• AGNEW, Robert Edward (’82)
  • ANDREW, Colin Stephen (’34)
  • ARNOLD, John Campbell (’37)
  • BAIRD DFC, Kenneth David (’32)
  • BARAGWANATH, Laurie Edward (’41)
  • BELL, Alan John Bishop (’54)
  • BISHOP OAM, John David (’47)
  • CANT, Douglas Arthur (’56)
  • CAREY, John (’40)
  • CHILD, James Balfour (’45)
  • CLUGSTON, Thomas James Fleming (’36)
  • COFFEY, Peter Alan Despard (’52)
  • COWEN, Sir Zelman AK GCMG GCVO QC (’35)
  • DODD, Bryan Campbell (’54)
  • DONALDSON, George Alexander (’38)
  • ELLIOTT, Barry Keith (’67)
  • FORSYTH, James Davidson (’47)
  • HARE, Geoffrey Alan Gordon (’38)
  • HARRY, Colin Martin (Bill) (’36)
  • HEY, Peter Graham (’48)
  • HINRICHSEN, Kevin William (’41)
  • HURST AM, Professor Charles Angas (’40)
  • JACKSON, John Richard Brooks (’41)
  • KENT, Peter Frederick (’51)
  • LANE, Dr James Reid (’42)
  • MACLEAN, Dr Alan Donald (Don) (’43)
  • McDIARMID, Robert Sturdee (’33)
  • MONEY, Keith Leslie (’37)
  • MURRAY, Keith Eddington (’35)
  • PAWSEY, David Christian (’37)
  • PERRIER, Dr Ian Rutherford (’51)
  • PROUDFOOT, William Macleod (’37)
  • QUIRK, Ozbert James (’33)
  • ROBERTS, Peter Howard (’79)
  • RUDOV, David (’46)
  • SHARP, John Alexander (’51)
  • SHEPHERD, Dr Kenneth Frank (’40)
  • STUCKEY, Francis Campbell (’24)
  • TAYLOR OAM, Malcolm Henry James (’43)
  • THORN, Lawrence George (’51)
  • TILLEY, Vernon Wilfred (’47)
  • WARD, John Philip de la Roche (’46)
  • WEST, Dr Richard Leslie (’50)
  • WESTCOTT, James Paul (’57)
  • WHITE, Ronald Foster (’51)
  • WILLIAMS, Joseph Maurice (’37)
  • WILSON, Frank Arthur Earl (’36)
  • WILSON, Leonard Mackie (’41)
  • WOODWARD DSO, William Chevily (’35)


Greatscot _dec 2011_76a

Robert Edward AGNEW (’82) was born on 29 May 1965 in Melbourne and attended Scotch from 1977 to 1982. He was a member of Morrison (major) House and Adams (minor) House. Rob was a 1982 Form Vice-Captain, a Scout, Sea Scout and a member of the Scotch at Cowes committee. He played in the 2nd XI and was Captain of the 1982 2nd XVIII. He was a School Officer in 1982. Also at Scotch were Rob’s brothers James (SC 1972-77) and Michael (SC 1975-80). After graduating with a Bachelor of Business from Monash University in 1986, Rob started his professional career at Deloitte where he became a chartered accountant. From 1994 to 2002 he worked in London for various banks including Charterhouse, United Bank of Kuwait, Bankers Trust, NatWest and BNP Paribas. Robert returned to Melbourne in 2002 and worked at ANZ in various roles, primarily risk management where he became Head of Technology and Compliance and Reporting. Robert married Carol Lloyd in London on 25 May 1998. He died on 6 September 2011.

Colin Stephen ANDREW (’34) was born at Scone, New South Wales, on 7 July 1917. He boarded at Scotch in School House in 1929. From 1940 to 1941 Colin was a private in the army, and from 1941 to 1946 served in the AIF. He was demobilised as a corporal in the 2/2 Commando Squadron. Colin’s jobs included being a machinist and a storekeeper. He lived at Little Mountain, Queensland, and died at the Caloundra Private Hospital, Caloundra, on 18 September 2011.

John Campbell ARNOLD (’37) was born at Perth, Western Australia, on 27 September 1918. John attended Scotch from 1932 to 1934. He served in the RAAF from 1942 to 1946 and was demobilised as a corporal in the 39 Operational Base Unit. John worked as a bank officer. He lived at Avalon, New South Wales, and died on 19 October 2011.

Kenneth David BAIRD DFC (’32) was born at home on the kitchen table at Webster Street, Ballarat, on 30 April 1914. He left Ballarat College and boarded at Scotch in School House from 1931 to 1932. Ken rowed in the 1932 3rd VIII. Also at Scotch was his brother Robert Alan Baird (born 1 June 1902, SC 1918-20, died 17 February 1923). In 1939 Ken rowed in the Melbourne University VIII. He lived at Ormond College while studying Law. From 1940 to 1945 he served in the RAAF, winning the DFC for calm and courageous attacks on Dusseldorf, Essen and Duisberg despite intense opposition. He was demobilised in 1945 as a squadron leader at RAF Gamston.

Ken was a bomber pilot in the Mediterranean (56 raids) and over Europe (25 raids), becoming the first Australian flight commander of the RAAF’s 460 Squadron under Bomber Command in Britain. He commanded the RAF’s Church Broughton base in Derbyshire. Ken believed he was one of few Australians to be presented with his DFC at Buckingham Palace by King George VI. On 20 April 1948 he married Irene Joy Coutts at St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Ballarat. Ken was a solicitor in the Baird family law firm, Baird & Baird of Ballarat (later Baird & McGregor). He had many roles at Ballarat College including being chairman of its council when it was decided in 1974 to amalgamate with Clarendon College. He is the eponym of the school boatshed. He died at Ballarat on 15 September 2011, until which time he had been Scotch’s eighth oldest known living Old Boy.

Greatscot _dec 2011_76b

Laurie Edward BARAGWANATH (’41) was born at Windsor on 22 May 1923 and entered Scotch in 1937 on a half Entrance Scholarship. He made the most of his time at Scotch as a member of the 1939 Scotch Collegian editorial committee and as its co-editor in 1940 and editor in 1941. He was involved in the 1941 school play. In 1940 and 1941 Laurie was a school Prefect and in 1941 was Vice-Captain of Monash House. He was a member of the 1941 1st XV. From 1945 to 1947 Laurie served in the AIF in the British Commonwealth Occupation Forces in Japan and was demobilised as a lieutenant. Laurie attended St Edmund Hall, Oxford University, graduating B.Phil. In the 1950s he lectured at Jesus College and at the predecessor to St Catherine’s College, where he was a founding fellow and senior lecturer of Economics when the new college was founded in 1962. Laurie became a stockbroker at Rowe & Pitman in 1972. In 1975 he returned to Australia, where he was a partner in a Sydney stockbroking firm until 1980. Laurie was a member of several boards including spending a long time at Tyndall. He lived in Woollahra, New South Wales, but this year returned to Oxford to visit St Catherine’s. While in international airspace he died on the aeroplane home on 5 October 2011.

