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Issues from 1998


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Harry Baker

Harry Uther Baker ('17) (above) turned 100 on 16 September last. After leaving Scotch, he went on to Melbourne University, where he completed a medical degree. He then went to Kalgoorlie, before settling in Fremantle in 1929. Harry is our second oldest Old Boy, just pipped by Ray Durston ('17) who turned 101 on 26 July.

Don Relf ('80) wrote recently replying to an invitation to his twenty year reunion, 'these days I am a helicopter pilot and am departing for a bush tour tomorrow to a place just south of Marble Bar in northern WA; uncontactable in every sense, I am afraid. It is most probable that I won't be back in time so I won't book in. As I mentioned I am flying helicopters these days, which I have been doing for the last five years. I was up in the NT for a couple of years and then in Sydney for a couple of years, and now working for Jayrow Helicopters based in Moorabbin'.

George D. Klein ('43-46) is the recipient of the 'Laurence L. Sloss Award for Sedimentary Geology' from the Geological Society of America. This award is the highest honor in sedimentary geology given by the Geological Society of America.

Former Captain of Cricket and Football Ian 'Liberty' Law ('45-'56), played four seasons with Old Scotch Football Club and went on to become first rover and Best & Fairest in Hawthorn's first premiership team, a batsman in two of Hawthorn-East Melbourne's premierships, and represented Victoria in cricket and football, he was recently persuaded to buy the old 'Avoca Station' homestead cottages and out buildings on 100 acres on the Darling River, 25km north of Wentworth, NSW. He invites all members of the Scotch Family to call in and visit him when in the area. Lib & wife Barb provide various levels of accommodation and all meals, if required. They recently accommodated 16 artists for a week and are having the time of their lives getting the show on the road up there, 'beyond the bitumen and telegraph poles', said Lib! 'Age is only a number.'

James Waldie ('94) has designed a Gravity Spacesuit which has attracted interest from NASA. He is a graduate of RMIT in Aerospace Engineering, and has designed the suit for use inside spacecraft.

Warwick Strangward ('80) is in Kosovo, and was looking forward to cracking open a bottle of his finest sterilised water and canned Spam from the Red Cross, to celebrate his 20 year reunion. He expects to be back in Australia soon.

Graeme Little ('81) welcomes all members of the Scotch Family at his WA-DE-LOCK Cellar Door, which is located in Stratford on the Princes Highway just past the Post Office, opposite the park. You can also enjoy some special cheeses and locally made chocolates.

Bob Wade ('49) has been elected to Full Signatory Membership of the American Watercolor Society. He is the first Australian to receive this accolade from the prestigious 133 year old society. The ceremony took place at the Salamagundi Club in New York in April of this year.

In a recent fax Malcolm Hedges ('57) brought us up to date with the latest news from his son Lieutenant Ewen Hedges ('89). After serving for several years in the Army Reserve with 8/7th Ballarat, Ewen gained entry to the Royal Military College, Duntroon. He graduated in 1998 and was subsequently posted to 6 RAR Enoggera, Queensland.

Ewen is now serving as Commander, 9th Platoon, C Coy, 6RAR and he is tasked with patrolling the border with West Timor. His unit is deployed as a component of the UN peacekeeping force. He and his soldiers work closely with Huey and Blackhawk helicopters and combine with troops and equipment from New Zealand, Nepal, Ireland and Fiji. Ewen's military experience began as a Cadet Under-Officer with the school's Cadet Corps and he still has fond memories of those experiences in his school life.

Robin Gauld ('69) is a specialist commercial photographer. He graduated in photography from RMIT and is a Senior A Grade Photojournalist. He operates out of Townsville, and a sample of his work is shown above.

John Riches ('46) was recently awarded an OAM in recognition of his service to youth, particularly through the Scouting movement and The Association of Southern Directors Youth Services.

Daniel Reeves ('60) has retired after 26 years with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, all of which have been in British Columbia and the Vancouver area.

Ben Cobham ('53) is operating a B & B in Geelong. It is the historic Gatehouse on Ryrie, situated at the corner of Yarra Street and Ryrie Street.

Solicitor Stephen Spargo, a Scotch parent and husband of Council member Jill, has been elected to the Committee of the Melbourne Cricket Club. He joins Old Boy David Crawford ('61) and Doug Patrick ('68). The gift of a football sculpture by Scotch and Melbourne Grammar to the MCC (and the people of Victoria) in 2001 would be in reasonably sympathetic hands!

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