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Issues from 1998


Boarder at science camp

Phillip Tracy

Whilst space science is not currently on the Scotch College curriculum, that hasn't stopped one Scotch student from pursuing his passion.

Philip Tracy, a boarder in McMeckan House, has had the opportunity of a lifetime by taking part in a special space and science camp, run by the Australian Student's Space Association.

Philip joined 76 other students from schools around Victoria, to explore and better understand the processes involved with space research and exploration.

Says Philip, 'I've always been interested in this area and when I read about the programme, I jumped at the opportunity.'

Aerospace experiment The Association conducts regular programmes for secondary students throughout the year, culminating in this week's Space Camp. Run by volunteers, and with the backing of RMIT University, it is the largest of its kind in Victoria.

Says the Director of the Association Mr Stephen Kenny; 'The group was formed two years ago to nurture the growing awareness of the value of scientific research, conducted by various space programs around the world.'

The week long space camp had students conducting various scientific experiments, as well as creating and spectacularly launching their own miniature rockets.

For Philip, the highlight of the programme was the opportunity to don full scuba gear and 'repair' a satellite, strategically placed at the bottom of the Melbourne Aquatic Centre's main pool.

It gave him and the other students the opportunity to experience, as closely as possible, the environment that astronauts work within, whilst repairing satellites in orbit.

So is Philip interested in joining the NASA space programme? Well maybe not right now, but he does plan to pursue his interest in the more traditional sciences during years 11 and 12.

Updated: Monday 24 June 2013