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Issues from 1998
Issues from 1998



Old Boys

  • ALLEN, Hamilton (‘48)
  • BALFE, Reginald Rupert (‘32)
  • BOUGHTON, Russell Neish (‘29)
  • BURTON, John Wear (‘32)
  • CHANDLER, Alfred William Herbert (‘23)
  • CHRISTOPHERS, Dr Allen John (‘32)
  • COWLISHAW, Mark Harvey (’92)
  • CRAMPTON, Clifford Charles (‘39)
  • CRAWSHAW, Adrian Frederick (‘40)
  • EAGER, Michael Andrews (‘60)
  • FEATHERSTONE, Robert David (‘84)FINDLAY, Frederick Charles (‘29)
  • FYSHE, William Goodwin (‘40)
  • GOODE, Rosslyn Amor (Ross) (‘34)HALL, Allan Metcalfe (‘38)
  • HAMMON, James Leighton (‘40)
  • HANNA, Warwick Ronald (’37)
  • HOLDER, Robert Irving (‘48)
  • HOOKE, John Crawford (’34)
  • HOUSE, Rowan Charles (‘77)
  • IRVINE, James Alexander (‘45)
  • JULIAN, Roger Crewe (‘46)
  • KEIG, Robert Hal (‘40)
  • KING, John Raymond (‘50)
  • KING, William David Henry (’53)
  • LAWSON, Frank Charles (‘28)
  • MACDONALD, Donald Ellis (‘41)
  • MACLURE, David Barkly (‘49)
  • McDONALD, William Arthur (’33)
  • McKENZIE, Col. Kenneth Stuart DSM OAM (‘42)
  • MEYER, John William Gibson (‘47)
  • MILLER, Alfred George (‘47)
  • PRITCHARD, Maurice Francis (‘42)
  • RICHMOND, William Alexander (‘49)
  • ROWE, Richard Gilda (‘43)
  • ROYLANCE, David (‘66)
  • SENGER DFC, Lyndon Gill (‘40)
  • SLATER, Professor Henry Welton (‘38)
  • STERN, Kurt Douglas (‘45)
  • SWAN, Walter Trevor (‘33)
  • TUCKFIELD, Graham Lawrence (‘42)
  • WADDELL, William Archibald (‘44)
  • WILLIS, Reginald (‘30)
  • WILSON, Samuel James (‘39)

Former staff

  • DICKINSON, Pamela Violet (Staff 1977-81)
  • HAUGH, Nancy Mary (Staff 1939-44)
  • MAPPIN, Kenneth John (Staff 1969-87)
  • MULCAHY Dr Elizabeth Frances (Libby) (Staff 1989-97)
  • WILSON, Judith Duff (Staff 1973-78)
  • Handley, Jackie (Staff Term 2, 2008)

Hamilton ALLEN (’48) was on 11 January 1930 and attended Scotch as a member of Littlejohn and as a boarder in Arthur Rob from 1944 to 1946, as did his twin brother James. Hamilton rowed in the 1945 5th VIII and the 1946 3rd VIII. On 22 January 1951 he married Patricia Jaboor at Scotch. Hamilton was a farmer. He died at Marina Nursing Home, Altona, on 2 October 2010.

Reginald Rupert BALFE (’32) was born at East Brunswick on 5 December 1914, the son of an oil and colour merchant. From 1928 to 1932 he attended Scotch as a member of Lawson House. Scotch relations included uncle Francis Norman Balfe (born 14 December 1900, SC 1915-19, died 15 April 1979), cousins John Reginald Nankervis (born 29 October 1921, SC 1937-38, died 13 July 2002), William Graeme Nankervis (born 3 October 1923, SC 1937, died 21 November 1988), Joseph Rupert Balfe (born 1 January 1932, SC 1944-49, died 9 December 1997) and Kim Balfe (SC 1948-54) and first cousins twice removed Tom Soust (Year 6) and Rupert Balfe (Year 3). Reg served in the AIF from 1940 to 1946, reaching the rank of lieutenant-colonel. He had the role of chief auditor. On 21 October 1948 Reg married Thelma Gladys Gregory at Scotch. She died on 26 March 1984. Reg was an accountant who was a director of Nicholas Pty Ltd from 1951 to 1970 and Westralian International from 1971 to 1974. He was a member of the Waverley RSL sub-branch. Reg died at Pambula, New South Wales, on 3 September 2010.

