide a way as possible to the school. I have never regarded the time spent as work, but rather contributing to the growth and development of all things associated with Scotch in the same way as many, many others.

I regard this award as being on behalf of all of those who have so contributed, and I thank them for their continuing contribution. I also thank my wife, Maureen, for supporting me in these endeavours, and allowing me to spend the time to so contribute.

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David Crawford (’62) and Maureen Crawford with Andrew Crawford (’89).