Greatscot _dec 2011_77a

Alan John Bishop BELL (’54) was born on 26 July 1935, the son of grazier, station manager and Old Boy John Bell (born 4 February 1893, SC 1907-09, died 20 September 1942). Alan boarded at Scotch from 1943 to 1953 as a member of Littlejohn House and was a boarder in School House. He rowed in the 1953 1st VIII.

Alan’s many Scotch connections included his uncles Alexander Armstrong Thompson Bell (born 1 July 1886, SC 1900-03, died 26 August 1916 at Mouquet Farm, France in World War I), Lewis Bell (born 5 July 1889, SC 1902-04, died 21 April 1951) and James Marius Bell (born 28 July 1902, SC 1915-18, died 1 October 1954); great-uncles Alister Macvean (born 1860, SC 1872 - ?, died 28 June 1895), John MacPherson Macvean (born 4 September 1866, SC 1874-83, died 4 December 1924) and Allan Macvean (born 15 March 1871, SC 1879-84, died 17 February 1925); Macvean second cousins Allan Arthur Macvean (born 19 December 1931, SC 1941-49, died 7 May 2005), Don (SC 1944-47), Peter (SC 1948-52) and David (SC 1953-59); and great-great-uncles William Duncan MacPherson (born 14 October 1837, SC 1852-57, died 29 June 1901) and James Philip MacPherson (born 26 June 1842, SC 1857-61, died 23 August 1891). Alan died at Inverloch on 2 September 2011.

Greatscot _dec 2011_77b

John David BISHOP OAM (’47) was born at Wellington, New Zealand, on 26 December 1929, the son of legendary Scotch Director of Music Lionel Albert Jack (John) Bishop (born 26 October 1903, staff 1937-47, died 14 December 1964). John attended Scotch from 1937 to 1947 as a member of Monash House. He was a member of the 1942 Junior School football team, the 1944 choir, was involved in the 1944 production of Richard III and was a member of the 1945 Swimming team.

John was a manager in the South Australian Department of Education. He was a director of Youth Music Australia, chairman of the SA Music Camp Association and a member of the management committee of the Friends of Adelaide Festival. John was a member of the South Lakes Golf Club and the Goolwa Regatta Yacht Club. On Queen’s Birthday in 1994 John was awarded the OAM, ‘in recognition of service to music education, particularly through the SA Music Camp Association.’ John died at Wynwood Nursing Home, Norwood, South Australia, on 26 July 2011.

Douglas Arthur CANT (’56) was born on 3 January 1938 and attended Scotch from 1952 to 1954. On 17 October 1970 he married Marie Lynette Jones at Scotch. Douglas became a nurseryman, and died on 19 April 2011.

Greatscot _dec 2011_77d

John CAREY (’40) was born at Essendon on 23 February 1924, the son of a sales manager. He attended Scotch from 1936 to 1939. Also at Scotch were his brothers Charles Stanley Carey (born 30 April 1920, SC 1933-34, died 1959) and Robert Keith Carey (born 7 February 1930, SC 1941-46, died 28 July 2006), son Alex (SC 1972-83) and grandsons David (SC 2005-10), Jack (Year 11) and Thomas (Year 8). John commenced a Commerce/Economics degree at Melbourne University, but this was interrupted by war service. From 1942 to 1946 he served in the RAAF. He joined as a flight navigator, serving mainly in the South Pacific, and was demobilised as a warrant officer. John married May Lillian Foord, who died on 10 January 1992, and on 17 November 2003 he married Soo Sing (Jenny) Pang.

He became a cadet with the Commonwealth Bank, where his maths and accounting skills quickly elevated him through the ranks. He became the youngest cadet appointed to executive management. John became a bank manager and was head of retail banking for Victoria when he retired from the CBA after approximately 40 years. Highly respected by clients and colleagues, his advice was sought on both personal and business levels. John died at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, Parkville, on 25 May 2011.

James Balfour CHILD (’45) was born at East Malvern on 10 July 1927 and attended Scotch in 1941. He served in the RAAF from 1945 to 1946 and was demobilised with the rank of aircraftman 1. James was a bank officer at the ANZ and was a member of the ANZ Bank Retired Officers’ Club. He died on 1 October 2011.

Thomas James Fleming CLUGSTON (’36) was born at Fitzroy South on 13 March 1917, the son of an inspector of police. Known as Jim, he attended Scotch in 1933. From 1940 to 1946 he served in the army as a private, and although he did not serve in Korea or Vietnam, he was still described as a soldier in 1980. Jim died on 27 May 2011.

Peter Alan Despard COFFEY (’52) was born at the Jessie McPherson Community Hospital, Melbourne, on 21 January 1935 and attended Scotch from 1947 to 1951. Also at Scotch were his brother Stephen (SC 1949-55), cousin John (SC 1945-47), grandfather Henry Edmund Coffey (born 1866, SC 1875 - ?, died 27 March 1935) and Cameron great-nephews William (Year 9), Frederick (Year 7) and Rex (Year 4). Peter became a car valuer. He died on 18 October 2011.

Greatscot _dec 2011_77c

Sir Zelman Cowen AK GCMG GCVO QC (’35)

Sir Zelman Cowen was born at St Kilda on 7 October 1919 and attended Scotch from 1932 to 1935. He was Dux of Scotch in his final year of 1935.

Sir Zelman, who died on 8 December 2011, was an outstanding Scotch Collegian and Australian who touched the lives of many with his warmth, humility and integrity.

He truly personified the virtues of Scotch’s motto – Deo, Patriae, Litteris – for God, for country and for learning.

The school extends its condolences to Lady Cowen, sons Rabbi Dr Shimon (Stephen) (’66), Nick and Ben, daughter Kate, and their families.

Flags at Scotch flew at half-mast on Friday 9 December as a tribute to Sir Zelman.

A full obituary will appear in the May 2012 issue of Great Scot.

