President's Welcome


Being part of  Scotch College as a parent!

Your son has embarked upon many years of opportunity through academia, sport, music, the arts, services, religion and personal development. The array of clubs and activities offered is daunting but they provide an opportunity for your boy to discover and explore his interests. His challenge is to try new things and perhaps step out of his comfort zone.

Our challenge as parents is to support and encourage that exploration whilst hanging on for the ride. How can we do that? Well firstly, they don’t have to have all the fun! Where there is an activity, there is usually a Parent Support Group and for each Year Level, representatives who organise social functions. The Scotch Parents’ Association (SPA) is the umbrella under which these groups function as Auxiliaries, Clubs and Year Level Representatives. It is in these groups that we too can enjoy ourselves by being involved.

By being involved you discover that the pulse of Scotch is not just its buildings, facilities and sporting grounds but the diversity they house. By being involved you develop friendships within and across Year Levels, discover other opportunities that may suit your son and obtain ideas and support for your parenting. By being involved you become part of the pulse at Scotch and by example encourage your son to try new activities. It’s not work! Don’t have time? Make time - six years is over quickly. As one parent described…

“What we have put in we have received back ten fold. Developing long lasting friendships for ourselves as well as watching our son develop strong peer groups”.

The diverse array of affiliated groups within the SPA are arranged as Year Level Representatives, Sports, Arts, Services and School related functions. You can use this information as a reference as your sons’ activities change. Each group describes its background, main activities, major events and most importantly how to get involved. Use the Expressions of Interest Form to request to receive email from your nominated groups as a starting place.

The SPA is but one of the organisations associated with the School. Old Scotch Collegians’ Association (OSCA) also has a number of active groups listed under General Information. The Scotch Foundation is the primary fund raising organisation for the School with Building and Library Funds and Endowment. The College Council carries ultimate responsibility for the business and affairs of the College. The Junior School Parents’ Association and the Victorian Council of Parents also have affiliated representatives. If you can’t find an interest within the SPA then you might by help- ing one of these organisations. SPA meetings bring all of these groups together with the Principal, Vice-Principal and the School Administration Manager.

Getting involved is not a six-year contract! Sample as many interests you have or your son is involved in, move in and out of groups and see if you enjoy it. Many parents are involved in more than one group, and at differing levels of activity.

Do what you can but make a promise now that at the end of six years you will have experienced that Scotch pulse.

Pam Kelton-Rook

President 2013


Peter Hammond

Vice-President 2013

President 2014

Jayne Richards

Junior Vice-President 2013

Vice-President 2014

Pam Kelton-Rook