John Stuart Westmore BATKIN (’68) was born on 16 November 1948, the son of Old Boy Desmon Thomas Batkin (born 28 March 1911, SC 1924-26, died 8 December 1968). He attended Scotch from 1956 to 1967 as a day boy in Monash House and as a boarder in Littlejohn and McMeckan Houses. Also at Scotch were his uncle William Guilford Batkin (born 3 May 1902, SC 1916-18, died 17 July 1953) and son Alex (SC 1994-2006). John and his wife Monika were active members of the Scotch College Foundation. He was a member of the Technical Committee of Food Technology of Australia. John died suddenly and unexpectedly on 7 November 2010. His family wrote: John took over the family business Corona Manufacturing Pty Ltd. For over 40 years John was managing director, expanding it into the successful company it is today. John enjoyed playing tennis with the Old Scotch Collegians’ Tennis Club and was a Kooyong Tennis Club member. John leaves behind many friends he met through school, business and his favourite hobbies - tennis and MGs.

Russell Neish BOUGHTON (’29) was born at Hawthorn on 21 June 1912 and attended Scotch from 1918 to 1920 and Wesley College from 1925 to 1929. Also at Scotch were his brother James Stanley Broughton (born 2 January 1910, SC 1917-20, WC 1924-?, died 3 August 1973), twin grandsons Alistair and Lachlan (both SC 1991-2003) and great nephews Chris Burgess (SC 1980-92) and James Matt (SC 1989-2001). At least five Lugg grandsons attended Melbourne Grammar School, including 2007 captain Matthew Lugg. Russell won an athletics Blue at Melbourne University in 1933 and was Victorian hurdling champion in 1934. He married Heleanor May Feltham at Newcastle, New South Wales on 22 June 1940, and also became associate to Justice Martin. He served as a private in the army from 1942 to 1945. He became a solicitor and in 1946 a partner in Newman, Wingrove and Boughton. He later became a partner in Best, Hooker, Rentoul and Shallard and retired in 1982. In recent years Russell kept fit with a personal trainer! He was Scotch’s seventh oldest known Old Boy when he died at Camberwell on 13 October 2010.

John Wear BURTON (’32) was born at Caulfield on 2 March 1915 and attended Scotch from 1921 to 1923. He attended Newington College, Sydney, from 1924 to 1932. After attending Sydney University he joined the Commonwealth public service in 1937, winning a scholarship to the London School of Economics. In 1941 John joined the Department of External Affairs. He was Dr. Evatt’s private secretary and played a part in revising the original United Nations charter. In 1951 he became High Commissioner for Ceylon but resigned to unsuccessfully stand for the ALP against William McMahon. Suspected of being a communist, and dubbed a pink eminence of the Labor Party, he left the public service to become a farmer and undertook research at ANU. John spent 15 years at University College, London, from 1963, gaining worldwide renown as a leading proponent of conflict resolution. His 15 books included Conflict and Communication (1969). Thrice married, he lived in Canberra and died at Sydney on 23 June 2010. Information for this obituary was extracted from the obituary by Gerry Carman in The Age.

Alfred William Herbert CHANDLER (’23) was born at North Fitzroy on 1 June 1905 and attended Scotch at its old East Melbourne site from 1918 to 1923. Relatives at Scotch included cousins George Edward Chandler (born 16 October 1897, SC 1912-15, died 8 April 1981), John Harvey Chandler (born 1 October 1902, SC 1915-20, died 6 May 1955), Charles John Chandler (born 8 August 1909, SC 1923-26, died 31 December 1968) and Alfred Ellis Chandler (born 10 December 1910, SC 1923-26, died 24 March 1992). In 1920 Alf built his first crystal set radio, probably because physics was his best subject. After falling from the horizontal bar in the Scotch gym and breaking his arm in 1923, Alf convinced his father to let him leave school, in part because by 1923 he had moved to distance Hawthorn. Alf later regretted leaving Scotch, saying it gave him confidence and a strong foundation for life. He entered the Marconi School of Wireless in 1924, learning Morse code and graduating with a First Class Wireless Operator’s certificate in 1925. From 1926 to 1927 he worked for Crystal Clear Radio before establishing Beaumaris Radio Service. From 1929 to 1940 he worked in the family hardware business D&W Chandler. Alfred married Iris Ilma Harbour at Malvern on 25 October 1931. She died on 27 November 1983. Alf served in the RAAF from 1940 to 1945 and was demobilised as a warrant officer. He was generally stationed in Queensland. He started his own hardware business at 1013 High Street, Armadale, running it for 16 years, and eased into retirement with two years at the ABC as a radio technician. Ham radio was a large part of his life from 1926. Alf contacted radio enthusiasts in 100 countries and made friends including King Hussein of Jorgan. After Iris’ death he travelled the world and married Elise Washington Howard at Arroyo Grand, California, USA, on 6 August 1988 with the promise he would never leave her. Elise died on 20 May 2010. Alf liked fast cars, and at the age of 96 Elise scolded him for doing 140km/h in his BMW en route to Canberra. Keeping in touch with the latest technology, he remained active and alert beyond his 100th birthday. At the time of his death at Regis Bayside Gardens, Brighton, on 1 September 2010, aged 105 years and three months, he was Scotch’s and the APS’s oldest ever known Old Boy and believed to be Australia’s fifth oldest man.

