What they say about Doug Galbraith

Great Scot asked three former boarders – one of whom is now President of the Boarders’ Parents’ Association – and a current boarder for their views about departing Dean of Boarding, Mr Doug Galbraith. Here is what they said

Max Jelbart (’67) – Past President, Boarders’ Parents’ Association

Dougie fits the legend of great Boarding House leaders – a genuinely great bloke with a passion and genuine interest in the welfare of the boys, their parents, the Hill and Scotch. As Boarders’ Parents’ President (past) it was a pleasure to work with him. I wish Doug and Lesley many fulfilling years ahead.

Dugald McWilliams (’91)

‘Over the past three decades, the name “Doug Galbraith” has been synonymous with Scotch boarding. He was (and still is) a great master, mentor, Melbourne Football Club tragic and mate. The Hill is a much richer place for Doug’s and Lesley’s involvement.’

John Tivey (’81)

‘I remember Doug as someone with whom you could engage as a man even while he was exerting his authority as a teacher and a leader. I now have two boys in the boarding house, and I attended the Boarders’ Revue in September. When Doug walked onto the stage that night he received a spontaneous standing ovation from the boys, so it’s obvious that the present generation holds him in similar esteem and affection.’

Tom Kerr – Year 12, 2011

‘Mr Galbraith has provided outstanding service to the boarding community for over 30 years. His passion, enthusiasm and his contribution towards the Hill have been immensely appreciated by the boys and the teaching staff over his time, and we wish him all the best for the future.’

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Doug Galbraith with Chris Braithwaite