CADETS/MILITARY BAND: Cadet and Military Band Auxiliary



The Cadet and Military Band Auxiliary (CaMBA) is one of Scotch’s oldest Parent Auxiliaries. Its prime activity is the provision of practical support for the Cadet Unit and Military Band, but it is also very active in fundraising. Most importantly though, it gives parents an opportunity to participate in and better understand the Cadet and Military Band programmes.

The Auxiliary works with the Cadet Unit to help fund long and short-term projects, such as boat replacement programmes, technology upgrades and dress uniform costs. Equipment for camps has been purchased such as compasses, outdoor showers and a digital camera.
Boys enter the Cadet Unit in Year 9 and may join Military Band from Year 8 - interested parents are invited to get involved early to see their sons develop through the programme from cadet to officer positions. Besides the activities there are six Auxiliary meetings per year.


(Dates are advertised in the Torch Newsletter)

  • Saturday Kiosk - Morning and afternoon shifts staff the kiosk to provide food and drinks to Scotch’s sporting programme, offer- ing parents a social aspect to Saturday mornings.
  • Family Day Barbecue and Kiosk – Scotch runs a large food tent offering a variety of burgers and souvlakia, plus the kiosk for drinks, coffees and hot dogs. We are always looking for helpers, but in particular interested people to help manage these programmes.
  • Annual Garden Day – this is a memorable day out to a garden of interest, usually one of restricted access, followed by lunch in pleasant surroundings.
  • Cadet Working Bees update uniforms and regalia. These sewing bees are held once a term and jobs are included for non-sewing participants.
  • Valedictory Dinner – the Auxiliary prepare the mementos by which the boys can remember their cadet experiences.


(At which the Auxiliary supports the School programme)

  • Year 9 and new parents Information Evening held in February.
  • Anzac Day March is at which the boys represent the Cadet Unit and Military Band
  • The Tattoo and Retreat Ceremony
  • Parents’ Dinner –held bi-annually with a floor show by Scotch Military Band
  • Year 12 Cadet Valedictory Dinner


The best way to start, and to meet others, is the Saturday Kiosk; a great way to help the Cadet and Military Band Auxiliary and to meet other parents from different year levels. The kiosk has a fabulous view to watch sport on the Main Oval. Duties may be once or twice per term in Term 2 and Term 3.