Dr Allen John CHRISTOPHERS (’32) was born at Preston on 18 September 1915, the son of a teacher. He attended Scotch from 1929 to 1932. Also at Scotch was his brother Barrie (SC 1937-39). In the 1931 leaving certificate examination Allen won honours in English, Physics and Chemistry and was awarded a Government Senior Scholarship. He graduated in Medicine and Science and worked for the Victorian State Health Department. In 1956 he became Chief Industrial Hygiene Officer, retiring in 1980. In 2002 he was made an honorary fellow of the Australasian Faculty of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. His publications included Paediatric Lead Poisoning in Queensland (2000). Allen died on 30 August 2010.

Mark Harvey COWLISHAW (’92) was born at Perth, Western Australia on 3 May 1974, the son of a regional manager of the National Bank. He attended Scotch from 1988–92 as a member of Selby Smith House. Mark played cricket, volleyball and water polo, ran in cross country, and was in Adventurers. He was an accountant, and a member of the Monash University Ski Club. Mark died on 17 August 2010.

Clifford Charles CRAMPTON (’39) was born at Preston on 4 January 1921, the son of a printer, and attended Scotch from 1937 to 1938. He was a draughtsman, and a freemason in the Watsonia Daylight Lodge. Clifford died on 14 October 2010.

Adrian Frederick CRAWSHAW (’40) was born at Ashburton, New Zealand, on 2 October 1922, the son of a secretary of a mission to lepers. Adrian attended Carey Baptist Grammar School from 1934 to 1937, and attended Scotch in 1938. From 1941 to 1943 he served as a private in the AIF. Eventually returning to New Zealand, Adrian was a psychiatric nurse. On 19 December 1953 he married Ruth May Knox at St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church, Christchurch. He died in New Zealand on 14 March 2010.

Michael Andrews EAGER (’60) was born on 27 July 1943, leaving Trinity Grammar School to attend Scotch from 1955 to 1960. He was followed by his brothers Paul (SC 1955-64) and Richard (SC 1957-68) and, Douglas (SC 1957-63) and Edward (SC 1957-65) and nephews Stewart (SC 1992-97) and Douglas (SC 1993-2005). Michael died on 21 September 2010.

Robert David FEATHERSTONE (’84). Further to the obituary in the last Great Scot, Rob’s second wife wrote:

Rob completed a Diploma of Hotel and Catering Operations at William Angliss College. This led to him managing numerous nightspots and hotels around Melbourne. Rob then undertook management roles at Rentokil and Chubb Security, and he was later state manager of National 1, an office supply/equipment company. He met his future wife Penny at the Metung Yacht Club in 2001. After two years together they travelled around Australia on a two year working/fishing holiday in a VW Kombi. During the trip they became engaged and returned to Metung to marry in May 2005. In mid-2007 they purchased an old Victorian home in Kyneton. Rob was then general manager of prisoner services for G4S Custodial Services Victoria. On 14 November 2008 Rob and Penny welcomed son Freddie into the world. Rob loved being a father and in December 2009 resigned from G4S to find a job with less commuting. Freddie and rob spent hours in their garden at Kyneton and fixing up the old house. Rob died suddenly from complications from diabetes which he had had since he was 17. His second child is due in November 2010.

