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Foundation Annual Report

2021 Foundation Annual Report






What Philanthropy has achieved at Scotch

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Scotch College has thrived on the philanthropic commitment of its community. Scotch College is a product of the Enlightenment which swept through Scotland in the 18th Century. Our founder, the Reverend James Forbes, campaigned strongly for a system of public education to be established in the colony of Victoria. He worked tirelessly to establish Scotch College, which opened its doors on 6 October 1851.

Forbes was passionate about the importance of education to the future of Australia, and espoused the notion that each generation should be better than the one before. Scotch has always sought to live up to Forbes’ belief in the necessity for a broad, general and scientific education based on Christian principles.

The Scotch College of today is a modern and dynamic Australian school, inspired by the values of our founder, and based firmly on the crucial role we believe education plays in empowering young people to take control of their lives.


The Scotch College Foundation

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The Scotch College Foundation (Inc.) was established in 1973 as an initiative of the Principal of the day, Colin Healey, the Old Scotch Collegians’ Association, and a number of prominent Old Boys, including Sir Laurence Muir ('42), Bib Stillwell ('44), Bruce Lithgow ('46) and Brian Randall ('52).

The Foundation is the organisation through which financial support for the school is directed and funds distributed. The Foundation’s broad objective is to anticipate and provide for the funding needs of Scotch College over and above what is provided by school fees and government grants. Income is derived from donations and gifts directed to the school through any of the Foundation's fundraising programs.

Funds are directed to the development of the school and to support the School’s scholarship and bursary program, including the Building Fund, the Library Fund, the Archive/Museum Fund, the Foundation Scholarship Fund and the Indigenous Scholarship Fund. Recently the Foundation conducted the successful $20 million Capital Campaign to fund the construction of the Sir Zelman Cowen Centre for Science at Scotch.

The operation of the Foundation within the Development Office at Scotch is funded by the school. The President of the Foundation is Assoc Prof Doug Lording (’64), and the Executive Director is Tim Shearer (’85).


Community Giving Program


In addition to its Major Gifts and Gifts Programs, the Foundation also runs the School’s Community Giving Program, which commenced in 1977 and allows every member of the School community to support the School financially.

An online donation platform can be accessed by following the link below:


We have set a goal of attracting 610 donors prior to the School’s Birthday on Thursday 6 October! Your support this year would be greatly appreciated.

Download Annual Giving Letter

Download Annual Giving Donation Form

For further information about the Community Giving program please contact:

Rebecca Mortimer
Foundation Co-ordinator
Scotch College Foundation
Phone: +61 3 9810 4300


Life Support for Scotch Program

This year the Life Support for Scotch program has been introduced to leavers from 1993 to 2012. This program involves Old Boys donating the amount corresponding to their years out from School in a dollar value, on a monthly direct debit basis. For example, if an Old Boy left Scotch eight years ago, he is invited to donate $8 per month by direct debit this year, increasing to $9 per month next year, and so on.

For further information about the Life Support for Scotch program please contact:

Rebecca Mortimer
Foundation Co-ordinator
Scotch College Foundation
Phone: 9810 4300


Foundation Membership

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You are encouraged to join The Scotch College Foundation at any of the membership levels below:

Membership Giving Levels (revised 2019):

Associate Fellows $10,000 - $24,999

Fellows $24,999 - $49,999

Senior Fellows $50,000 - $99,999

Trustees $100,000+

Senior Trustees $250.000+

Forbes Society $500,000+

Foundation Patron $1,000,000+

Donations can be made by way of a one off gift or by committing to a five year pledge.


Bequest Program

Bequests are the most effective way of providing benefits for future generations of Scotch Collegians. Bequests may be a share of an estate, cash, items of personal property or real estate. Anyone who commits to leaving a bequest to the College becomes a member of the Alexander Morrison Circle.

The Alexander Morrison Circle is named after the second Principal of Scotch College, Alexander Morrison (1857-1903). He was instrumental in building the School into the leading educational institution that it is today. The Circle has the purpose of encouraging members of the Scotch Family to make a bequest or future gift to the school and to give recognition to those who have already made this generous commitment.

Over the years, Scotch has been the grateful recipient of many unexpected bequests. We would like to be able to acknowledge and thank the people who confirm a bequest in their lifetime and give them the recognition they deserve. This will be done through the Alexander Morrison Circle.

For further information about making a bequest to Scotch please contact:

Sandra Dick
Bequest Program Manager
Scotch College Foundation
Phone: 9810 4163


What you can support

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Tax deductible gifts can be made to the Scotch College Foundation through the following funds:

*Donations to these funds are not tax deductible.



The Foundation is governed by a board of trustees, composed of the President, two Vice-Presidents, other members elected by membership category, the President of the Old Scotch Collegians’ Association and ex officio members. The board meets quarterly and holds its annual general meeting in May.

The board’s charter is to ensure appropriate and accountable management of funds held by the Scotch College Foundation, and to ensure that all matters of governance are adhered to. It also supports the School’s fundraising programs.


For more information

To obtain more information, or to arrange a face-to-face meeting, please contact the School’s Director of Development, Tim Shearer, by phone on +61 3 9810 4301 or by email at


Thank you

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Scotch College acknowledges, with appreciation, the tremendous support of parents, Old Boys, staff and friends. These individuals, through their collective philanthropy, support the vitality of School life at Scotch through their commitment and generosity to the School.

We thank all those whose gifts enable Scotch to provide an excellent, well-rounded education to its best and most important asset – our boys and their futures.


Scotch College Foundation (Inc.) Board

President Doug Lording
Vice Presidents Michael Sim
David Yu
Board Members  

Paul Aberdeen
Mandy Andrianakos
John Camuglia
Rob Hand
James Ho
Derek Humphery-Smith
Sam Hunt (Indigenous Scholarship Funding Committee Chair)
William Lempriere
Kirsten Macleod
Louise Murdoch
Michelle Zheng
Tom Batty (Principal)
Jonathan Buckley (School Council and OSCA representative)
Andrew Wilson (OSCA President)
Tim Shearer (Foundation Executive Director)
Ross Congleton (Bursar)
Simon Reichelt (Finance Manager)

Director of Development Tim Shearer
Bequest Manager Sandra Dick
Foundation Co-ordinator Rebecca Mortimer
Cindy Huang
Simon Reichelt (Finance Manager)


 2022 Foundation AGM Forms

Form Type Link to document
Notice of Meeting AGM - Notice of Meeting 2022
Agenda AGM - Agenda 2022
Nomination Form AGM - Nomination Form 2022
Form of Proxy AGM - Form of Proxy 2022

Foundation Annual Report

2021 Foundation Annual Report