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Issues from 1998
Issues from 1998



ALLISON, John Burton (’50)
BARTLETT, Ronald Hawken (’32)
BASTOW, Peter Bazeley (’58)
BENJAMIN, Marcus Woolf (’54)
BETHUNE, Neil Charles (’45)
BRAND OBE, Lindsay Brownfield (’34)
BRASH AM, Geoffrey Marcus (’47)
BROMBERGER, Brian (’55)
BRIDGES-WEBB AO, Professor Charles (’51)
CALLANDER, Coll McDonald (’37)
CAMPBELL, David George (’62)
COWARD, John Williams (’58)
DUNGEY, Robert Keith (’39)
FEATHERSTONE, Robert David (’84)
FOWLER, Peter Francis John (staff 1995–99)
FOWLER, Wallace Edwin (’42)
GALE, Ian William (’52)
GAVEGAN, John Francis (’60)
GEARY, Barry Edwin John (’56)
GILLINDERS, Robert Archibald (’40)
GORDON, David Stanley (’57)
GRAHAM, Alan Murray (’39)
HANNA, Richard Gordon (’39)
HAYWOOD, Robert Bruce (’46)
HILL, John Douglas (’43)
HITCHCOCK, Sydney George (’39)
HOBSON, Eric Trevor (’46)
HYAMS, Leslie Albert (’41)
HOKIN, Scott (’86)
JACOBS, Garry Douglas (’51)
JAMIESON, Robert Bruce (’40)
JONES, Martyn Rothney (’75)
JONES, Thomas Henry (’85)
KENNAN SC, James Harley (’63)
LANCASHIRE, Allan Thomas (’46)
LANCASHIRE, Ronald George (’39)
LAWTON, Ronald Andrew (’39)
LEE, Edward John (Ted) (’36)
LLOYD, Robert Bruce (‘42)
MAPPIN, Kenneth John (Staff 1969–87).
MARSHALL, Ian David (’38)
PATTON, Duncan Rollo (’67)
PEATT OBE, Edwin William Wallace (’34)
RIDE, John Stewart (’45)
ROBERTS, Peter Leon (’48)
SCOTT, Frederick Leigh (’39)
SHOWERS, David Field (’64)
SIMONSON MC, Donald James (’38)
SIMPSON, Archibald Gordon (’41)
STAHLE, James Rossiter (’34)
STUDLEY, Thomas Edward (’39)
SYMINGTON, Robert Andrew (’55)
TODD, John Laidlaw (’45)
TRENGOVE, Robert Roff (’44)
WARDLE, Thomas George (’49)
WARE, Dr Edwin John (Ted) (’36)
WEEKES, Donald Campbell (’49)
WIDMER OAM, Dr Blair (’32)

John Burton ALLISON (’50) was born at Footscray on 1 July 1931 and attended Scotch from 1946–50. In 1950 he was a probationer, a member of the 1st XVIII and rowed in the 1st VIII. John married Patricia Dawn Parkinson at Scotch on 24 September 1954. John died on 26 May 2010.

Ronald Hawken BARTLETT (’32) was born at Malvern on 4 September 1916, the son of an engineer, and attended Scotch from 1922–32 as a member of Lawson House. On 6 December 1941 he married Nancy Patricia Whitaker at Scotch. At Scotch were their sons Donald (SC 1953–62; boarding house staff 1974–75) and Robert (SC 1959–68). Ronald was a farmer. He lived at Ocean Grove and died at the Geelong Hospital on 23 April 2010.

Peter Bazeley BASTOW (’58) was born at Hampton Hill, Middlesex, England on 26 February 1940, the second son of CSIRO scientist Dr Stewart Henry Bastow. Peter attended Scotch from 1952–58, rowing and becoming a sergeant in cadets. He returned to marry Margaret Desma Corns on 20 December 1961. Also at Scotch were his brothers Tim (SC 1950–56), Michael (SC 1955–60) and John (SC 1958–63). Peter worked in technical sales at Mobil, and with other Scotchies formed Alpha Laboratories, making cosmetic products and hand cleaners. He owned a coffee lounge in Mont Albert, and the Chessboard Coffee Shop in Preston. Mobil moved him to Queensland, where he established the Gas Shop in Brisbane in 1983. Boral bought him out in 1998. In 2004 Peter was awarded the Griffith Australia Day Award for service to the Balmoral Community Care Centre. He died in Queensland on 23 June 2010 after a long illness.