Frederick Charles FINDLAY (’29) was born at Middle Park on 2 December 1911, the son of a golf professional. Fred attended Scotch from 1924 to 1927 as a member of Monash House. He commenced at Scotch’s East Melbourne campus before moving to Hawthorn. Also at Scotch were his brothers William Edward Findlay (born 21 January 1907, SC 1919-22, died 22 May 1983) and Thomas Albert Findlay (born 18 October 1909, SC 1922-24, died 8 April 2000) and cousin Donald Walker Cosson (born 25 March 1907, SC 1921-22, died 24 March 2000).In 1939 he was a member of the Victorian lightweight VIII championship crew. From 1941 to 1945 he served as a private in the AIF. Fred married Ivanetta Ruby Holmes at Scotch on 17 April 1946. Their marriage ended with her death on 28 February 2004. Fred was a member of the Yarra Yarra Golf Club from 1956, and the MCC from 1967. He was a member of the Bentleigh RSL and the Ebden Lodge No. 871. Fred was a purchasing manager for GMH. He died on 17 October 2010, and was then Scotch’s fifth oldest known Old Boy.

William Goodwin FYSHE (’40) was born at St. Kilda on 3 September 1922, the son of Scotch teacher William Charles Fyshe (born 1878, staff 1925-39, died 17 December 1939). Bill attended Scotch from 1929 until Term 2, 1937. He was a member of the 1933 Under 11 cricket and football teams, the 1935 Junior School football team. Also at Scotch was his brother David Murray Fyshe (born 2 October 1925, SC 1932-39, died 1 July 2009). Serving in the AIF from 1942 to 1946, he was a signalman who did Morse code in areas including Borneo. Bill married Frederica ‘Queenie’ Roberta Sadlier Williams in 1948. An accountant, Bill developed Alzheimer’s disease in his last years, and died in Western Australia on 19 December 2009.

Rosslyn Amor GOODE (’34) was born at Malvern on 21 December 1915. He attended Scotch from 1929 to 1932. From 1942 to 1943 he was a private in the army, after which he served in the RAAF from 1943 to 1946. Ross was demobilised as a squadron leader. Ross became a bank manager and was living in the Mansfield area in 1970. He died on 6 July 2010.

Allan Metcalfe HALL (’38) was born at Hawthorn on 19 October 1920, the son of a furniture manufacturer. An entrance scholarship enabled him to attend Scotch from 1935 to 1938. He was a 1938 probationer and in 1939 commenced studying Medicine at Melbourne University. He became a medical practitioner. Allan served in the RAAF in World War II, and on 8 March 1944 he married Olwyn Fargie at Scotch. Their son Arthur Fargie Hall attended Scotch from 1961 to 1964 (born 8 March 1947, died 22 December 2007). Allan died on 4 October 2010.

James Leighton HAMMON (’40) was born at Opotiki, New Zealand, on 9 July 1922, the son of an assurance traveller. James attended Scotch from 1935 to 1937. He was a member of the 1937 Athletics team and the 1937 1st XV. Either side of World War II he worked for the Vacuum Oil Company (now Mobil), and 1941 to 1946 served in the AIF, being demobilised as a gunner. On 16 June 1948 James married Margaret Joan Doery at Scotch. He died on 22 November 2010.

Warwick Ronald HANNA (’37) was born at Ascot Vale on 3 February 1921. He left University High School to attend Scotch from 1937–38 as a member of Monash House. Also at Scotch were his cousin Keith (SC 1937–39) and grandson Chris Every (SC 1995). From 1941–42 Warwick served as a private in the army, and from 1942–46 served in the RAN, becoming a lieutenant. On 4 August 1945 he married Margaret Joan Sadler. Warwick died on 22 August 2010.

Robert Irving HOLDER (’48) was born at Melbourne on 1 September 1930 and attended Scotch from 1940 to 1946 as a member of Monash House. Also at Scotch were his brother Kenneth (SC 1934-40), uncle Edward Gascoyne Holder (born 24 February 1900, SC 1913-19, died 17 January 1989) and nephews Andrew (SC 1965-72), Geoff (SC 1967-71) and Richard (SC 1972-74). Bob married Shirley A. Kerry at Scotch on 3 July 1954. He was a sales manager and director of Henry B. Smith Ltd of South Melbourne. Bob died at Cabrini Hospital, Malvern, on 25 August 2010.

John Crawford HOOKE (’34) was born at Seddon on 27 January 1917, the son of a teacher and iron founder. He attended Scotch in 1933. From 1942–46 he served in the army and AIF and was demobilised as a sergeant. John was a farmer and grazier. His sons Rob (SC 1966–68) and Bill (SC 1969–72) attended Scotch, as did his grandsons Angus (SC 1992–94), Karl (SC 1994–96), Will (SC 1996–98) and Luke (SC 2008–09). John died at the Inglewood Hospital, Inglewood, on 22 August 2010.