Bryan Campbell DODD (’54) was born on 19 October 1936. He attended Scotch from 1948 until March 1953, when he left to join the navy. He became a director and lived at Flaxton, Queensland. Bryan died on 5 December 2011.

George Alexander DONALDSON (’38) was born at Opotiki, New Zealand, on 29 November 1919, the son of a retired farmer. He attended Scotch in 1936. George’s many Donaldson relations at Scotch included his brother Wemyss John Wilberforce Donaldson (born 27 June 1921, SC 1936-38, died 17 January 1991), cousins Geoff (SC 1927-30), Lloyd Bruce Donaldson (born 10 November 1917, SC 1932-35, died 6 January 2002), David Owen Donaldson (born 20 March 1921, SC 1935-39, died 18 June 1987) and Rob (SC 1939-46); and uncle Alexander Robert Thomas Donaldson (born 9 March 1877, SC 1890-92, died 22 July 1955). George served in the New Zealand Army as a driver in World War II. He became a farmer and on 18 April 1973 married Elizabeth Denise Schonyan at Invercargill, New Zealand. George remained in Opotiki and died in New Zealand on 8 October 2011.

Greatscot _dec 2011_78a

Barry Keith ELLIOTT (’67) was born at Chelsea, Victoria, on 8 February 1949, the son of Scotch teacher Keith Livingstone ‘Tiny’ Elliott (born 1 August 1915, staff 1946-79, died 21 August 1988). He attended Scotch from 1961 to 1967 as a member of Morrison House, except for 1966, when he left to work as a bank teller. Also at Scotch was his brother Kenneth (SC 1955-60). Barry became a financial controller and company secretary at Chubb. His last three months were spent in hospital with lymphoma. Barry died at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Camperdown, New South Wales on 7 September 2011.

James Davidson FORSYTH (’47) was born at Hampton on 16 October 1929, the son of a salesman. He attended Scotch from 1941 to 1945. By 1962 James was living in Sydney. He was the commissioner in Australia for the Clan Forsyth Society. James lived at Denistone, New South Wales, and died on 17 September 2011.

Greatscot _dec 2011_78b

Geoffrey Alan Gordon HARE (’38) was born at Essendon on 9 August 1920. He attended Scotch from 1927 to 1937 as a member of Monash House. He was a member of the 1933 under 13 football team and the 4th XVIII and became a cadet. From 1942 to 1945 he served in the AIF and was demobilised as a sergeant. Geoff married Denise Luxton Stranger at Scotch on 10 November 1948 and their son Simon attended Scotch from 1960 to 1966 (and Sydney Grammar School from 1966 to 1971). Denise died on 30 April 2005.

Geoff’s many relatives at Scotch included his brothers James Gordon Hare (born 29 January 1916, SC 1925-31, died 10 February 1969) and Arthur Linley Gordon Hare (born 23 October 1918, SC 1926-35, died 10 February 1971); Hare nephews Robert (SC 1949-60), Geoffrey (SC 1951-62), David (SC 1954-65) and James (SC 1957-67); and Hare great-nephews Andrew (SC 1977-85), James (SC 1988-93), Benjamin (SC 1990-95), Duncan (SC 1992-98), James (SC 1988-99) and Thomas (SC 1989-2000), and Stewart Gleadow (SC 1996-98). Geoff became a director of international marketing at Reckitt & Colman. He was a director at Reckitt & Colman from 1961 to 1982. He died on 19 October 2011.

Geoff’s son wrote:

At school, Geoff claimed no skill but great enjoyment of all sports, including hockey. Geoff was awarded a diploma from the Commonwealth Institute of Accountants and worked in his father’s textile company, British & Continental Fabrics. Geoff joined the First Australian Armoured Division and completed his war service in the Maritime Services Group. British & Continental was sold and Geoff established James Hare & Co with his brother Gordon. Geoff moved to Sydney after his marriage. The family returned to Melbourne in 1954 when Geoff sold the textiles operation and successfully focused the company on toiletries import and distribution. By 1966, Geoff was a director of Reckitt & Colman Pty Ltd in Sydney – somewhat reluctantly because his son would not be able to finish his education at Scotch.

In 1969 Geoff joined Rotary and in 1991 was awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship in recognition of his service. From 1977 Geoff was an active Probus member. Returning to Melbourne in 1984, Geoff immersed himself in all available OSCA activities: Film Society, Lodge (from 1960), Bowls, Bridge and every lunch and dinner possible. He never ceased to promote the value of his years at Scotch and fellowship with his old schoolmates. After a short illness, Geoff died at Warringal Hospital.

Greatscot _dec 2011_78d

Colin Morgan HARRY (’36) was born at Windsor on 4 March 1919, the son of the chief inspector of postal services. He boarded at Scotch as a member of Littlejohn House from 1933 to 1936. Known as Bill, he went to work for Shell as an office boy. He joined the militia but was unable to enlist in the AIF due to feet problems, but the RAN accepted him, and he served from 1941 to 1946 and was demobilised as a leading writer. Bill’s brother Brian Coleman Harry (born 11 December 1916, SC 1932-33) was accepted by the AIF, became a prisoner of war of the Japanese and died at Ambon on 29 February 1942.

Colin returned to Shell, spending periods in Cairo (1952), Holland and London (1952-53), and becoming general services manager for Australia before he retired in the early 1970s. Thinking himself too young to retire, he then worked for about eight years in financial administration for Geoff Tolson’s W Tolson & Co Pty Ltd engineering firm, where he was a popular man known for his high standards. On 23 May 1945 Bill married Margaret Ingles Dickie at St Andrew’s Anglican Church, Brighton. She died on 19 September 1996 and Bill, who was legally blind, moved to Woonona, Wollongong, New South Wales in 1997 to be near his daughter. He died at his nursing home at Figtree, Wollongong on 30 September 2011. He was always very proud of his Scotch education, and his time in the navy. His coffin was draped with a White Ensign, war medals and his Scotch cap.

Greatscot _dec 2011_79a

Peter Graham HEY (’48) was born on 25 January 1931 and attended Scotch from 1937 to 1949. He had an exceptional time at Scotch. Peter was a 1941 Junior School Form Captain, was 1943 Junior School Vice-Captain, a 1944 choir member, 1945 Form Captain of VIa and 1946 Form Captain of VII Latin. He played in the 1948 1st XI and was Vice-Captain of the 1949 1st XI. Peter played in the 1948 and 1949 1st XVIIIs. He was House Captain of Monash in 1948 and 1949, a School Prefect in 1948, and in 1949 had the honour of being School Captain of Scotch.

