SCOUTS: Scout Parents’ Association


The 1st Hawthorn (Scotch College) Scout Group is run by the Group Leader, sponsored by Scotch College with the Principal as the Sponsoring Authority.

Facilities include the Scout Hall on the College Grounds and its bush Headquarters Elliott Lodge. Elliott Lodge is situated in a lovely 80-hectare property on Chum Creek Road, nine kilometres from Healesville and 70 km from Melbourne. A Board of Trustees governs Elliott Lodge and a warden oversees the property on a day-to-day basis. Elliott Lodge was donated to Scotch College by the family of MAJ-GEN “Pompey” Elliott in memory of Neil Elliott, a former Scotch College scout who died in the course of his duties as a Patrol Officer in New Guinea. The College bought additional properties surrounding Elliott Lodge over a number of years and maintains the Scout Group and the Elliott Lodge property.

  • Scouts run for boys up to the age of 14 years (Year 6 to Year 9).
  • Venturers are for students aged 14 to 18 years
  • Rovers Old Scotch Rover Crew - for males and females aged 18 to 26 years.


Committee: The Committee of the 1st Hawthorn (Scotch College) Parents’ Association consists of three executive, general members, group leader, leaders or assistant leaders of Scouts, Venturers and Rovers. Generally, there is one committee meeting per term.

Practical Support: Parents involved provide encouragement and advice for the group leader, Scout, Venturer and Rover Crew leaders. Involvement provides an opportunity for parents to get to know other parents and leaders through social events and working bees

Funding Support: Funds raised are used for repairs, maintenance and equipment as requested by the Leaders and the Board of Trustees of Elliott Lodge.


  • Annual general meeting: The Annual General Meeting is held on Family Day at Main Camp.
  • Camps and Hikes: Parents are welcome to become involved in camps, hikes and other activities of the Group.


  • Scouts meet on Thursday afternoons in the Scout Hall at Scotch College as part of the Services programme. The scouts conduct weekend camps, working bees and an annual camp at Elliott Lodge, Healesville.
  • Venturers can be undertaken in addition to other School activities as they meet on a Friday evenings.
  • Activities include water skiing, snow skiing weekends, canoeing, Go-carting, film evenings, leadership skills, Queen’s Scout Award instruction and badge activities