Rowan Charles HOUSE (’77) was born on 13 May 1959 and attended Caulfield Grammar School before attending Scotch from 1974 to 1975. Also at Scotch was his brother James (SC 1978-83). Rowan died on 26 September 2010.

James Alexander IRVINE (’45) was born at Benalla on 9 April 1928, the son of a farmer. He rode a pony to school before boarding at Scotch in Arthur Rob as a member of Littlejohn House from 1942 to 1944. Returning to the family farm, his band Pluto and the Rhythm Boys attracted a following which included Thirza Saxby. Their first date was at the Scotch Ball, and they married at Scotch on 12 April 1952. Two of their sons, Tony (SC 1966-69) and Craig (SC 1967-72,) attended Scotch. Long connected with the Thoona district, in 2009 he was named its citizen of the year. He is the eponym of the JA Irvine Reserve. With others he bought the local pub in the belief its closure would be the death of Thoona. After 30 years of farming he left Thoona and was a small businessman and motellier in Junee, Albury, Wagga Wagga and Benalla. He was a member of the Rotary Club and a founder of Benalla Probus. Ill for some time, he died at the Royal Melbourne Hospital on 20 November 2010.

Roger Crewe JULIAN (’46) was born at Balwyn on 27 May 1929 and left Camberwell Grammar School to attend Scotch from 1939 to 1945. On 4 December 1954 he married Isobel Trevethan Harrison at Scotch. Roger became a land surveyor and head of the MCC Survey Department, retiring in 1988. One grandson attended Melbourne Grammar School while another attended Ivanhoe Grammar School. Roger died on 8 November 2010.

Robert Hal KEIG (’40) was born at Malvern on 28 November 1922, the son of a draper. He attended Scotch from 1937 to 1938. Also at Scotch were his cousin Gordon Wilson Keig (born 29 October 1916, SC 1928, died 21 January 1942 in WWII), uncles Harold Brown Keig (born 17 August 1891, SC 1907-?, died 4 March 1947) and Norman Rodger Keig (born 26 February 1887, SC 1902, died 26 December 1934) and grandfather Charles Thomas Keig (born 1856, SC 1871-?, died 4 June 1937). Robert served in the RAAF from 1941 to 1946 and was demobilised as a flying officer. He died on 24 September 2010.

John Raymond KING (’50) was born on 15 September 1932 and attended Scotch as a member of Lawson House from 1942 until Term 1, 1950. Also at Scotch were his nephews Mark Nickell (SC 1984-86) and Richard (SC 1986-92). John was a managing director of manufacturer PJ King Pty Ltd. He was a past president of the Collingwood Rotary Club and was a member of the Bayswater Rotary Club. John joined the Victorian Vernier Society in 1980, becoming its president, and supported the Vernier Foundation. He supported Scotch as a member of the Alexander Morrison Circle. He died at home at Richmond on 5 October 2010.

William David Henry KING (’53) was born at Malvern on 19 November 1935, the son of Old Boy and manager William James King (b. 17 July 1902, SC 1917–20, died 19 July 2000). He attended Scotch from 1947–53. Bill was a member of the tennis teams of 1952 and 1953, and was a 1953 probationer. Also at Scotch were his brother John (SC 1948–53), son Bill (SC 1966–75) and nephew James (SC 1978–89). Bill was a manager. He died of cancer at Frankston Hospital on 21 August 2010.

Frank Charles LAWSON (’28) was born at Malvern on 5 June 1911, the son of a commercial traveller. He attended Scotch from 1925 to 1926. He worked for a public accountant and studied by correspondence, earning a degree from Melbourne University, and associate membership of the Commonwealth Institute of Accountants. Frank served in the army from 1941 to 1943 with the rank of corporal. On 21 April 1945 he married Jill Constance Sizer at Scotch. Frank spent 25 years as a CFO and later CEO of a Flinders Lane fabric warehouse. With his wife he then bought an eastern suburbs hardware store which they operated for 25 years, as well as having the local post office agency. Once over 70, they sold the business and retired to Blairgowrie, touring Australia in a caravan, and touring the world. He was a member of the Sorrento Bowls Club. Before his death on 2 November 2010 he was Scotch’s fourth oldest known living Old Boy.

Donald Ellis MACDONALD (’41) was born at Brighton on 27 July 1924 and attended Scotch from 1937 to 1941. He was a boarder in McMeckan and Arthur Rob Houses, and a member of Littlejohn House. Don’s attendance at Scotch was made possible by his winning a 1937 entrance scholarship. Also at Scotch were his brother John (SC 1931-36), great niece Emily Macdonald (staff, 2010) and second cousins Alexander John Fraser (born 31 March 1923, SC 1937-41, died 19 May 1944 in WW2) and Keith Hume Fraser (born 6 May 1924, SC 1937-41, died 31 October 1976). Don died at Sydney on 5 October 2010.

