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At the end of each school year, Scotch farewells a number of staff who are leaving the School for a variety of reasons. This year is no exception, as we say goodbye to 10 dedicated and highly professional staff, two of whom are leaving Scotch after each serving the school for more than three decades.

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Ken James

has retired after a remarkable 34 years of teaching at Scotch, with 32 of those years as Head of Geography. Throughout his teaching career, Mr James contributed chapters to Geography textbooks and was a significant contributor to the activities of the Geography Teachers’ Association of Victoria. Mr James also wrote the South Pacific Board of Education’s Year 12 Geography course, and was the moderator of the board’s Year 12 Development Studies course.

Mr James has been an outdoor enthusiast, leading Year 8 bushwalking for a number of years, followed by his introduction of rock climbing at Year 10.

He was involved in cross-country running, orienteering, and was Teacher-in-Charge of Lawn Bowls for many years. He introduced the school to rogaining and was a determined competitor in the 24 Hour Hike, completing the coveted 100km on a number of occasions.

Mr James’ care for the boys in his classes and his tutor group will be greatly missed. We thank him for his great service and wish him well for his retirement.

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Sydney Boydell

was appointed in 1976 to teach Physics and has retired after 31 years’ service. In his first seven years at the school, Dr Boydell taught Physics, General Science and Christian Education. He was a House Tutor and then Housemaster within the newly formed Selby Smith. He coached rugby, cricket and cross-country running, and initiated a Year 8 hike programme.

At the end of 1983 Dr Boydell left Scotch to become the head of Science at St Michael’s Grammar School. He returned to Scotch in 1988 with his appointment as Head of Science. With his return came his initiation of orienteering as a school sport. Dr Boydell has also continued his role in outdoor education as the school’s Outdoor Safety Officer.

As the Director of Professional Development and then Director of Curriculum and Research, teaching and curriculum development have been the focus of Dr Boydell’s work over the past two decades. It was Dr Boydell who first introduced Design Technology and Communication Studies to our curriculum. His encouragement of Media Studies and Visual Communications and Design then followed. His development of the team teaching and form-based reorganisation of the Years 7 and 8 curriculum and pastoral structure has had a great impact on the school. Finally came the introduction of the elective programme for Years 9 and 10.

We thank Dr Boydell for his great service to the school and his commitment to improving the educational outcomes for all: few have made such a fine contribution to our school. We wish him a very happy retirement.

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Greg Baker

Greg Baker retired this year after 26 years’ service to Scotch. Arriving at Scotch in 1986, he first taught Mathematics and Computer Science, and in 1987 he was appointed Director of Computing. Mr Baker was a pioneer of computer education in Victoria, and during his time as Director, Scotch became one of the first schools in Australia to develop an electronic administration and information system. He helped to introduce Computer Science as a Year 12 subject, and became Chair of the Course Management Committee and an examiner. He was also a co-author of a very successful middle school information technology textbook.

Mr Baker also made a major contribution to rowing at Scotch, as a coach, Teacher-in-Charge and later as Chairman of Rowing. He was a driving force behind building a much-admired rowing club, and Head of the River victories, victory at the national level and a Boat Club enjoying success across all eights were some of the successes he helped to achieve. Mr Baker leaves Scotch having made a significant contribution in two important areas of school life, and we wish him well in his retirement.

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Tim Byrnes

has been appointed as the deputy head of campus and head of senior school at Ivanhoe Grammar School. As Head of Commerce, Head of Years 11 and 12 and presently as Head of Davidson, Mr Byrnes has provided excellent guidance and support to so many boys over the past 14 years. Mr Byrnes coached rowing and tennis, but his real passion was for football where he coached the 2nd XVIII. He has been a Cadet Officer, Scout Leader, a Year 9 Expedition leader and most recently has run a sea kayaking group.

Mr Byrnes has given great service to the school. We congratulate him upon his appointment and wish him and his family success and happiness in the coming years.

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Scott Armour

was appointed to teach Physical Education in 2005, and he now leaves Scotch to take up a position at St Paul’s College, Warragul. As well as making a major contribution to football and cricket coaching, Mr Armour has been the Teacher-in-Charge of Junior Sport, a Boarding House Tutor and more recently the Deputy Head of McMeckan House. Best wishes to Mr Armour and his family for their move and thanks to them for their commitment to the school over the past seven years.

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Alison Thompson

has been teaching Art and Design part-time for the past three years. Next year she is taking up an opportunity to undertake a full-time artist-in-residence position. We thank Ms Thompson for her contribution to the school.

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Malcolm Pacey

was appointed as Head of German in 2006. Well travelled, Mr Pacey brought experience from working interstate, in the UK and in the USA. As well as his outstanding teaching, curriculum leadership and care of his form groups, Mr Pacey has led our Scout troop for the past few years, creating great experiences for the boys. He was also involved in water polo and swimming. We thank Mr Pacey for his contribution to the school and wish him every success as he pursues his career once more in the UK.

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Kate Mulcahy

has been teaching Mathematics this year, but next year will be moving to NSW. We thank Ms Mulcahy and wish her every success in her interstate move.

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David Coulson

has been appointed Head of Mathematics at Launceston Church Grammar School, and will be departing after four years at Scotch to return to his home state. Dr Coulson came to Scotch from the University of Melbourne and brought outstanding mathematical skills that were put to great use in curriculum development. His love of the outdoors led him to make a significant contribution to Scouts and a number of other hiking groups. We wish Dr Coulson and his family well in their relocation to Tasmania.

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Michael Horne

departs to take up the position of Head of Senior School at Ave Maria College, Essendon. Although at Scotch for just one year, Mr Horne’s expertise in teaching English was quickly recognised. We wish him well in his new position.