Year Level Representative: Years 8-12

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Being a Year Level Representative at Scotch College is interesting, easy and fun and offers a real feeling of involvement. From Year 7, two or more parents make themselves available in this valuable role for a two-year period. (Years 7- 8, Years 9-10 and Years 11-12)


Social events: The major role is organisation of social activities for the Year group. Emphasis is on ‘friend raising not fund raising’ and simple activities such as morning walks with a coffee or ‘bring a plate’ to a private home are always very popular.

Parent resource person: Year Level Representatives are able to meet and get to know many parents. The Year Level Representatives attend Scotch Parents’Association meetings held each term where Auxiliaries and Clubs discuss School activities and programmes. The School Council reports through its Council Representative and the Principal deliver a School Report.Year Level Representatives can then relay this information back to parents. Year level Representatives are therefore a great first resource person for issues or activities that you as a parent may like clarified or discussed.


Cocktail Party: Generally Year Level cocktail parties are held in the Cardinal Pavilion in beautiful surroundings or in other private homes through the generosity of parents and are a popular way to start the academic year.

Other events: Various informal events are held, with the emphasis on being low cost with scheduling for different times of the day allowing opportunities for all parents to get to a function. Walks, gatherings in parents’ homes, film nights, river cruises, and barbecues are some of the possible ways of allowing parents to form and renew friendships, particularly when their sons are involved in different sports and activities.

Family Day: Year Level Representatives assist the SPA in staffing the

SPA Badged Goods Stall.

Valedictory Dinner: Held at the end of Year 12 for all the boys and their parents. This is a really special event and extremely popular with most attending.

School tours: We act as guides twice a year to new parents on tours of the school while their sons are sitting placement or scholarship tests.


Year Representatives volunteer in Term 4 and hold the position for the next two years. By doing this, the Year Level Representatives have an opportunity to set out some dates and have them established in next years’ School calendar.

Planning a Year Level activity:

Generally one or two activities are sufficient during a Term. An event is planned, the date and venue

booked with the Events Administrator (if it is to be held at the School), a Principal Approval is arranged through the Administration Manager and then the event is advertised. For events held out- side the School the date is submitted to reduce a clash with
other School activities, Principal Approval organised and then it is advertised in the Torch Newsletter. Events organised the year before are set out in a calendar of events booklet, the Red Book, which is sent to all parents. Torch Newsletter submissions are submitted using an online form. The SPA Executive supports the Year Level Representatives in their role and ideas can be discussed with them.

Hiring: The SPA has an Equipment Officer who hires glasses and crockery from the ‘Scotch Cupboard’ free of charge for class parties. Chairs and trestle tables can be hired through the Scotch Events and Functions Administrator. Name tags are advisable for each function and are available from the SPA Secretary's office. When charging for an event, money is submitted through the Year Level Representative to the Accounts Office or via the Try Booking system on the school’s webpage.

Year Level Representatives may be assisted in Year 7 and 8 by Class Representatives and in Years 9 to 12 may be assisted by House Representatives. The role of these people is to support the Year Level Representatives in assisting with functions, the Torch Newsletter mail out and as requested by the Year Level Representatives. If you feel you would like to take on this valuable support role, please contact your Year Level Representative.

If you would like to know more about this great role contact the President of the SPA or talk to your current Year Level Representative.