MUSIC: Music Auxiliary



The Scotch College Music Auxiliary was established in 1964. Its primary purpose is to assist with the activities of the Music School, by promoting and supporting the School Music Programme.

It also supports the ScotchArts Visiting Performers’ Concert Series through joint activities with the ScotchArts Group. Committee. The School Music Programme is diverse and extensive: up-to-date information can be obtained directly from the Music School Office. If you enjoy music and are interested in supporting musical events at Scotch, we will welcome your participation on the Music Auxiliary. You are welcome to join the Auxiliary at any time during the school year, whether your son is receiving private music tuition at School, or not.


  • The Music Auxiliary meets formally five or six times a year to plan its activities. There are always opportunities for members to catch up over coffee or a lunch after the meeting. The Executive meets more frequently and social interaction between members occurs at the different functions, concerts and special outings for the membership and their friends. Social interaction takes place frequently and informally.
  • Many past members of the Music Auxiliary join the Friends of ScotchArts Group. Past parents and friends continue to enjoy their friendships and share an interest in the musical life of the school. Friends of ScotchArts coordinate the Ushers Programme and arrange social functions related to the ScotchArts Series.
  • Members of the Music Auxiliary promote and encourage attendance at school concerts
  • We have fun preparing gourmet sandwiches and baking fresh scones for the Music Auxiliary Stall on Family Day.
  • We co-ordinate, collect and wrap the prizes for the Annual Gala Luncheon.
  • We support the ScotchArts Programme. This is an exciting initiative that enables music students at Scotch to have the opportunity to work with visiting professional performers in exclusive Master Classes. As part of the Programme, there are six or so concerts performed by these visiting Masters during the year. These concerts are performed in the James Forbes Academy, and are open to the entire Scotch community, as well as the general public.

These concerts present an exceptional opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of music of the highest standard at very reasonable prices. Parents, family and friends are invited to purchase Subscription Tickets. early in the year (to receive the best discount). Alternatively, you may buy tickets for individual concerts, as desired. A programme brochure is available through the Music School Office.


February: The Welcome Lunch coincides with the first Music Auxiliary meeting of the year and enables new and prospective members to meet the existing members socially, and to gain an overview of the year ahead.

May: the Music Auxiliary coordinates tickets for the two evening Autumn Concerts, involving the different Year Levels and most of the school bands and choirs. (BOOK IN ADVANCE for these sell-out concerts, or experience lengthy queues on the night!). The Auxiliary assists with supper.

August: The George Logie-Smith Chamber Music Concert Dinner is a magnificent evening of musical excellence featuring some of the School’s most outstanding young musicians. This elegant three course Dinner is planned around the musical programme and the tickets sell quickly due to the limited places being available, and the strong appeal of this exceptional evening of music.

September: The Auxiliary coordinates the delicious gourmet sandwiches on Family Day and the always popular, Devonshire Tea Stall, located in the Staff Common Room of the Lithgow Centre. After walking about all morning, you can sit down for a snack or lunch in comfort there!

The Spring Gala Luncheon represents the Music Auxiliary’s major fundraising drive of the year. There is a special guest speaker and/or musical performer and a large number of prizes are raffled. This very popular event is known throughout the school as a fun day out with plenty of time to meet friends and chat!

The Jazz Cabaret Night is a lively event held in the Cardinal Pavilion. It showcases the School Big Bands in an informal atmosphere and a specially invited guest artist. Parents arrange their own tables, food and drinks, and dance the night away to some great jazz.

December: The Summer Promenade Concert in the Ian Roach Hall is the final concert for the year. The next Captain of Music, the Vice-Captain and other music leaders for the following year are announced at this concert. The Auxiliary assists with the Christmas Supper.


  • Orchestra Tours (every two years)
  • Annual Choir Camp – (April); Annual Music Camp – (August)
  • Combined Schools Concerts (every four years)
  • Special Outside School Orchestra and Ensemble Performances – by arrangement.


  • Social occasions are planned during the year so that members of the Auxiliary can enjoy each other’s company; eg. Group outings, shopping trips, coffee mornings, light lunches and a Christmas Break-up Luncheon.


  • Money raised by the Music Auxiliary has established a Piano Fund. The Auxiliary provided funds for the special acoustic curtains in the Keith Humble Auditorium and the tiled mosaic feature floor in the Ayre Foyer (entrance) of the James Forbes Academy.
  • Over the years the Auxiliary provided funds to promote the ScotchArts Visiting Performers’ series and funds to cover airfares for the Scotch College Symphony Orchestra trip to China.


  • Contact the President or Music School Office at any time during the year.
  • Introduce yourself to committee members wearing badges at music functions and concerts.
  • Offer to help whenever you can throughout the year. We welcome your interest and assistance!


  • Join the Music Auxiliary and make new friends. Find out what is happening in advance!
  • The Red Book (School Calendar) lists most annual School Music activities, but not the Annual Gala Luncheon. (See Gala Lunch- eon date in the Torch Newsletter and specific flyers from Music Office.)
  • For ScotchArts Visiting Performers’ series programme details: /scotcharts/scotcharts.htm
    (Purchase individual or discount subscription season tickets.)
  • Free Admission to most School Concerts: except Autumn Concert Series and Foundation Day Concert. BOOK EARLY!
  • Watch out for Music Auxiliary Notices and Diary Dates in the Torch Newsletter.