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All boys starting in Year 7 at Scotch, whether they are from the Scotch Junior School or from a great variety of other schools, are all ‘new’ to the Scotch Senior School. For all parents it is exciting, if not daunting initially, where we are all keen for our sons to find friends early on as the boys expand into various activities within Scotch.

The SPA through its Clubs, Auxiliaries and Year Level Representatives are always trying to improve ways for parents to rapidly become part of the School community. The Year 7 Representatives aim to help parents meet other parents and to assist them in understanding how the School works. A number of Year 7 social gatherings arranged at the beginning of the year help welcome parents and allow them to find new friends. These functions are important to attend. Similarly many Clubs affiliated with Sport welcome Year 7 boys with a function at the start of the season. It is again important to get to these functions as they are targeted at our Year Level. They provide another opportunity to meet and get to know other parents in our Year Level with boys of similar interests. It is also an opportunity to meet coaches and teachers at the School.

Two or more parents of Year 7 boys take the role of Year Level Representative. It is a two-year commitment extending over Years 7 and 8. The Year Level Representatives may then ask for volunteers to become Class Representatives who may organise informal functions for their class.


  • Morning Tea for Year 7 Parents
  • Welcome Service for the Year 7 Boys and Parents
  • Year 7 Family Sunday Barbecue
  • Year 7 Parents’ Cocktail Party

Class contact list

The Year Level Representatives prepare a class contact list with the assistance of the SPA Administration Assistant Sara Cuming (

Family Day

We assist with staffing the SPA Badged Goods Stall.

School tours

We act as guides twice a year to new parents on tours of the school while their sons are sitting placement or scholarship tests.