Principal (Acting)

Mr R J McLaren

Scotch College Melbourne
1 Morrison Street
Hawthorn VIC 3122

Phone: (03) 9810 4321

Absence Line: 9810 4488

Vice-Principal (Acting)

Mr T D Byrnes

Director of Admissions

Mr G Peckham

Phone: (03) 9810 4203 


Dean of Studies

Mr B J Woolacott

Director of Research, Teaching and Learning

Dr P Coutis

Dean of Students

Mr D J Brown

Dean of School Operations

Mr S D Kong

Head of Upper School

Mr T J Rayner

Head of Middle School

Ms K Stalker

Dean of Boarding (Acting)

Mr A R  Argent

Chief of Staff

Ms K Irwin

Head of House 

HouseHead of House
Bond Mr David Skelt
Davidson Mr Michael Jones
Eggleston Ms Verity Scott
Field Mr Josh McNeil
Fleming Mr Mark Rivett
Forbes Ms Natalka Kostraby
Gilray Mrs Emma Gates
Lawson Mr Michael Waugh
Littlejohn Mr Ed Smithers
Monash Ms Emmie-clare Leckie
Morrison Mrs Rose Humberstone
Selby Smith Mr John Murphy

Middle School Coordinators

Coordinator of Middle School Transition Mr Tony Glover
Coordinator of Middle School Operations Mr John Prior


The Rev David Assender

The Rev Doug Campbell

School Psychologists

Mr Nick Clark

Ms Lara Silkoff

Director of ICT Services

Mr G V Brown

Director of Music

Mr J N Ferguson

Director of Sport

Mr S J Powell

Director of Outreach Programme

Mr N Miller

Director of Centre for Learning

Ms J Herbert

Director of Language and Culture Centre

Ms M Pellizon

Information about Community Education classes

Head of Junior School

Mr T Savill

Scotch College Junior School 
Callantina Road, Hawthorn VIC 3122

Phone: (03) 9810 4236

Junior School Deputy Head

Mr G Phillips

Junior School Director of Studies

Mr B Sampson

Director of Junior Primary

Ms K Ikinger

Junior School Director of Learning Support

Mrs C Harrison

Senior School Administration - Randall Building

The Randall Building in Morrison Street contains the following offices:

General reception
Executive Assistant to Principal
Finance and Accounts
Administration Manager
Director of Admissions
OSCA (Old Scotch Collegians Association)
Scotch College Foundation


Memorial Hall

Scotch College Health Services

Ms K L Stevens

Health Centre: 9810 4220


Archivist: Mr Paul Mishura

Presbyterian Church of Victoria

Scotch College is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church of Victoria. Link to Presbyterian Church of Victora website.