The Aquatics Club was formed by a group of parents in 2003 to sup- port swimming, diving, surf lifesaving and water polo at Scotch College. Scotch has a long tradition of great strength in Swimming and Diving and we aim to ensure this continues!


The Aquatics Club aims to support and encourage the boys and coaches to achieve the most successful and enjoyable season possible. It promotes communication both within the aquatics group and of aquatics activities within the wider school community. It aims to encourage increased participation levels in all aquatics activities. It undertakes fund-raising to be able support the aquatics group with social activities, training breakfasts for the boys, subsidised camp uniforms and any other specific aquatics equipment needs. It organises and hosts events for parents and the boys during the year.


Breakfast after Training: Swimmers and Divers are some of the earliest risers of all Scotch boys with training at 6.00 am at least three
days each week. Parents prepare breakfasts for each age group on one morning per week during the season to reward their commitment to the sport.

APS Pump Up Pizza Lunch: This event is a vital part of the Swim and Dive team’s APS final preparation and is organised by the Aquatics Club prior to the APS Finals. Pizza lunch after the final meet of the season is arranged and the APS Team is announced. APS Caps and badges are distributed.

APS Caps and Badges: Our fundraising ensures we can buy mementos such as APS swimming caps and badges for the team members.

Season Opening and Welcome Barbecue: This event is held after the first weekend Time Trials and is a good opportunity for new parents and swimmers to meet others in the club including coaching and teaching staff.

Aquatics Club Parents Welcome Drinks: This is held each February at a parents' home with BYO drinks. All parents, coaches and teachers are encouraged to attend to get to know each other early in the season.

Swimming and Diving Presentation Dinner and Awards Night: This event is held at the end of the APS season to celebrate the collective and individual successes of the swimmers and divers. The Aquatics Club organises the event to which all boys and parents are welcome.

Family Day Aquatics Club Stall: This serves to both raise awareness of the group for new parents and allows some fundraising through uniform and confectionary sales.


Uniforms for swimmers and divers: The Club sources good-quality shorts, caps, goggles, towels and thongs for purchase at reasonable prices.


Attend Swim and Dive Meets: All parents are encouraged to attend as many Swim and Dive meets as possible – these are on Saturday mornings or Friday nights, further details will be posted on the fixture list available at the start of each season.

We have Year Level Representatives to ensure we keep all parents up- to-date on the fixture and dates for important events.

Be an intermittent helper: Come and help out with just one training breakfast – we are grateful for any help we can get and the boys love parents being involved.
Join the Aquatics Club Committee. New members are always welcome. We meet every 2-3 weeks during the season, which only runs from January until March.

Big Splash Newsletter is published weekly during the season with coaches’ reports, photos and other information. The Newsletter is posted on Learning Point with notification emailed to aquatics parents. Letters will be sent out at the beginning of the season and regular articles and information are posted in the Torch Newsletter.