David Barkly MACLURE (’49) was born at Quisisana Private Hospital, Windsor, on 1 October 1930 and attended Scotch from 1943 to 1947. David lived on Bribie Island, Queensland and died on 16 February 2009.

William Arthur McDONALD (’33) was born at Hawthorn on 28 November 1915. Bill boarded at Scotch from 1932 until leaving on 21 April 1933 to work for the Commonwealth Bank. In 1941 he served in the RAAF as an aircraftman 2, and from 1942–46 he served in the AIF and was demobilised as a lance sergeant. He served in North Africa and Borneo. Bill worked for the Commonwealth Bank in Victoria and NSW before joining the Customs Department. He did security work around Melbourne before retiring. On 7 February 1950 he married Jean Frances Edwards at Scotch. She died on 17 November 1997. Bill’s son attended Haileybury, as did two grandsons. In 2009 Bill donated his Scotch cap and blazer pocket to Archives. He died at Hallam on 22 August 2010.

Col. Kenneth Stuart McKENZIE DSM OAM (’42) was born at Richmond on 28 September 1925, the son of Old Geelong Collegian Col. Kenneth Alan McKenzie DSO. Ken attended Sydney Grammar School and Canberra Grammar School before attending Scotch from 1941 to 1942. His link with Scotch started when his great grandfather, Charles Stuart Ross, was among Scotch’s first six boys (born 11 January 1840, SC 1851-?, died 29 October 1927). Also at Scotch were Ken’s grandfather Charles Stuart Ross (born 12 July 1873, SC 1890, died 20 June 1948) and son Richard (SC 1966-68). Ken was a member of the 1941 and 1942 1st XVs. He graduated from Duntroon in December 1944 and was posted to the 6th Division, engaging in operations at Aitape and Wewak in the AIF in New Guinea in 1945. He then served in the occupation of Japan. On 28 September 1948 he married Lynette Ariel Lee at Scotch. Ken was appointed the last Australian commanding officer of the Pacific Islands Regiment in PNG (1962-65). He was posted to the USA as assistant military attaché to the Australian Embassy in Washington DC (1966-68).

Ken served in Vietnam as deputy commander of the First Australian Task Force, Nui Dat (1969-70). Head-hunted out of the army, he returned to PNG as manager of employee and community relations in the Bougainville Copper mine (1971-76). On 27 September 1979 he married Judith Ann Forsyth at Sydney. Ken was an advocate for the RSL’s Queensland Branch and a member of the RSL National Executive. He died at Greenslopes Hospital, Greenslopes, Queensland, on 21 November 2010.

John William Gibson MEYER (’47) was born at Camperdown on 12 June 1930, the son of a farmer. He won a junior government scholarship and attended Scotch from 1944 to 1947 as a boarder in Arthur Rob and as a member of Littlejohn House. Known as Bill, he was a 1947 Arthur Rob prefect. Also at Scotch were his uncle David Ian Gibson (born 16 October 1899, SC 1916-17, died 2 August 1983), son Duncan (SC 1974-76) and grandson Tearlach Wales (SC 1994-96). On 7 October 1955 he married Rosalind Sterling Bain at Scotch, and in 1977 he married Christine Cooper. Bill worked on the family farm at Lismore until 1964 when the family moved to England. He studied naval architecture at the Southampton College of Technology and became a chartered engineer. With others he established Robert Trillo Associates in 1970, specialising in high speed marine transport including hovercrafts. In 1972 he became yard manager of yacht builder Camper and Nicholsons. In 1974 Bill joined CJB Offshore in the construction of a North Sea oil rig, followed by construction management roles in Brazil, South Africa, Dubai and elsewhere. Bill’s interests included light aircraft and gliding. He died at 3.00 am on 17 September 2010 with his family by his side.

