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Issues from 1998


Torch relay excitement grows

Sunday 18th February 2001 is the "excitement" day for the historic Torch Relay following its long journey from Scotland.

It will be re-lit at the site where Scotch was first established in 1851 in Spring Street and then make its way to the Hawthorn campus acknowledging historic sites on the way. It will also mark the start of the Heritage Walk.

The Torch Relay together with the Heritage Walk will both begin from Spring Street but they will set out at different times, on the way visiting historic Scotch sites in East Melbourne, at the MCG and on the

Yarra Bank before arriving at the Junior School gate in Callantina Road.

On arrival the Torch will be received and welcomed by the Chairman of the School Council with a salutation to the Junior School.

Boarders will carry the Torch for a Salutation to the Hill and all those that have lived there. It is expected many former boarders will gather there for this short ceremony.

The Torch will then proceed to the Main Oval under a Piper escort where it will be passed by hand by Former School Captains prior to a Salutation in the shadow of the Memorial Hall by one of our most eminent Old Boys.

Taken across the Main Oval, where the whole School will be located, it will again be passed by hand by present and former Staff members before a Salutation to former Head Masters on the steps of the Chapel.

A short Church Service will be conducted from the steps of the Chapel before the Torch reaches its resting place.

Pre-ordered and pre-packed lunch boxes will be available to enhance the Carnival atmosphere for the total School Family, who will also be gathered on the Main, for this traditional and symbolic event.

Please note the date: Sunday 18th February 2001.

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