Annual Giving funds are contributing to a major classroom refurbishment programme in the Junior School, including the 1D classroom.


Funds generously contributed by the Scotch Family to Annual Giving in 2011 have been swiftly put to work to refurbish the Junior School classrooms, with the two Year 1 classrooms refurbished in the September school holidays and the Year 6 classrooms set for a make-over during the Christmas holidays.

New interactive whiteboards, new display boards, new shelves and storage areas with doors, sensor lighting, new blinds, benches, sink and wet areas, are included in a long list of significant improvement works.

The Junior School Classroom Refurbishment Programme will again feature as a key project to be supported by the 2012 Annual Giving Programme. The Principal, Mr Tom Batty said the objective is to provide ‘an enhanced learning environment that is attractive, uncluttered and functional’.

The Head of Junior School, Mr Jon Abbott said classrooms needed to be ‘both visually appealing and also take into account the latest thinking on brain-based learning research’.

‘The Junior School Classroom Refurbishment Programme aims to provide all of the Junior School boys with classrooms that will enhance their learning, and provide them with the very best environment to develop their hearts, minds and souls,’ Mr Abbott said.

Here are four Year 1 boys’ perceptive thoughts on the works done so far:

On the term three holidays, both classrooms got renovated. Workmen came. I really like our new long cupboards because you can fit a lot of storage. We also got the holes in the ceiling blocked and when they were unblocked I got a cold, so I really like it now. I love the new lights because if you go away for a long time they turn off themselves because the lights are connected to a sensor which senses you when you come in the room. It’s nice and spacious so you don’t have to squeeze through small spaces. I think the rooms are excellent and we should not change the look.


On the holidays, workmen came into 1C and 1D and fixed the room. After the holidays we came back to school. It was so different. We were so amazed how much the room had changed. We loved the interactive whiteboard and I noticed that there were no chair bags. The cupboards were so new and there were new lights. There were no holes in the ceiling. There was a new fan and new speakers. It was so spacious. There were new velcro walls and they painted the other walls. We have new carpet. They moved the worm farm. I feel relaxed and different and good.

In the holidays after term three, workmen came and renovated the 1D and 1C rooms. Now the room is wonderful. The bench with the computers is gone and new cupboards are there. We have six new cupboards. Each cupboard has a topic unit. Other than the big cupboards, there are small cupboards on wheels. There are new laptops. We have a new interactive whiteboard and pen. The projector is on top of the whiteboard and creates no shadows. In the room the carpet is new. We have an area with tubs to store our things. The teachers have new desks. There are new tanks for Rocky and the yabbies. They are at the window because Rocky needs sunlight. The holes in the ceiling are gone and we have new blinds, which is also fantastic. There are lights and when there is no movement, the lights go off. When there is, it lights up. I think our classroom is fantastic. It has helped us a lot with our learning.

Max Kaiser 1D

Declan Hamm 1C

During the term three holiday 1C and 1D rooms have been renovated. We got different walls, cupboards, interactive whiteboards, no holes in the ceiling and the lights can turn off and on automatically so we can see the whole room. We’ve got holes and we put tubs in the holes. Now we put our stuff in them. We have new blinds and new computers. Our cupboards can fit so many things in them. The little cupboards have wheels. I love the nice walls. We’ve got a new fan to cool us off. The new carpet is smooth and soft. The carpet is very clean, not dirty. The lights are much lighter than term one, term two and term three. I like the new whiteboards. The best whiteboard is the interactive one. I am very much enjoying doing things on the interactive whiteboard.

Rex Sekulic opening new cupboards

Lucas Teoh 1C