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Ian Marchment and Di Hooper

Old Scotch Clubs

Gembrook - an ideal time for a bushwalk

Forget Hamilton Island and Noosa. Gembrook was the only place to be for 27 bushwalking club walkers one Sunday in late June. Walk organisers Di and Murray Hooper organised a “figure of eight” walk, consisting of a 7km pre-lunch walk loop and a 5km loop in the afternoon.

Closing on the car park for lunch, we saw a most welcome sight. Ann and Hugh Morris, who weren’t walking that day, were cooking sausages for us. And, even better, they had already opened bottles of red (wine, not tomato sauce, though that was also available!).

It was certainly an enjoyable walk, enhanced by the Hoopers’ logistical and the Morris’ culinary skills.

David Ashton

Manson Russel

Bowlers raring to go

Early in September we will see the commencement of our season endeavouring to improve our standard of play which, no doubt, will be enhanced by our new Old Scotch Bowls Club logoed Bowls shirts (pictured). Possibly a first amongst the Old Scotch Sporting Clubs as well as enhancing our standing within the Bowls Fraternity in general.

Our excellent programme for the season has been circulated and the early responses augur well for a successful season highlighted by the special day against the West Brighton club and the Public School Old Boys Tournament.

Once again we would very much welcome any member of the Scotch Family who are bowlers in joining us for social games. Please contact Ray Cox (Secretary) on 03 9809 1286 or Manson Russel (President) on 03 9809 1054.

What’s in a nickname?

To be an integral part of any cricket team means carrying a nickname. If it is of high quality it must be worn with pride on and off the field, so much so that after a while your real name will become redundant from scorebooks to social situations.

There are 6 main areas where nicknames can be generated, illustrated here with some international examples. (Apologies to anyone who may be offended with some international players’ names spelling. No apologies for the choice.)

Nicknames similar to actual names.

  • Scott “Billy Ray” Styris
  • “Good Ship” S.S. Das
  • Trevor “Jack the” Gripper
  • Steve “The Cheese” Harmison

Nicknames that that roll off the tongue

  • “Marvellous” Marvin Attapatu
  • “Disco” Daryl Harper

Nicknames that sum up behaviour traits

  • “Old Man” Chris Harris
  • “Chuckles” Dravid

Nicknames that relate to incredibly long anecdotes

  • Darren “Milkshakes” Lehman


  • “Schtarger” Virenda Sehwag (KAOS sidekick, from “Get Smart”)
  • “Bustling” Matthew Hoggard (Barry Hall when he has short hair)

Actual names fit song lyrics, so no nickname as such but tune is sung when player does something very well or very poorly

  • “Oh My Pathan” sung to “Oh Mine Papa”
  • “Saqlain Mushtaq” sung to “C’est Plan Pour Moi”
  • “Mahanama” sung to that Muppets song
  • Douglas Hondo sung to “Quando, Quando, Quando”

Old Scotch Cricket Club is embarking once again on another season in the MCC Club XI competition. Come and join our Club for competitive yet relaxed cricket on quality turf wickets. And we will ensure that you are labeled with a nickname you can be proud of! Season starts in October. For details ring Gary Bennett on 0419 329 200.

Old Scotch Rovers

The Old Scotch Rovers have had an action packed winter, with several trips to the snow and numerous other activities. We have also recently had Mudbash, which unfortunately only a few members were able to attend due to exams, but a great time was had by all who went. There has also been MARB, (Metropolitan Area Rover Ball) which an impressive 14 members of the crew participated in, all having an awesome night, and meeting quite a few rovers from other crews as well. The theme for this year's MARB was “I’ve got the music in me” and after much debate Old Scotch dressed up as ‘Singing in the Rain’, complete with umbrella hats and yellow ponchos.

We have placed many of our skills to the test recently, by organising nights such as an inter-crew pool competition, which Old Scotch won by sheer numbers, and an Iron Chef night. The secret ingredient was peanut butter, and unfortunately some of the recipes of the ‘creations’ from the night seem to have been misplaced… A few members also recently travelled to Warburton for a bike ride around the district, and had a fun time and gained only a few bruises from the experience.

Mat Le (‘96) has been ‘Booted’ from the crew upon reaching the age of 26, and will be sorely missed by the crew. Perspective members to join the crew are David Stillwell (‘03), John Jardine (‘98), Claire Maddison, Andrew Hebblethwaite and Jorden Caldwell.

We have a fun-filled program for the remainder of 2004, with events such as Heavy Rubbish Night, Tent Erection Night, a Christmas in July (in August) and a Squire Training weekend for all the new members of the crew. We are also planning trips to the Driving Range, the Melbourne Aquatic Centre, a dog walking night and roller blading (on different nights) and a yoga night as well as many other activities. We are hoping to run a stunt on the Venturer camp VG (Victoria Gathering) in December this year.