Graduating B Com from Melbourne University, Peter became a division manager at ICI Pharmaceuticals, with his training including a four-month course at Harvard University in Industrial Marketing in 1964. After 30 years at ICI he left aged 51 and spent 10 years as a judge’s associate in the Supreme Court. Peter was a captain and president of the Metropolitan Golf Club and was a member of the Melbourne Cricket Club and the Sorrento Golf Club. On 23 February 1955 Peter married Joan Ellen Tracy at Scotch, and their sons became Scotchies: David Harry Hey (born 23 April 1956, SC 1962-73, died 13 February 1996), Murray (SC 1964-76) and Tony (SC 1969-77), as did their grandsons James (SC 1995-2003), Christopher (SC 1999-2007) and Macaulay (Year 9). Peter was a much-loved Scotch Collegian who supported the school he loved as a member of the Alexander Morrison Circle. He died at 3am on 7 September 2011.

Greatscot _dec 2011_79b

Kevin William HINRICHSEN (’41). The September 2011 Great Scot inadvertently included a photograph of Arthur McLeod ‘Mac’ Wilson instead of one of Kevin William Hinrichsen. Both were in the 1940 Athletics team photo. This photo is of K W Hinrichsen.

Greatscot _dec 2011_79c

Professor Charles Angas HURST AM (’40) was born at Adelaide on 22 September 1923, the son of a biochemist. He attended Scotch from 1930 to 1940 as a member of Monash House. Known as Angas, he was a member of the 1935 Junior School football team. He was Dux of the Junior School in 1935, and in 1940 was Dux of Scotch. Also at Scotch was his brother Neville (SC 1939-50). From 1941 to 1942 Angas served as a private in the army, and from 1942 to 1946 he served in the RAAF. He was demobilised as a flight lieutenant in the 347 Radar Station. On 15 December 1945 Angas married Barbara Leigh Stevens at Redfern, New South Wales. He graduated BA (Hons) BSc from Melbourne University, was awarded his PhD by Cambridge University (1952) and Melbourne University awarded him an honorary DSc (1991).

Angas was a senior lecturer in Melbourne University’s Mathematics Department (1952-56) before moving to Adelaide University, where he was senior lecturer (1957-60), reader (1960-64), professor in the Department of Physics and Mathematical Physics (1964-86) and pro-vice chancellor (1986-88). His membership of various councils and committees included Adelaide University’s council (1975-78), and being chairman of the National Committee for Physics (1979-87). On Australia Day 2003 Angas was awarded the AM, ‘for service to science, particularly in the field of mathematical physics as an educator, researcher and administrator.’ He was also awarded the Centenary Medal. Angas died at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Adelaide, on 19 October 2011.

Greatscot _dec 2011_79d

John Richard Brooks JACKSON (’41) was born at Bangor, Maine, United States of America, on 6 August 1922, the son of the chief chemist of Australian Paper Manufacturers. Known as Brooks, he attended Scotch from 1935 to 1940 as a member of Monash House. Brooks was a member of the 1st XIs of 1939 and 1940 as a swing bowler, and the 1939 and 1940 Tennis teams. Brooks won the school tennis championship and was a cadet lieutenant. He was 1940 Vice-Captain of Monash and was a 1940 Probationer.

Brooks served in the RAAF from 1942 to 1945 and was demobilised as a flying officer. He served as a navigator and bomb aimer, primarily with the 24 Liberator Squadron over New Guinea and Indonesia. In his 20s he hosted the Saturday morning ABC radio sports show Over to Youth. Brooks graduated BSc from Melbourne University in 1948, was awarded a blue for tennis, and was chairman of the Blues Advisory Board.

As a jazz drummer Brooks made recordings with Old Boys Graeme (’30) and Roger Bell (’34) and Ade Monsbourgh (’34). On 24 November 1949 he married June Florence Smithers at St John’s Anglican Church, Toorak. Their son Wayne attended Scotch from 1964 to 1969. Also at Scotch were Brooks’ cousins Alfred George Owen Dixon (born 24 January 1916, SC 1922-32, died 21 October 1983), Robert Owen Wardrop (born 28 February 1930, SC 1942-47, died 20 January 1984) and Arthur Morris Owen Wardrop (born 17 July 1933, SC 1942-52, died 20 December 1986).

Brooks managed Australian Paper Manufacturers’ Broadford mill from 1954 until returning to work for the company in Melbourne in 1960. He was also a market researcher at BIS Shrapnel Pty Ltd. Brooks retired in 1982. Brooks was senior vice-president of Kew RSL, a member of the Old Scotch Collegians’ Lodge, a member of the LTAV (Kooyong) and played in winning sides for the Old Scotch Tennis Club. He played bowls for Glenferrie Hill (where he was secretary) and the MCC. Brooks died on 1 December 2011. He regarded his Scotch years as some of the happiest of his life.

Peter Frederick KENT (’51) was born at Kew on 5 March 1932, the son of tannery manager and Old Boy Frederick Arthur Kent (born 17 December 1901, SC 1917-19, died 7 August 1977). Peter attended Trinity Grammar School from 1938 to 1943, and Scotch from 1944 to 1949. He swam and played hockey for Scotch and for his House, and was active in cadets and Scouts. Also at Scotch were his brothers Jim (SC 1944-49) and Robert Frederick Kent (born 7 August 1938, SC 1951-57, died 25 March 2010) and their grandfather Arthur Leovold Kent (born 16 December 1864, SC 1879-82, died 11 April 1930).

Peter joined Lloyd Bros. and Maginnis Tannery in Yarraville, and apart from a short break continued in the leather industry until 1971. From then until his retirement in 1997, he worked at Ensign Laboratories, contract packers of aerosols and cosmetics, in personnel, methods improvement and employee training and development. Peter met his future wife, Jane Moran, sister of David Geoffrey Moran (‘49) in 1950 and they were married on 25 November 1955 at St Stephen's, Mount Waverley. Peter enjoyed sailing, woodwork and painting and was a member of the Old Scotch Collegians’ Lodge, Riversdale Golf Club (where he played both golf and bowls) and Glenferrie Probus Club. Peter died at Wantirna Health, Wantirna, at 9.30am on 9 November 2011.