Alfred George MILLER (’47) was born on 24 August 1928 and attended Scotch from 1940 to 1947 as a boarder in School House and as a member of Littlejohn. He was a member of the 1941 Junior School football team, and was a 1947 School House prefect. Also at Scotch were his cousins Lee McArthur Smith (born 29 May 1910, SC 1924-26, died 14 December 1987), Grahame Douglas Smith (born 29 January 1925, SC 1940-41, died 26 September 2009) and Maxwell Robert Smith (born 27 August 1926, SC 1940-42, died 23 October 2009). At Scotch Alfred developed a love of music, as he was taught piano by John Bishop, and played the organ in the Littlejohn Chapel. As a boarder he attended the Hawthorn Presbyterian Church, and he was its organist for 32 years, as well as its choir-master, becoming an elder in 1959. On 8 February 1958 he married Philippa Edney Lucy Rundle at Scotch. In 1987 he moved to Scot’s Church, joining its board of management in 1990 and becoming an elder in 1993. He convened the committee which gave Scot’s its Rieger organ in 1999. Alfred worked at ICI for 36 years until retiring in 1984. He became Australian sales manager, dyes operations manager, and received an award from a City of London guild. Alfred died on 15 November 2010.

Maurice Francis PRITCHARD (’42) was born at Croydon on 21 January 1925, the son of a travelling agent. He attended Scotch as a member of Monash House from 1939 to 1941. Maurice was involved in the 1941 school play and trained in the cadets’ signals platoon. Also at Scotch was his brother Graham (SC 1940-42). Inspired by his father’s tinkering, he built a Superheterodyne Mains Power radio aged 15. Leaving Scotch in Year 11, he trained at the Marconi School of Wireless to serve as a ship’s radio operator. From 1944 to 1947 he served in the RAN as a radar operator technician on a minesweeping Corvette in the Pacific. On 6 December 1947 he married Valerie Mary Burns at Frank Paton Memorial Church, Deepdene. He was an elder at the Mount Eliza Uniting Church, where he installed the sound system and hearing loops, built an electric organ, and created stained glass windows and a large timber cross. Maurice worked for the ABC in technical operations. His career in asbestos-insulated rooms led to his death at St. Vincent’s Private Hospital, Fitzroy, on 11 September 2010.

William Alexander RICHMOND (’49) was born at Hartwell on 3 November 1931, the son of an importer. He attendeed Scotch from 1944 to 1947. Also at Scotch was his brother Max (SC 1947-51). On 3 November 1956 he married June Dorothea Collins at Scotch. Bill died on 2 September 2010.

Richard Gilda ROWE (’43) was born at Melbourne on 27 February 1926. He attended Scotch from 1938 to 1940. From 1944 to 1946 he served in the RAAF and was demobilised as a leading aircraftman. Richard died on 10 November 2010.

David ROYLANCE (’66), the son of Roma and Rollo Roylance, was born on 16 April 1949 and attended Scotch from 1959 to 1966 as a member of Gilray House. Also at Scotch were his brother Stephen (SC 1959-70) and his son Peter (SC 1990-2002). David attained qualifications in law from Melbourne University in 1971 and was considered one of Australia’s pre-eminent maritime lawyers. As a solicitor, David was known for his litigation expertise in relation to international arbitration, and for his contribution towards framing federal legislation. David was also a director of the charitable organisation The Greek Conference. David died on 27 September 2010 at the Epworth Hospital, Richmond.

Lyndon Gill SENGER DFC (’40) was born at Mortlake on 26 November 1922, the son of a teacher. He attended Scotch from 1938 to 1939, being the last of his brothers at Scotch: Albert Leopold Senger (born 8 March 1910, SC 1926-26, died 31 January 1994), Grant Charles Senger (born 14 November 1911, SC 1926-28, died 4 June 1943 in WW2 in Canada) and Alan William Senger (born 18 February 1915, SC 1928-31, died 24 June 1964). Also at Scotch was his nephew Bill (SC 1960-63). Lyndon served in the RAAF from 1942 to 1946 and was awarded the DFC for ‘courage and devotion to duty on numerous occasions’. He flew Lancaster bombers over Germany and did many unusual missions as he had a crack navigator. On 25 November 1944 he married Audrey Penn Gowers in the United Kingdom. He was given a soldier settler loan for a dairy farm at Coalville, but retired aged 45 due to rheumatoid arthritis. Given a TPI pension, he would spend 2-3 months travelling around Australia each year. Lyndon died on 26 September 2010.

Professor Henry Welton SLATER (’38) was born at Heidelberg on 20 March 1921, the son of an operations manager at Shell. He attended Scotch from 1934 to 1938 and was a 1938 prefect and editor of the Scotch Collegian. In 1939 he commenced studying Commerce at Melbourne University. From 1942 to 1945 he served in the AIF and was demobilised as a sergeant. Known as Harry, he married Georgie Elizabeth Norris at Scotch on 29 March 1947. Their son Graham attended Scotch (SC 1954-65) as did, among others, their Murphy nephews Jock (SC 1959-70), Nicholas (SC 1963-74) and Samuel (SC 1967-78). Harry died at Wickham Hospital , Marlow, UK, on 26 September 2010.

