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SPORTS FIRST AID: Sports First Aid Auxiliary


Sports First Aid is introduced in Year 9 as part of the ‘Services’ Programme. This service introduces skills associated with physiotherapy, massage and basic sports medicine. The theory is combined with practical application with the service supplying first aid back up for the College Sports Teams.

The name of the parent support group; RICE is a mnemonic for a treatment method for soft tissue injuries which is an acronym for Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.


Committee meetings: Committee meets four times a year to discuss practical ways of supporting the activities of the Scotch College Sports First Aid group.

Funding Support: The Auxiliary helps raise a small amount of funds to provide financial support towards equipment training and social activities.


Family Barbecue: Traditional family barbecue is held early in the year to welcome new boys and their families to the service as well as catching up with current members and their families.

Presentation Night: An opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the boy’s achievements for the year and appreciate the academic staff ’s participation.

Family Day – Cold Drinks Stall: The main fundraising event takes place on Family Day in September when the Auxiliary runs the cold drinks stall.


Year 9 Course - Basic First Aid: Students do a basic first aid course in Terms 1 and 2. This involves, dealing with an unconscious patient. Danger Response Airways Breathing Circulation (DRABC),

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), Expired Air Resuscitation (EAR), external bleeding and carrying an injured person on a stretcher. Term 3 students cover a variety of topics including Sports Psychology, advanced leadership and a lesson with a sports dietician.

Year 10 Course: Students learn Level 1 Sport Trainer Certificate. This involves basic first aid plus ankle strapping, management and prevention of injuries, stretching and assessing an injured sports person.

Year 11 Course: Students assist in training Year 9 boys plus obtain their Level 2 Sport Trainer Certificate.

Year 12 Course: Assist in training. Complete an Advanced Strapping Course plus a Sports Massage Course.

Camp: The annual three day Sports First Aid camp occurs in Term 1 at Scotch-At-Cowes


All parents are welcome. We would appreciate parents and friends involvement

  • Tick the box on the Return Slip to receive Sports First Aid Auxiliary information by email
  • Come to a committee meetings notified in the Torch Newsletter.
  • Offer to help with our Cold Drinks Stall on Family Day.
  • Anyone interested in joining the Sports First Aid Auxiliary can contact the SPA Secretary 9810 4321