Marcus Woolf BENJAMIN (’54) was born at the Mercy Hospital, East Melbourne on 21 February 1937, the son of clothing manufacturer and Old Boy Nathan Benjamin (born 19 January 1892, SC 1905–06, died 27 August 1984). A Cub from 1945–46, Mark was a boarder in McMeckan House from 1944–47, and later a day boy in Monash House, leaving in 1955. On 9 January 1963 he married Ruth Alexander at Temple Beth Israel in St Kilda. Their son Simon attended Scotch 1980–85. Also at Scotch were Mark’s cousin Paretz Benjamin (born 31 January 1911, SC 1918–25, died 24 May 1977) and uncle Leon Reuben Harris (born 21 October 1903, SC 1917–18, died 9 October 1992 at Palmerston North, New Zealand). Mark was a teacher who also taught Methods at Melbourne University. He died on 16 May 2010.

Neil Charles BETHUNE (’45) was born at Nhill on 3 April 1927, the son of a boring contractor. He attended Scotch from 1939–44. On 24 October 1951 he married Mary Margaret Scales at Scotch. Their son Robert attended Scotch (SC 1966–72), as did their grandsons Samuel (SC 1991–2003) and Thomas (SC 1997–2009). Neil became the managing director of Franklin Electrics in Dandenong. He died at Normanby House, Kew, on 30 May 2010. Neil’s funeral was held at Le Pine, Camberwell on 4 June 2010. He was privately cremated.

Lindsay Brownfield BRAND OBE (’34) was born at Elwood on 29 November 1916, the son of a manager. He attended Scotch from 1930–35 as a member of Monash House, of which he was 1934 vice-captain. A 1930 class captain, he was a 1934 probationer, a 1934 member of the 1st XI and a 1935 prefect before leaving early in 1935. Lindsay won university exhibitions in Mathematics II and III and was awarded a government senior scholarship. In 1938 he completed his MA at Melbourne University and in 1939 won the Kilmany Scholarship and the M A Bartlett Research Scholarship. Lindsay studied at New College, Oxford University, and in World War II served in RAN destroyers from 1940–46, being demobilised as a lieutenant.

Lindsay worked for the Bureau of Census and Statistics in Canberra (1939–54), was assistant secretary to the Commonwealth Treasury (1954–63), first assistant secretary (1963–70 and 1975–76), a member of the Decimal Currency Board (1963–68), secretary of the Australian Loan Council and National Debt Commission (1955–70) and executive director of the International Monetary Fund in Washington (1970–75). On 6 November 1947 he married Betty Rosalind Delpratt at St. Martin’s, Killara, NSW. One son, David, attended Scotch (SC 1969–72). Also at Scotch was Lindsay’s cousin Campbell Ernst Waller (born 8 April 1930, SC 1937–48, died 17 October 1992). Lindsay was awarded the OBE in 1966 for service to the Treasury. He died at Melbourne on 25 June 2010.

Geoffrey Marcus BRASH AM (’47) was born at Melbourne on 1 August 1929 and after attending Glamorgan from 1935–40 he attended Scotch from 1941–46. He was a 1941 Junior School form captain. On 12 February 1959 he married Jennefer Marian Oakley at Scotch. Their sons attended Scotch: Michael (SC 1968–77) and Nicholas (SC 1968–78). Geoff was managing director of Brash’s music store from 1957–78 and stood down as executive chairman in 1988, having grown his father’s business from two to 170 stores. Under new management it closed in 1998.

Geoff was an inaugural member of the Australian Music Association’s Hall of Fame and the founder of the Arts Centre’s Alfred Brash Soundhouse. A member of the MCC Bowls section of the RVBA, he was a 65 year member of the Victoria Golf Club. He was captain and president of the Sorrento Golf Club, where Brash Junior Week helps inspire junior golfers. Geoff died at Cabrini Palliative Care Hospice at Prahran on 13 July 2010.

