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Issues from 1998
Issues from 1998


The Scotch College Foundation 1973 - 2001

Since the formation of the Foundation, various endowment funds have been established, including those for the arts. We have created a range of financial aid, staff salaries, libraries, prizes and general educational enhancement programmes which provide an opportunity for all members of the Scotch Family to support the school regardless of their means. For example, the Rural Support Programme allows for Scotch Family members on the land to assist the school by agisting cattle, by donating the proceeds of grain sales at a collection point, etc.

Building programmes to which the Foundation has contributed are:

Senior Science Centre

Glenn Centre (sports and physical education)

Keon Cohen Building (design and technology)

Junior School redevelopment

Lithgow Centre (library, resources and staff centre)

Cardinal Pavilion (together with OSCA and the Cardinal Club)

Language and Culture Centre

Randall Building (reception and administration)

James Forbes Academy (music, drama and communication)

Educational programmes have been supported by:

Annual grants to music, art and drama

Various educational Fellowships

Funding assistance for the salary of the Director of the Language and Culture Endowment of the Sir Ian McLennan Chair of Design and Technology

Staff travel grants

Total funds raised in the form of gift pledges, Annual Fund gifts, other donations and notified bequests in which sums are specified now exceed $37 million, and actual cash received in the period 1993 - 2000 was in excess of $17 million. But money itself is less important than what it enables you to do, the confidence and goodwill it generates, the past for which it gives thanks and the future it assures. In those less tangible terms, the contribution of one of Australia's earliest school foundations to one of Australia's greatest schools over nearly three decades has been beyond computation.

For they've been jolly good fellows

Even part of the home address seemed to be appropriate for an English historian: The Old Farm House,

Yew Tree Lane. Early in 1984, the Scotch Foundation resolved to establish a Foundation Fellowship, and in May 1985 Dr John West took up residence at the College as the Foundation's inaugural Fellow.

An educationalist and historian, Dr West embarked on a programme which saw him in constant contact with students, teachers and parents at Scotch and in the broader educational field.

Since that pioneering venture, seven further Fellowships have brought people of considerable standing in their fields to the school. They have all made an enthusiastic and lasting contribution to the development of Scotch and many other schools and the wider community.


Anthony Adams

University of Cambridge

Computing in English teaching


Dr John Mason

Director of the Institute for Mathematics Education at the Open University in England

Secondary Mathematics


Professors Deborah Borisoff and Dan Hahn

Department of Speech Communication New York University


1994 & 1995

Brian Alger

Riveroak Public School, Oakville, Ontario

Technology in the Curriculum


Prof Richard Kimbell

Director, Department of Design Studies, Goldsmiths, University of London

Design and Technology

1998 & 1999

Rollo Browne


Boys in Education

The Foundation Fellowship programme was the first established in an Australian school. Plans are now under way to award the ninth Fellowship in 2002.

A Potted History


Established with the assistance of the NFRC (National Fund Raising Counsel) a prominent fundraising consultancy.

1973 - '76

Totally run by volunteers.


Six significant American independent schools, visiting Australia as a result of an invitation from the Headmasters' Conference of Australia , recommend the appointment of a full-time Development Officer of the Foundation.


Brigadier Dick Durance appointed as Development Officer. Annual Fund, the first in an Australian school, piloted with five Old Boy year groups.


Pilot of Annual Fund extended to cover fifteen year groups.


Annual Fund extended to include all Old Boy year groups 1922 - 1978. Peter Crook relinquishes position as Head of Chemistry and works part-time with Brigadier Durance.


Brigadier Durance retires and Peter Crook appointed as part time Foundation Development Officer. Full-time secretary appointed.



Annual Fund expanded to include non-Old Boy parents who have boys in Years 7 to 12. Phonathons piloted.


Grandparents' Days introduced for grandparents of boys in Prep and Year 7.


East Melbourne Chapter of Scotch Collegians established. Expanded some years later to included all Old Boys 75 years of age or older and renamed the East Melbourne Glen Chapter.


Development Office established to encompass OSCA, Foundation and Archives. Peter Crook appointed as first Director of Development and Foundation's Executive Director.


Margaret Long appointed as Foundation's Development Officer


Major two-year $7.0 million Capital Campaign launched for the James Forbes Academy.


Campaign target exceeded, with more to come.

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