His son wrote:
Harry served with 9th Division Signals, and was involved in the 1943 landings at Lae and Finschhafen in New Guinea. Harry completed his degree and worked in accounting and tutoring jobs including as editor of The Australian Accountant. In 1957 he joined the staff of the Australian Administrative Staff College (now the Mt Eliza Business School) and he taught there for many years, becoming its Director of Studies. In 1972 he went to the Administrative Staff College (now Henley Management College) at Henley-on-Thames in England, settling at Marlow. Upon retirement in the late 1980s he was its deputy principal and professor of Management Studies at Brunel University (with which the College was associated).In retirement he wrote a history of Henley College and enjoyed watercolour painting. He cared for his wife until her death in late 2000, and lived independently until a few days before his death.

Kurt Douglas STERN (’45) was born at Krefeld, Germany on 24 April 1927. He arrived in Australia in 1939 with his parents and brother Werner. (SC 1942-50). Kurt attended Scotch from 1942 to 1944, leaving to work in an accountant’s office. He relished his time at Scotch. Kurt believed his Scotch days changed him from a migrant into an Australian. Also at Scotch were his nephews Peter (SC 1972-79) and Andrew (SC 1973-82). In 1951 he opened Stern Sportswear. In the late 1950s he became manager of the Bargain Basement at Myer and considered uniforms for business. He left Myer in 1962 and with Daphne, his future wife, started Neat ‘n Trim Uniforms in a shop at the corner of Little Bourke and Elizabeth Streets.

In 1998 they sold out to the Yakka Group. It had a turnover in excess of $40m, employing about 250 people across Australia and NZ, with clients such as the Commonwealth Bank and the ANZ. It remains part of Pacific Brands.

Kurt became a racehorse owner. His jockeys wore silks in Scotch colours. In 1998 he bought 100 acres of land near Mount Macedon. He travelled the world and spent three years designing and constructing Macedon Lodge. It set new standards for thoroughbred training. Kurt’s interests included cricket (MCC and Lords), the Demons, President of the Retail Traders Association, board member of the Melbourne University Veterinary Hospital and President of the Amateur Sports Club. Daph died in 2004. In 2006 Kurt married Maureen Howard, who helped Kurt through his final days. He died on 13 November 2010.

Walter Trevor SWAN (’33) was born at Hawthorn on 13 October 1915, the son of a government official in India. He left Tintern Grammar School to attend Scotch from 1924 to 1932. He worked for the P&O Company then studied Dentistry either side of World War II, during which he served in the RAAF from 1942 to 1946. He was demobilised as a flight lieutenant. Called Trevor, he had his own dental practice at Dandenong. In 1980 he married Margaret Joan Dennett. Trevor died on 9 August 2010.

Graham Lawrence TUCKFIELD (’42) was born at Prahran on 5 November 1924 and attended Scotch from 31 May 1938 until March 1942, when he left to attend university. Also at Scotch were his cousin Peter Cader Tuckfield (born 16 October 1925, SC 1941-43, died 1 October 1968), first cousins once removed Michael (SC 1963-73), Hugh (SC 1967-77) and Rowan (SC 1968-79) and his sons David (SC 1968-79) and John (SC 1971-82). Graham became an electrical engineer. He died at Salford Park Retirement Village, Wantirna, on 5 November 2010.

William Archibald WADDELL (’44) was born on 21 April 1927 and left Haileybury College to attend Scotch from 1943 to 1944. In his last year he was a member of the Ninth form. William died on 14 November 2010.

Reginald WILLIS (’30) was born at Northcote on 9 March 1913 and attended Scotch from 1926 to 1927. Also at Scotch was his brother Albert Alexander Willis (born 29 September 1909, SC 1923-25, died 31 July 2007). Before his death on 17 April 2010 he was Scotch’s 11th oldest known Old Boy.

Samuel James WILSON (’39) was born at Sorrento on 24 October 1920, the son of a butcher. He attended Scotch in 1936. Also at Scotch was his brother Benjamin (SC 1936-38). From 1942 to 1946 Samuel served in the RAN and was demobilised as an able seaman. Samuel died on 25 November 2010.

Updated: Monday 24 June 2013