SOCCER: PASS Parents Auxiliary of Scotch Soccer



The Auxiliary promotes and supports Scotch soccer at all grade levels. Soccer just continues to grow in Australia and we are seeing this growth within our soccer grades at Scotch. PASS allows parents to participate in committee activities throughout the soccer season. The committee is committed to the best interests of the players, coaches and teachers within the Scotch soccer community.

Main Activities

PASS promotes communication and support between parents, teachers and coaches involved in soccer at Scotch.The Auxiliary also helps to raise revenue for Scotch soccer. Another important element is to welcome new parents and create lasting friendships during your son's secondary schooling. The committee promotes the importance of Scotch soccer to your sons.

Major Events

The Breakfast: a gathering for all parents and boys to celebrate the commencing of the season. Duration 1 hour. Prayers and a blessing for the forthcoming season. Guest speakers communicate the benefits of playing APS school soccer and balancing it with studies. They also highlight the demands of playing at the elite level, and more importantly that parents and sons have fun during the soccer season.

First XI Game Day Barbecue: The Auxiliary encourages all soccer players, coaches and parents to attend this magnificent day. The Scotch community and seasoned soccer supporters will gather to support the boys in action. It is a day our lads enjoy the atmosphere of a huge crowd. The Parents Evening: A Friday evening at a member's home to celebrate games played. It is a great opportunity for new & current parents to enjoy themselves. BYO and a plate of food.

Awards afternoon: Trophies are awarded for the Coaches Award and Best and Fairest in each team

Family Day : The auxiliary operates a stall that provides a wealth of Scotch soccer information. Boys have the opportunity to win prizes by displaying their soccer talents. Old Scotch Collegians may run an XBOX Soccer World Cup Games on the big screen in the James Forbes Academy. We also run a coffee stall on the day.

Other Activities

Merchandise -Details will appear in the Torch. Our main fundraiser is the Scotch soccer chair . It is great for games or any other events that you may attend at the school. We also sell Scotch soccer scarves to keep warm during those cold winter games. Soccer Tours First XI - the annual match between Scotch College and St Peters School, Adelaide. New Zealand Soccer Tour - March 24 to April 5 2008.

Staff: Mr Mark Zannoni (Tour Manager) & Mr George Patouras (Coach)

How to get involved

We need you to participate in Scotch soccer activities throughout the season. The parent's party is a great opportunity to meet other parents. Consider joining the PASS committee or becoming a Year Representative . Year representatives play an important part in communicating and promoting soccer events at your year level. They also provide feedback to PASS