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Scotch College: Great Scot -Club 150 Kick Off Ball

Club 150 Ball

Club 150 Kick Off Ball

The Club 150 Kick Off Ball on June 16 was a sparkling introduction to Scotch's 150th anniversary celebrations. Balloons, polka dots and smarties - all in cardinal, gold and blue- set off the kick off theme of the evening, and what a start it was!

Over 500 parents, Old Boys and friends, including Dr and Mrs Donaldson, enjoyed a memorable and funfilled evening in the Grand Hyatt Ballroom. Low on speeches and high on entertainment was how the organising committee, led by Mrs Sandi Addison envisaged the evening, and their wishes were fulfilled.

Sandi and Don Beaurepaire, Chair of Club 150, warmly welcomed guests and explained the intricacies of the 'guess the number of smarties in the bowl' competition. Campbell McComas outlined the exciting Club 150 events to come in 2001, and then a special visit from the Club 150 fairy (aka Gabrielle Goldsmith) -boots and all- was a highlight of the evening.Club 150 Ball

After enjoying the music of the Andy Sugg Quartet over dinner, the rest of the evening saw almost everyone up and dancing to the Funky Film Express, who raised a few eyebrows, and also a few heartbeats.

Lucky, but exhausted guests left clutching prizes and bowls of smarties.

If the Ball is any indication of the celebrations to come, Scotch is in for a very exciting year!

The Kick-Off Ball was a Club 150 sponsored function. Members received booking priority and received a discount on the price of their tickets.

Club 150 members will receive priority when booking for significant events during 2001. Remember that Dinner On The Main, in March, is expected to be a sell out. To gain priority when booking for these events join Club 150 by completing the application form.

Club 150 Ball

Club 150 Ball

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