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Issues from 1998


Revisions of boyhood

Revisions of boyhood

Included in The Oxford Book of Australian Schooldays (1997, ed. Brenda Niall and Ian Britain) are reminiscences of two Old Boys: Alan Moorehead ('26) and Graham McInnes ('29).

In his biography (A Late Education: Episodes in a Life, reissued by Text Publishing), Alan wrote, 'Scotch College was one of the best (schools) in the country, and yet later when I thought about it I found myself oppressed by sensations of frustration and despair'. We'll leave his memoirs there!

Alan went on to become one of Australia's finest journalists and war correspondents. Graham's classic biography The Road to Gundagai (first published in 1965) includes a chapter on Scotch which remains one of the very best accounts of growing up in the '20s and '30s; yet strangely, the editors of the Oxford Book chose only his rather less colourful account of earlier years at Hutchins School.

Our chapter should be compulsory reading for all members of the Scotch Family - we might attempt a limited edition reprint in 2001, perhaps together with published reminiscences by other Old Boys.

Jesse Spencer ('96) is an increasingly active actor. He writes: 'In 1994, I was chosen for the full-time part of William Kennedy on the long-running soap Neighbours. Scotch, fortunately, allowed me to take the job and attend school simultaneously, which proved difficult, especially during Year 12.

However, thanks to the wonderful support of the teachers and the school, I gained an Arts/Science place at Monash University.

I have deferred my place to continue with Neighbours, and have also continued further studies in violin, acting and singing. Many exciting possibilities are now on the horizon, including films and the chance to play Peter Pan in England, during the Christmas break. Next year I plan to hit the West End of London'.

Stand by for the Old Boy from Oz!

Campbell McComas


Updated: Monday 24 June 2013