The Junior Primary celebrates Foundation Day

Right from the start, Scotch boys have a grip on the traditions and principles of a great school.


School Captain Charles Kemp spoke at a Junior School assembly on the occasion of the school’s 160th birthday.

‘The school actually began as “The Melbourne Academy” in East Melbourne, on Spring Street, right near the MCG,’ he said. ‘James Forbes was the name of the man who started the school and it was opened on 6 October 1851.’

The junior boys enjoyed listening to Charles recount his own school memories, which, he said, included arguing about football teams with Year 6 teacher, Mr Grant and playing with marbles.

Charles spoke of Scotch’s proud history and the citizens it has, and will, help produce. He concluded: ‘Scotch’s principles include supporting your mates, respect for others and your community, as well as being an individual and thinking on your own two feet. You decide the future of this school, boys, and be proud of it.’

After assembly Charles helped cut an enormous 160th birthday cake, which was shared with all the Junior School boys.

The boys in Year 1 had been learning about Scotch’s history. To celebrate Scotch’s birthday they made jelly. Not any old jelly – cardinal, gold and blue jelly!

As a group the boys discussed the meaning of these school colours. They talked about the school crest and its significance. To complete the unit the boys wrote and presented their reflections at our Junior Primary assembly. They have come to appreciate the foresight that was needed to establish such a wonderful school.

What Foundation Day means

The Scotch College Foundation is celebrating Scotch. Scotch College was founded 160 years ago. Scotch College used to be in the city. We have three school colours. Cardinal is beauty, that means what is in your heart. Gold is goodness for respecting others. Blue means truth – never tell a lie to your teacher. When a boy does something good, school goes well. Scotch is the best school in Australia. Today Scotch is turning 160 years old. If you do something bad you’ll have to face the consequences. The Scotch Houses are Campbell, Bradshaw, Healy and Waller.

Kyri Raphael, Year 1C

This year Scotch College is 160 years old. We celebrate this time each year. On our Scotch crest we have a diagonal cross on it (the Cross of St Andrew). We have the Southern Cross because only if you are in Australia or New Zealand can you see it. This is to the left of the crest. On top of the crest there is the Burning Bush. This means messages and blessings from God. At the bottom of the crest is a ship called the Lymphad. At the top of the crest is a crown. On the right of the crest is an old-time torch.

At the end of all your years of school you have a torch ceremony; it’s when you get a torch and you pass it on to the next boy and so on. On the top of the school crest we have a school motto. It says Deo (that means glory of God), Patriae (good of one’s country) Litteris (enhancement of learning). Our school colours are cardinal; it means beauty in our hearts; gold means goodness as in being good; and blue means truth as in telling the truth and not using it to hurt people. Each year when we celebrate, the Year 1s make jelly the day before to share with the Preps, Year 1 and Year 2 the next day.

Max Kaiser, Year 1D