We would invite anyone from the ages 18 to 26 to join us if you are interested in any of the activities we have mentioned. Inquires to Crew Leader Ben Hallenstein (’99) (mobile: 0401 752 025) or Assistant Crew Leader Katherine McDonald

(mobile: 0410 277 082).

Scotch Basketball Presentation Night Wednesday 11 August

The Slam Dunk Club Committee (SDC) has given outstanding support to Scotch College basketball throughout 2004. The Presentation Night was totally planned, organised and run by the Committee, and this highly successful evening saw in excess of two hundred players, coaches, parents and supporters in attendance.

Basketball presentation night

Sixty enthusiastic players in the Glenn Centre took part in 75 minutes of three-on-three competition before the final was held at 5:15 pm. The competition was keenly fought out in ten-minute games with senior players in each side ensuring that the younger (and shorter) players were fully involved. The use of the teams with a bye in each round having to act as officials for the four concurrent games ensured everyone was fully occupied and appreciated becoming part of the organisation necessary to make the event a success. By final play-off time, there were a considerable number of parents present to see their sons in action. Prizes for the winning team had been generously provided by Kicksz 101 basketball store.

David Lawson, a professional basketball commentator, introduced the First Team at 5:30. This was followed by the introduction of the eight Former Captains and the injured Adrian Hughes (’91) who acted as the Captains’ coach for the exhibition game. Dr Donaldson officiated as coin-tosser to set the scene for another great match where skill was soon to match pride.

The first half was very even with Chris Anderson’s six points and Andrew Hayne (’92) with seven points being the major scorers to have the Firsts leading 20-19 at the break. The years of experience started to tell in the second half with the Captains shutting down the Firsts and winning most offerings at both offensive and defensive boards. Andrew Crow (’95), Matthew Alexander (’99) and Brinsley Saw (’02) provided great transition that saw the Captains dominate 23-7, despite the efforts of Ed Cowan and Leo Tang. The final score was Captains 42 – Firsts 27.

It was then time for parents to make their way to the Boykett Room while the players quickly and efficiently put all the furniture away. Engraved medallions provided by the SDC were then presented to Year 7 to 10 players by the staff in charge of each year level before a buffet dinner. The highlight of the latter part of the evening was the presentation of the ‘Slam Dunk Club Trophy’ for the Firsts’ Best and Fairest to Wesley Cronin, and the Firsts’ ‘Leadership, Spirit and Effort Award’ to David Taylor. In total, 25 presentations were made to players as well as additional presentations by the SDC to coaches and the Slam Dunk Secretary/’Great Shot’ editor, Ellen Eadie, in recognition of their efforts during 2004. Players, coaching staff and parents are highly indebted to Ellen for her magnificent commitment to and support of Scotch basketball.

Coach of the Firsts, Mr Rob Hortin, SDC President Mr Jim Frame (’69) and Captain of the Firsts, Angus Grey, all spoke briefly to bring a most enjoyable evening to a close.

Neville Taylor
Teacher In Charge Basketball

Lodge Hosts Combined Schools

The Old Scotch Masonic Lodge is having a very busy and exciting year under the enthusiastic Master-ship of Stuart McArthur (‘89). In May, at the Annual Old Boys Night, we welcomed about twenty visiting Old Boys, with the haggis being piped in by our Treasurer, Ian Gould (‘76); Scotch winning the Head of the River was enjoyed by all, thanks to Lachie Fairburn’s video replay; and Neil Robert’s inspiring account of the ever increasing achievements of the School, its Boys, and the Staff was in his response to John Maynard’s Toast to the School. Later in May the Lodge hosted the 68th Annual Meeting of the Combined Schools Lodges, attended by about 120 representatives from the eight constituent School Lodges, including the Grand Master, M.Wor.Br. John Evans from Caulfield Grammarians Lodge. Again the replay of the Head of the River was shown, followed by an address from Roger Wilson, PM from Brighton Grammarians Lodge and a prominent rowing commentator. Each Lodge then sang their School Song – we finished with The Boating Song!

Also in May, Members door-knocked in the Hawthorn area for the Salvo’s Red Shield Appeal as part of the Lodge’s charitable activities, collecting almost $8,000 ($110,000 over 10 years).

Our June Meeting was a (rare) double second-degree ceremony, when Richard Tait (‘76) and Neil Hart-Smith (‘60) progressed to the stage of Fellowcrafts. Later in June a Masonic Open Night was held at the Camberwell Centre, where a large number of visitors heard a presentation on Freemasonry, its objectives, values, and activities, dispelling many misconceptions, and improving their understanding of the Craft.

The July Meeting was an interesting Combined Meeting with two other Lodges. Bruce Symon PJGD, was elected Master-Elect for 2005, for Installation in November. Although Bruce has been a member of No.396 for 52 years, including Secretary for 6 years, this will be his first time in the Chair at Old Scotch – maintaining an unbroken tradition. A relaxed Christmas-in-July Dinner, at the Beehive, was enjoyed by about 40 Members and Ladies. Father Christmas (looking a little like our own John Bell) attended, and dispensed lots of “sweet” cheer.