Dr James Reid LANE (’42) was born at Lilydale on 29 November 1924 and attended Ivanhoe Grammar School from 1936 to 1939. He attended Scotch from 1940 to 1941. Also at Scotch were his cousin John Edward James Lane (born 6 April 1912, SC 1921-28, died 29 June 1985), first cousin once removed David Lane (SC 1970-81) and sons John (SC 1967-72), Peter (SC 1969-72) and Richard (SC 1972-76). From 1943 to 1947 James served in the RAN, and was discharged on HMAS Bataan. James graduated in 1951 and became a dentist. In 1970 he published Dental Services for Australians. In 1975 he retired to become a farmer. James died at Brunswick on 9 November 2011.

Dr Alan Donald (Don) MACLEAN (’43) was born at Dunedin, New Zealand, on 23 October 1926, the son of Professor Hector Maclean, Scotch Council member and principal of the Theological Hall at Ormond College. Known as Don, he arrived in Australia in 1928 and attended Scotch from 1937 to 1943 as a member of Morrison House. Also at Scotch were his brothers Ian Maclean (born 20 October 1919, SC 1931-37, died 26 February 2003) and Hector Maclean (born 11 February 1925, SC 1936-42, died 24 December 2004), nephews Rod (SC 1962-67), Neil (SC 1966-71) and Alan (SC 1971-76) and great-nephews Nicholas (SC 2000-10) and James (SC 2001-10). Don was equal Dux in Chemistry and won the 1943 Robert Morrison Memorial Prize. He played rugby at Scotch.

Don graduated MB BS from Melbourne University in 1949. In 1956 he qualified as a diagnostic radiologist, and became a fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists. He was its honorary secretary from 1967 to 1972, and in July 1995 was elected a life member. From 1956-62 he was a radiologist at the Royal Children’s Hospital, after which he was a radiologist at the Geelong Radiological Clinic until he retired in 1989. Don married Beverley Ann Jenkins on 11 February 1961 and their son attended Geelong College. He died on 2 September 2011.

Greatscot _dec 2011_80a

Robert Sturdee McDIARMID (’33) was born at Moreland on 2 February 1915, the son of a stereotyper. Bob attended Scotch from 1928 to 1931 as a member of Morrison House. He played cricket, football and tennis and competed in athletics for Scotch. He was a member of Morrison House’s 3rd XI, 4th XVIII, tennis and athletics teams and was awarded half House colours. Bob was a member of the Christian Union, the Science Club and the Aero Club. Also at Scotch were his brothers Thomas Henry McDiarmid (born 15 October 1910, SC 1924-26, died 20 February 1989) and Kenneth Lindsay McDiarmid (born 29 October 1924, SC 1938-40, died 16 June 2002), nephews Peter (SC 1977-82) and Michael (SC 1981-86), and second cousin Thomas William Sydney Sherrin (born 24 July 1917, SC 1924-32, died 1 April 1978) of Sherrin football fame.

Bob became a director of T B McDiarmid & Sons (Vic) Pty Ltd, a print business he ran with his brother Ken until they retired in 1989. Like his father he worked in stereotyping and electrotyping. He was a Freemason from 1937, a member of Balwyn Lodge 275 and the Lodge of Concentration No. 753, and for 49 years was secretary of the Ionic Masonic Coaching Service. Bob was also active in the Red Cross from 1966. On 20 February 1943 he married Gwen Wilkinson. Their marriage lasted until her death on 24 October 2009. Bob frequently attended Scotch functions, including this year, and supported Scotch as a member of the Alexander Morrison Circle. He died at Knox Hospital, Wantirna, at 9pm on 1 December 2011.

Keith Leslie MONEY (’37) was born at East Malvern on 5 November 1918 and attended Scotch in 1934. He served in the army and from 1941 to 1946 served in the RAAF. Keith was demobilised as a sergeant and became a salesman. Also at Scotch was his great-nephew James Money (SC 1986-89). Keith lived for 89 years at the house where he was born in Glen Iris. He died on 4 December 2011.

Keith Eddington MURRAY (’35) was born at Wangaratta on 10 November 1919, the son of an agriculturist. He attended Scotch from 1932 to 1933. Keith served as a private in the army from 1943 to 1945. He became a farm hand and died on 9 April 2011.

Greatscot _dec 2011_81a

David Christian PAWSEY (’37) was born at Kew on 8 July 1920, the son of Old Boy and Scotch teacher Charles Joseph Pawsey (born 1 December 1883, GC 1897-1906, SC 1906-08, staff 1922-43, died 15 April 1974). David attended Scotch from 1927 to 1936 as a member of Gardiner House. Also at Scotch were his brothers Harry Kendall Pawsey (born 23 April 1912, SC 1922-29, died 10 July 1989), Charles Kendall Pawsey (born 1 September 1914, SC 1923-34, died 26 April 2004), Robert Kendall Pawsey (born 12 June 1917, SC 1927-28, died 27 March 1929 of meningitis) and John (SC 1931-42).

David was a member of the Scotch Orchestra from 1934 to 1936, and in 1936 he was Dux of Form VIII, and Dux of Form VIII French, Physics and Chemistry. David graduated BE (Electrical Engineering) from Melbourne University in 1941 and became a senior lecturer in the electrical and electronic engineering department of Adelaide University. On 4 January 1955 he married Julienne Kinmont Wollaston at Adelaide. David said he was grateful for his education at Scotch. He died on 28 May 2011.

Greatscot _dec 2011_81b

Dr Ian Rutherford PERRIER (’51) was born at East Coburg on 13 May 1932, the son of a departmental manager of BGE. Ian attended Scotch from 1945 to 1951 as a member of Gardiner House. He was a member of the 1950 and 1951 1st XIs, was a 1950 Probationer, and a 1951 Prefect. On 16 March 1961 he married Elizabeth Anne Field at Scotch.

Ian graduated BDSc from Melbourne University in 1957, taking an MDSc in 1972 and becoming an FRACDS in 1973. He was a dental surgeon in general practice from 1958 to 1980 and was on the staff of the Melbourne Dental School. In 1980 he was senior dental officer at the Royal Melbourne Dental Hospital and was head of its general practice department from 1980 to 1988. Ian was a senior associate in Melbourne University’s department of oral medicine and surgery. He retired in 1989.

Ian was a member of the Old Scotch Cricket Club, the Old Scotch Football Club and the Old Scotch Bowls Club. For 22 years he was a member of the Commonwealth Golf Club. From 2003 to 2004 he was president of the Mount Eliza Bowling Club. A grandson attended Melbourne Grammar School and another is booked to attend Scotch. Ian died on 11 September 2011.

