BOARDING: Boarders’ Parents’ Association (BPA)


The Boarders’ Parents’ Association offers support for families and boys boarding at Scotch by facilitating good communication between the School and parents.


  • Boarders’ Parents’ Association Meetings: These meetings are always held on the evening the boys return to School at the start of each term, at 6.45 pm. They serve as a forum for discussion. The Dean of Boarding and Heads of Houses attend. All parents are invited to attend these meetings and are also able to attend the evening meal at 6.00pm, with their sons. This is an excellent opportunity for you to meet other parents as well as becoming involved in life on the Hill.
  • Boarders’ Parents’ Association AGM: This meeting is held at the beginning of Term 4. The meeting elects a committee made up of three representatives from each House. This committee then selects a President, Vice-President and Secretary.


  • Boarders’ Parents’ Dinner: The first of the Social Functions for Parents is the Boarders’ Parents’ Annual Dinner. Don’t miss it! It is a wonderful way to meet other parents like yourself as well as some of the Staff in a more casual environment.
  • Family Day: The BPA have traditionally run a pancake stall during the School Athletics Carnival on the Saturday and present in- formation about boarding at Scotch. On Saturday evening Boarders’ Parents are invited to a buffet dinner followed by the Boarders’ Revue. On the Sunday parents are invited to a morning church service, followed by lunch. This is always a wonderful weekend.
  • Boarders’ Parent’s Cocktail Party: And the third is the Boarders’ Parents’ Cocktail Party, held in May each year. This is a very informal gathering, no charge, just bring a plate and drinks.


Mansfield Lodge

The Gordon Owen Lodge is a wonderful facility, which up to 20 boys may visit, on weekends. A staff member is employed specifically to supervise boys in activities such as skiing, horse riding, hiking, fish- ing and water sports on nearby Lake Eildon. Encourage your son to put his name down.
The BPA actively assists the School in improving this facility.


  • Boarders Parents: Participate in the major events and meet other families
  • Non-Boarder parents: Often you can help by transporting boys to and from sporting fixtures.

If your son has a friend in the boarding house in a similar music, drama, debating or sporting activity think of offering a lift. Similarly Boarders with their parents’ permission are allowed to visit friends on Saturday afternoon, evening and Sundays.


An information sheet is sent to all new parents by the BPA.

Anyone interested in joining the Auxiliary can contact the SPA Secretary 9810 4321