A Trivia Night with our Ladies and a number of Guests followed a brief August Meeting. The Trivia Master was the inscrutable John Bell (‘60), who ran an absorbing and enlightening evening. Ian Thompson’s team, which included Guests John Craven, OSCA President, and his wife Margaret, came out “Dux”. Nick Denby, in year 11 at Scotch, his mother Lynne, and grandfather Doug Muir, were also Guests. Nick gave an inspiring account of his recent participation in the Global Young Leaders Conference in the USA, and thanked the Lodge for their sponsorship.

The September Meeting was conducted by the Ten-Year Team, with Steve Latimer (‘71) in the Chair. Andrew Silver (’01) was warmly welcomed into the Lodge and into the Craft, becoming one of our youngest Members for a long time. October will be the Master’s last night, bringing Stuart’s busy and successful year to a close, before the Installation of Bruce Symon in November.

The Lodge meets on the first Thursday of each month (except January), at the Camberwell Masonic Centre. All Freemasons are welcome. Enquiries from interested Old Boys are invited: contact

The Secretary, OSML, c/- OSCA Office, Hawthorn.

Bill Tingate

Old Scotch Soccer Club (Eastern Lions) wins Thirds League Metro Championship

The Treble is ours, with out first Championship in over 6 years, thanks to a polished performance against old rivals Camberwell yesterday. 4-1 was the score line that in no way flattered the boys in red, as Scotch had the vast majority of chances and were fierce in the way they went about creating them. Loose balls in midfield were pounced upon at an instant, and the Lions controlled the game from here for much of the 90 minutes, but in addition the defence was rock solid, and the attack was frightfully Arsenal-like, which poses the question, why don't we rename ourselves the Gunners?!

We now hold the Old Boys Spring Cup from 2003, the Pre-Season Old Boys Cup for 2004 and now the league championship we so desired and probably deserved last year, for season 2004.

Thanks to all those who participated, supported, and played any part in our history making year. Well done to the lads, there are bigger and better things on the horizon. Bring on the defence of the Spring Cup and season 2005.

Wine and Food Club 10th Anniversary Dinner, Saturday 16 October

We will be celebrating our birthday in style at Grossi Florentino with an “Italian feast” designed by Guy Grossi. The 4-course dinner upstairs in the Wyn Room is inclusive of wine; note numbers will be limited, so best to book early!! Members: $110, non-members $125 per head.

Calling all Scotch Family Wine and Food Connections!

We are to embark on a growth path in 2005 and invite all “Scotch Family” with wine and food connections to make themselves known to the club. Whether you work in industry, own a vineyard/ restaurant or have 3 rows of vines just for fun, we would like to know of your activities.

All communications and inquires in writing to: Mr Hamish Long (’85), President

OSW&F Club Inc.
GPO Box 4466 Melbourne VIC 3001

Reserves Coming Home with a Serge!

Football The Senior team missed the VAFA finals series by the bearest of margins. The slow start to the season came back to haunt us when we only won one out of the first six games. Nine wins from the last 12 games was not enough and it’s back to the drawing board for 2005. The Serge D’Angelo coached reserves have made the finals and have their sights set high.

There have been pleasing signs of improvement in many areas. On the field players such as Will Lewis, Nick Leitl, Rob Ashton and Tim Aurel-Smith have all played at the senior level and acquitted themselves very well. Our more experienced core of Stephen Hume, Stephen Collins, Adam Nettleton, Tom Wigney, Bruce Phillips and Andrew Crow have led from the front and played good football. In the Under 19’s, Bruce Armstrong has challenged his team and they have responded well, just missing out on a place in the finals. We hope to have enough players to field two Under 19 teams in 2005 which will again improve the depth at the club. Serge d’Angelo’s Reserves team will compete in the finals and have had a very consistent year. The third XVIII have struggled in their first year back but Andrew Millar and David Hughes did an outstanding job in encouraging a core of younger players to rise to the challenge of playing senior football. Those players, and the club, will be better for the commitment shown this season. The Fourth XVIII made the finals and lost to Fitzroy Reds in the First Semi-Final by a goal. Again, we welcomed back many players to the Club in this team this year and Terry Kendell and Simon Hosking are to be commended for their leadership. The Cardinals missed out on the finals by a game but had an outstanding debut season, with Sandy Robertson and John Glover guiding the team with a touch of care and flair.

Off the field the club continues to thrive. The Dinner Dance Auction Night on Saturday 10 July at Leonda was attended by 300 people. Greg Champion and guitarists Dean and Carrruthers performed and the auction was well supported. Damien Davis from Jellis Craig spoke at the July luncheon and Mal Brown is guest speaker at the August luncheon prior to the round 18 clash against Old Melburnians. The Presentation Night will be held on Friday October 1 at the Cardinal Pavilion at Scotch College and tickets are available by contacting Marie Ferris on 0403 030388.

Tim Shearer

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