William Macleod PROUDFOOT (’37) was born at Leongatha on 19 July 1920, the son of a bank manager. Known as Mac, he boarded at Scotch from 1935 to 1936 as a member of Littlejohn House. From 1941 to 1945 Mac served in the AIF and was demobilised as a bombardier in the 2/12 Field Regiment. Mac became a bank manager and died on 18 March 2010.

Ozbert James QUIRK (’33) was born at East Melbourne on 8 February 1916, the son of a clerk. He attended Scotch from 1930 to 1932. From 1941 to 1946 he served in the AIF and was demobilised as a lieutenant. Ozbert moved to New Zealand, where he worked as an insurance official. He died in New Zealand on 11 June 2011.

Greatscot _dec 2011_81c

Peter Howard ROBERTS (’79) was born at Ballarat on 21 September 1960, the son of clergyman and Old Boy John Howard Roberts (born 25 January 1926, SC 1940-43, died 24 June 1990). Peter attended Scotch from 1972 to 1979. He was a member of Whyte (minor) House and Selby Smith (major) House. He was a member of the 1979 Swimming team, the premiership 1978 Athletics team, the 1978 2nd Hockey team and the 1979 2nd Cross-Country team. David was a member of the School Orchestra and the Symphonic Wind. He was a Venturer and a 1979 Whyte House Prefect.

Also at Scotch were his twin brother James (SC 1972-78), his brothers John (SC 1973-79), Stephen (SC 1976-86) and David (SC 1977-87) and uncle Thomas Lucian Hugh Roberts (born 14 August 1922, SC 1938-40, died 13 October 2005). Peter died on 18 October 2011. His young son is booked to attend Scotch.

Greatscot _dec 2011_81d

David RUDOV (’46) was born at Melbourne on 20 April 1928. He left University High School to attend Scotch from 1942 to 1945. David was a member of the 1942 Athletics team. Also at Scotch was his brother Monty (SC 1943-53), with whom he ran Schumacher Pharmaceuticals, producing products including Oralmat and Acno creams. David died on 12 November 2011.

John Alexander SHARP (’51) was born at Melbourne on 16 November 1933, the son of farmer and Old Boy John Wimble Sharp (born 19 January 1907, SC 1920-25, died 25 April 1989). John entered Scotch in 1939, left to attend Ivanhoe Grammar School from 1942 to 1945, and returned to Scotch as a boarder from 1946 to 1951 in Arthur Rob as a member of Littlejohn House. Also at Scotch was his brother Bill (SC 1941-53). Their great-uncle Australias Sharp (1860-1943) gave Scotch the Australias Sharp Scholarship which is now the Australias Sharp Prize for Music.

John completed RMIT’s wool and textiles course. He became a grazier and in 1957 was vice-president of the Young Farmers’ Association. On 5 October 1957 he married Diana Carolus Duffy at the Methodist Church at Hamilton. They settled at Warrawong Farm near Branxholme, where they reared calves for the livestock market. The scale of the venture led them to open the farm to tourists in 1970, and it was also inspected by a delegation from the Soviet Union. Tourism grew to the extent they built a 50-bed bunkhouse and provided 25 powered caravan sites, and at times fed up to 200 people. John showed them shearing, wool-classing, water divining and boomerang throwing. They then started Small Group Tours with a 16 seater 4WD bus, taking tours around Australia for up to six months at a time. John was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in the 1980s and sold the farm in the mid-1990s. He died on 7 May 2011.

Greatscot _dec 2011_82a

Dr Kenneth Frank SHEPHERD (’40) was born at East Camberwell on 17 August 1922, the son of a bank manager. He attended Scotch from 1937 to 1939 and was a member of the undefeated premiership 1939 1st XVIII. Ken regularly attended reunions of this team at the Cordner Eggleston Cup. A good cricketer, he was also Victorian schoolboy golf champion, and won Pears’ under 17 Australian handwriting competition.

Ken worked for BHP and the CBA before war broke out. From 1940 to 1946 Ken served in the RAN and was demobilised as a lieutenant. His war service took him to the Atlantic, Mediterranean and the English Channel, and across the North Sea to Russia. Ken was involved in the sinking of a Japanese midget submarine in Sydney Harbour on HMAS Kattabul. On leave in London in 1945 he was billeted with the Lewis family and married Joy Lewis at St Mary Abbotts, Kensington, London, on 28 July 1945.

Ken studied Medicine at Melbourne University from 1947 to 1952 and had several general practices which included considerable work with elite sportspeople. From 1960 to 1980 he was medical officer to Brighton Grammar School’s sports teams. Ken served in the Australian Navy Reserve and held the rank of surgeon lieutenant commander until his death. A member of the Royal Melbourne Golf Club for over 50 years, in 1981 he co-founded the Gold Society of Australia. Ken sent his three sons to Brighton Grammar School. He died at the Alfred Hospital, Windsor, on 27 September 2011.

Greatscot _dec 2011_82b

Francis Campbell STUCKEY (’24) was born at Peking, China, on 14 April 1906, the son of a medical missionary. His great-grandfather, the Rev Alexander James Campbell, founded Geelong College in 1861. Frank remembered being rescued by the British Military on Chinese New Year, 1912, as Peking burned during the Chinese revolution.

Frank attended Scotch from 1918 to 1924 and was a weekly boarder in Glen House, the magnificent old mansion on the Hill which was demolished in 1942. His memories of being a Scotch boy included the 1919 Head of the River, where he saw Scotch memorably beat Xavier College after a dead heat in the first running of the final. Relations at Scotch included Frank’s brother James Maitland Stuckey (born 14 April 1911, SC 1919-28, died 18 October 2000), cousin James Lewis Alfred Campbell (born 30 September 1916, SC 1931-34, died 20 July 2009), uncle James Lewis Maitland Campbell (born 7 August 1888, SC 1902-07, died 2 January 1983), sons John Wilfred Stuckey (born 5 June 1943, SC 1954-60, died 15 December 1965) and David (SC 1960-65) and great-nephew Peter (SC 1975-80).

Frank graduated with a Trained Primary Teacher’s Certificate (TPTC) from Melbourne Teachers’ College in 1928 and BSc in 1929. He taught in rural schools before returning to China in 1938. With the threat of war in 1939 he accepted a position at Geelong College, but war prevented his return to Australia. He was teaching at Tientsin Grammar School in China when he met Marjorie Nadia Pennell, whom he married in China on 21 June 1941, which was the first Saturday after the school term ended. They were interned by the Japanese in Shanghai during World War II.

