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Issues from 1998


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150 - taking the spirit

An important part of the vision of Scotch's 150th anniversary celebrations is to include the wider community, as well as the Scotch family, in the celebrations.

That's the prime motivation behind the 'gift to the Boroondara community', one of more than 30 official events that have been planned to celebrate the School's sesquicentenary.

After careful deliberation, and frequent consultations with City of Boroondara management, the final decision has been made about the 'gift', which will be 'double-barrelled':

  • during 2001, and perhaps in the following years, Scotch boys will provide social service to elderly, disadvantaged or physically disabled people in the City. This will be provided as an extension of Scotch's normal Thursday afternoon social service activities; and
  • 150 Christmas hampers - will be distributed to needy people in the Boroondara community, during next year's festive season.

The City of Boroondara was formed in 1994 by the amalgamation of the former Cities of Camberwell, Hawthorn and Kew, and contains many of Melbourne's leading private schools, including Xavier, MLC, Ruyton, Carey - and of course, Scotch.

Celebration 150 Chairman, Bruce Lithgow said that, in appreciation of its position as a leading Boroondara school, Scotch wanted to make an appropriate 'gift', as well as one that would have lasting community benefits.

'We took into account that although widely regarded as one of Melbourne most affluent areas, like anywhere else Boroondara does have its pockets of disadvantaged people,' Bruce said.

'We felt that the hampers were one way we could bring a little joy into the lives of at least 150 people in this category, and also to provide ongoing support through social service.'

Bruce said that as well as Christmas cheer, the hampers and social service would help to take the spirit of Scotch's 150th anniversary celebrations out into the wider community.

A full program of 150th celebration events appears in this issue of Great Scot.

Ceremonies in Scotland

The Torch Relay will be a highlight of the School's 150th Anniversary Celebrations, and a delegation will be heading to Scotland in October 2000 to participate in the official torch lighting ceremony.

The delegation will be led by the Principal, Dr Gordon Donaldson and his wife Joyce, and will also include current President OSCA, Michael Stillwell and his wife Jillian, immediate Past President OSCA, Rob Logie-Smith and his wife Sue, and Executive Director OSCA, Leigh McGregor and his wife Ros.

The party will arrive in Aberdeenshire to participate in a special Church Service to be conducted on October 1, 2000. The Service will be conducted at Leochel-Cushnie Church, the family church of the founder of Scotch College, Reverend James Forbes, and the torch lighting ceremony will be the pivotal moment of the Service.

The Principal will take an active part in the special Service, which is likely to be attended by the direct descendants of James Forbes.

Following the Service and the torch lighting, a plaque will be presented to the Leochel-Cushnie Church by the Principal, commemorating the contribution of James Forbes to the founding of the School, and the delegation will also visit the birthplace of James Forbes.

In the days following the Church Service, the delegation will also visit the homes of former Principals, Lawson, Morrison and Gilray, which are located in the immediate vicinity.

A further highlight of the UK trip will be the lighting and presentation of the torch to the OSCA London Dinner, to be held at the Caledonian Club on Friday, October 6. This Dinner represents the first stage in the Torch Relay that culminates at the School on February 18, 2001. All Old Boys with a Great Scot address in the UK and Europe will receive notification and invitations to this Dinner, and as many as possible are encouraged to attend this significant occasion.

To complete the trip, the delegation will return to Australia to light and present the torch to the OSCA Perth Dinner on Wednesday, October 11, and the OSCA Adelaide Dinner on Thursday, October 12, and again attendance at these functions is highly encouraged.

Viet Vets needed for revue

To celebrate the Scotch Centenary Year, we are staging a theatrical revue of the school's life, scheduled for August 2001.

I have a particular interest in the 60's decade, a nd am attempting to script the Scotch posture and student training during the years when Australia, as a nation, joined the American committment to the Vietnam War.

I need help from Scotch Old Boys who went to war, at their nation's summons (either regular army or conscripts), and Old Boys who were at school when their fathers, brothers, or other family members were in Vietnam.

My focus for the theatrical pageant is on the school - how it contributed to the lives of those teenagers who were touched by Vietnam.

If you can assist me, please contact Patricia Holdaway at Scotch College, e-mail - or contact me by phone after hours on (03)9533 8893.

Anthem Competition

The response to the Anthem Competition has been very positive, and I'm assured that many entries have been arriving.

For the prize of over $2000, it is certainly worth giving some thought to this event. An application form can be obtained by telephoning Robyn Schulz in the Music School on 9810 4219.

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