Returning to Australia in 1945, Frank taught at Ballarat College and graduated BA in 1949 before spending 1950 to 1956 working in Hong Kong for an import and export company. In 1957 he began teaching at Camberwell Grammar School. In 1959 Frank returned to his old school as a teacher of a diverse group of subjects including Science, Mathematics, English, Geography, History, Social Studies, Economics, and Commercial Principles and Practice.

In the same year he took charge of the newly-formed Old Scotch Tennis Club. When it was formally inaugurated in 1961 he was its first secretary, and from 1961 to 1967 was club captain. In his 13 years on staff Frank coached the 1st Tennis team to seven (unofficial) premierships, with the premiership sides being unbeaten. Retiring in 1971, Camberwell Grammar School invited him to rejoin its staff in 1972 and he retired again in 1974. He was active in Hawthorn’s University of the Third Age in the 1990s. Frank was a frequent visitor to Scotch until after his 100th birthday.

After turning 100 he was moved to Queensland and remained in remarkably good health until the end. He suffered a stroke during breakfast and died six days later at the Gold Coast Hospital, Southport, Queensland, at 7pm on 22 August 2011, ending a remarkable life of over 105 years. He was Scotch’s and the APS’s oldest-known Old Boy of all time.

Greatscot _dec 2011_82c

Malcolm Henry James TAYLOR OAM (’43) was born at Canterbury on 13 April 1927 and attended Scotch from 1933 to 1942. He was involved in the 1933 Junior School play, was a member of the 1938 Junior School Treble Choir, and became a cadet. On 11 February 1953 Malcolm married Joan Rea Draper at Scotch. She died on 8 October 1989. Their sons attended Scotch: Peter (SC 1969-73) and Ian (SC 1970-75), as did their grandsons James Taylor (SC 2002-07) and Stuart McKnight (SC 2006-09).

Malcolm was a chartered accountant who became an FCA in 1948, and later a fellow of the Australian Society of CPAs. He served the School Council well as a Council member from 1973 to 31 October 1986, during a tumultuous time in Scotch’s history. Malcolm was inaugural chairman of the Grampians Regional Water Authority. He was a member of the Rotary Club of Horsham from 1956 to 1993, and the Rotary Club of Glenferrie for almost 18 years. For his service in Rotary he was a Paul Harris Fellow with one sapphire. Malcolm was a founding board member of the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation and on the Queen’s Birthday in 2006 was awarded the OAM ‘for service to accountancy, and to the community through a range of rural sector, charitable and service organisations.’ Malcolm died on 21 October 2011.

His son Ian wrote:

Malcolm joined Metro Goldwyn Mayer after school. In 1944 he volunteered for the navy and was called up in June 1945 to serve on the frigate Macquarie. In early 1947 he was granted an education discharge to complete his Commonwealth degree in accounting and returned to MGM. In June 1948 he became a member of the Australian Society of Accountants, and in 2008 celebrated 60 years of membership. He left MGM in 1954 and joined a small accounting practice in Horsham, Green Taylor Partners.

Malcolm’s contribution to the rural community was significant. He was an active member of both Apex and Rotary Clubs, a past president of the Horsham Rotary Club and a driving force behind the formation of Horsham East Rotary Club. He was a council member at Longerenong Agricultural College and vice-president of the Victorian College of Agriculture and Horticulture, and frequently spoke on local radio on rural issues.

Malcolm’s professional career was littered with public appointments including that of chairman of the Victorian Public Accountants Committee and divisional councillor and vice-president of the Victorian division of the CPA. In 1985 the CPA awarded him a meritorious service award, and in 1992 he was given the Henry Fox Award for outstanding service to public practice in Victoria. In retirement in 1994 he moved to Melbourne and took on significant public responsibilities. For 10 years he was chairman of a Broiler Industry Committee with responsibility for setting grower prices. He was also a member of the Victorian Gaming Commission. In recent years Malcolm was treasurer of the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation, and treasurer of Probus Melbourne.

Brian Randall adds:

My first involvement with Malcolm was when we were both active in the affairs of Scotch in the mid-1970s. Living in the country at Horsham, he had a passion for supporting the lot of the boarders at Scotch. He was a leading light in the North West branch of OSCA and was a key organiser of the annual branch dinners there for many years. A good illustration of Malcolm’s commitment to any task was the way he travelled to Scotch Council meetings. He generally left Horsham after lunch in his trusty Rover and he drove to Melbourne for the meeting. After the meeting he drove back to Horsham, often arriving in the early hours of the morning.

During Malcolm’s time on the Council, Scotch was preparing itself for the computer age. Malcolm, being the most computer-literate of the Council members, was charged with heading the sub-committee overseeing the project. During this period, about 1980, I had an active involvement in the Old Boys and the Scotch Foundation. We, with our wives, were attending an OSCA branch dinner at Kerang. During the weekend Malcolm was keen to have a discussion on the financing of a new computer to be installed in the Keon-Cohen Centre at the school. He took out his spreadsheets and around the kitchen table at the May household at Barham on the Sunday morning, a meeting was held to consider the options. We often laughed, as out of that weekend came the proposal for the Foundation and the Old Boys to finance the new computer that was to be installed. 

Lawrence George THORN (’51) was born at Camberwell on 26 March 1934, the son of a heliographer and manager. Known as Laurie, he attended Scotch from 1948 to 1951 as a member of Monash House. He was a cadet, a member of the 4th XVIII, and he played under 16 cricket and tennis. In 1956 he graduated AssocDipIndAcct from RMIT. Laurie was an accountant, corporate treasurer and administration manager. He was president of Camcare and chairperson of the Bourke Presbytery of the Uniting Church. Laurie was also a member of the Box Hill Golf Club. Scotch has only recently been advised that Laurie died on 16 July 2010.

Greatscot _dec 2011_83a

Vernon Wilfred TILLEY (’47) was born at Heidelberg on 4 June 1929, the son of jeweller and Old Boy Wilfred Avila Tilley (born 26 September 1901, SC 1913 - ? died 10 August 1984). Vern attended Scotch from 1943 to 1944 as a member of MacFarland House. His best-known prank was ‘winding up’ a teacher by locking a playing gramophone in a cupboard near the blackboard before the teacher arrived. As the enraged teacher pounded on the locked cupboard the needle jumped on The Strip Polka, repeating the line ‘Take it off! Take it off! – cries a voice from the rear’ to the great amusement of his classmates.

Vern worked in the family business Tilley’s of Carlton, where he met his future wife. On 10 January 1959 he married Marion Phyllis Walton at Scotch: she died on 13 April 2001. Vern’s interest in ships and all things nautical included having a 40-foot (12m) cabin cruiser at Paynesville. He also loved his V8 Holdens. Vern died on 25 October 2011.

Greatscot _dec 2011_83b

John Philip de la Roche WARD (’46) was born at Adelaide on 27 December 1928, the son of a sub-editor of The Herald. He attended Scotch from 1937 to 1946 and rowed in the 1946 4th VIII. As a cadet responsible for looking after the cadets’ rifles he developed a lifelong interest in sporting shooting. On 15 February 1956 he married Jennifer June Tolley at Scotch, and, after their 1985 divorce, married Carol McKinnon at Casterton on 21 February 2004. John’s sons at Scotch were Craig (SC 1963-74), Ashley (SC 1966-75) and Darren (SC 1968-79).

John received a cadetship at The Sun from Keith Murdoch. He covered the 1954 Royal Tour and was part of the press gallery during Henry Bolte’s premiership. John later worked in public relations for Felt & Textiles Pty Ltd, and he founded Priplan Pty Ltd, his own consulting firm. This gave him time to renovate the family’s Anglesea beach house, and to go on camping and hunting trips. John fulfilled his dream of living a country life by moving to Casterton in 1996. He died of stomach cancer at the Casterton Hospital, Casterton, on 28 July 2011.

Dr Richard Leslie WEST (’50) was born at Christchurch, New Zealand, on 30 December 1931, the son of a food scientist. He attended Scotch from 1944 to 1949. Also at Scotch were his brothers Barrie (SC 1946-51) and Martin (SC 1958-62). On 26 May 1955 he joined the RAN Reserve. Richard was a dentist, and had the rank of sergeant lieutenant in the RAN. Richard died at Hobart, Tasmania, on 14 June 2011.

Greatscot _dec 2011_84a

James Paul WESTCOTT (’57). Further to the obituary in the September 2011 Great Scot, James’ second wife adds the following:

Jim was a 1948 Form Captain, a member of the 1952 Junior School football team, and was a 1953 Junior School Prefect. He was left-handed and recalled being caned at Scotch for using his left hand, and consequently became ambidextrous. Jim was a wool and skin valuer for about six to seven years with Borthwick’s in Portland. He then became a real estate agent, working for many agencies in the Boroondara and Stonnington areas, including briefly running his own agency. Jim’s health broke down, forcing his retirement in 1995. He developed early onset Alzheimer’s disease in about 2007 and died from complications arising from the disease. Jim’s first wife was a stepdaughter of Sir Eric Pearce. Jim met his second wife, Ruth Esther Aronson, in 1977 and they married at home at Camberwell on 14 February 1993.

Ronald Foster WHITE (’51) was born at Wedderburn on 22 June 1934, the son of a sheep farmer. He won a 1948 Junior Government Scholarship which was transferred to 1949, and he attended Scotch as a boarder in McMeckan and as a member of Littlejohn House from 1949 to 1950. Ronald became a storeman. He lived at Old Toongabbie, New South Wales, and died on 31 October 2011.

Joseph Maurice WILLIAMS (’37) was born at Richmond. on 27 July 1920. He attended Scotch from 1934 to 1935. From 1940 to 1945 he served in the RAAF and was demobilised as a flight lieutenant at the General Reconnaissance School. In one of a number of similar errors, Joseph’s ‘death’ in World War II is recorded in Memorial Hall. It appears he was mistaken for John Muir Williams, who died on 29 April 1943. Joseph became a clerk. He lived at Golden Ponds Retirement Resort, Forster, New South Wales, and died on 22 November 2010 aged 90, contrary to the record in Memorial Hall.

Greatscot _dec 2011_84b

Frank Arthur Earl WILSON (’36) was born at Armadale on 29 August 1918, the son of Scotch teacher John Albert Earl ‘Devil Jaw’ Wilson (born 17 August 1879, staff 1917-30, died 29 August 1932). Frank attended Scotch from 1929 to 1934. Also at Scotch were his brothers Bertram Fitzhaley Wilson (born 1 November 1916, SC 1929-32, died 31 October 2005) and John Nigel Elliott Wilson (born 21 October 1921, SC 1930-38, died 24 February 2010); nephew Tim Wilson (SC 1966-72), Collier great-nephews Nick (SC 1992-2000) and Tom (SC 2001-05), and Hugh Wilson (SC 1999-2004); and great-uncle Reginald Broadhurst a’ Beckett (born 1 May 1840, SC 1852 - ? died 15 August 1900).

Frank served in the AIF from 1943 to 1945 and was demobilised as a private in the 9 Australian Infantry Battalion. He became a clerk and died at the Frankston Hospital, Frankston, on 26 March 2011.

Greatscot _dec 2011_84c

Leonard Mackie WILSON (’41) was born at Essendon on 20 December 1922 and attended Scotch from 1938 to 1940. Also at Scotch was his brother Robert James Mackie Wilson (born 19 April 1921, SC 1936-37, died 22 January 1978), son Denis Mackie Wilson (born 1 September 1950, SC 1962-68, died 1 January 1994) and nephews Ian (SC 1959-65), Andrew (SC 1960-66), Bruce (SC 1964-68) and Robert (SC 1966-72). Known as Len, he served in the army as a private in at least 1941. On 11 October 1947 Len married Merle Elva White at Scotch. Len became a pharmacist and moved to Alice Springs, Northern Territory, where he died on 5 September 2011.

Greatscot _dec 2011_84d

William Chevily WOODWARD DSO (’35) was born at home at 49 Wasley Street, North Perth, Western Australia on 11 April 1918, the son of a timber yard manager. Known as Bill, he attended Scotch from 1932 to 1934. On 18 July 1942 Bill married Elsie Elizabeth Mundy at Scotch, and on 7 November of that year enlisted in the AIF. He was demobilised as a lieutenant in the 7 Bomb Disposal Company in 1947, having won the DSO as a bomb disposal officer who removed booby traps under constant fire along the Buin Road in Bougainville, Papua New Guinea. Natives gave him spears in gratitude for his kindness towards them.

Before the war Bill worked for Snipe’s Timber Yard in Tooronga Road, Malvern, and as a carpenter he established and ran three companies from approximately 1948 to 1994. He fitted out almost all of Australia’s TABs and did most of CUB’s hotel interiors. Bill was a member of the Royal Yacht Club of Victoria, and was an ocean racing skipper on the Metung. He died at the RSL Anzac Village at Narrabeen, New South Wales on 22 April 2011 and his ashes were scattered in November 2011 on the waters he loved at Flinders.