Brian BROMBERGER (’55) was born at Bunyip on 7 March 1938, the son of a state school teacher. He was awarded the 1950 Dr Frederick Bryan Scholarship and attended Scotch from 1950–55. He was a member of the premiership 1954 1st XVIII, the 1955 1st XIII and the premiership 1955 1st XI. Brian was a 1955 probationer and the 1955 captain of Monash House. Also at Scotch was his brother Neil Arthur Bromberger (born 25 June 1934, SC 1947–51, died 25 December 1981). Brian became Dean of the College of Law at Loyola University in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA in 2003 and dealt with challenges including the devastation in 2005 by Hurricane Katrina. On 12 May 2010 the university president awarded him the president’s medal for outstanding individual achievement, selfless service to community and perseverance in the cause of preservation of human dignity. Due to retire on 31 July and return to Australia, he died of a heart attack at New Orleans on 27 May 2010.

Professor Charles BRIDGES-WEBB AO (’51) was born at Castlemaine on 15 October 1934, the son of Old Boy and medical practitioner Arthur Lionel Bridges Webb (born 16 February 1901, SC 1914–18, died 1 November 1971). Charles left Ivanhoe Grammar School to attend Scotch from 1948–51 as a boarder in School House and a member of Littlejohn. On 5 March 1960 he married Anne Margetts at Scotch. His Vance nephews at Scotch were Euan (SC 1973–78) and Alasdair (SC 1974–83). Charles’ many offices included professor of general practice at Sydney University (1975–94) and chairman of the international classification committee of the World Organisation of Family Doctors (1992–98). In the 2002 Australia Day honours he was awarded the AO for service to medicine, particularly in the field of primary care research and practice. Charles died on 16 June 2010.

Coll McDonald CALLANDER (’37) was born at Coburg on 4 April 1920 and attended Scotch from 1934–36. He served in the RAAF from 1941–46, training in Rhodesia, and on 27 February 1943 married Elise Eleanor Hitge at Oudtshoorn, Cape Province, South Africa. He was demobilised as a flying officer, and became an airline pilot. His sons at Scotch were Coll (SC 1965–70) and Ian (SC 1973–78), with his grandson William James attending from 1989–96. Coll died at Armillan Place, Moonee Ponds, on 24 May 2010.

David George CAMPBELL (’62) was born at Camberwell on 14 August 1944, the son of Old Boy and AWA Valve Company manager Gordon Muir Campbell (born 10 January 1914, SC 1927–32, died January 1984). David attended Scotch from 1959–62. He was a brother of Grant (SC 1959–64) and uncle of Lachlan (SC 1997–99). He graduated BCom on 15 April 1967 from Melbourne University and became a chartered accountant on 17 March 1969. In 1972 David and Noel Boyd formed a Mexican silver jewellery import and sales company which became Aztec Silver Ltd, based in London. David died at Nowra, NSW on 12 August 2010 after a long illness.

John Williams COWARD (’58) was born on 5 June 1941 and attended Scotch from 1955–57 as a member of Lawson–MacFarland House. He played in the 2nd XI and was a member of the premiership 1957 basketball team. On 18 April 1964 he married Barbara Hamill Green at Scotch. Nicknamed ‘The Spy’, he worked for ASIO for 26 years. John died on 30 June 2010.

Robert Keith DUNGEY (’39) was born at Bendigo on 13 September 1921, the son of an estate agent, auctioneer and stockbroker. He attended Scotch in 1937 as a boarder in McMeckan House. Robert served in the AIF from 1942–46 and was a gunner in New Guinea and Borneo. On 11 February 1950 he married Beth Campbell Tuff in St Andrew’s Church, Bendigo. Their sons Bruce (SC 1965–68) and Ian (SC 1970–73) attended Scotch, as did grandsons Michael (SC 1990–95) and Bill (SC 1999–2007) and Kiel brothers Edward (SC 1995–98) and Jeremy (SC 1996–98). Robert was a licensed stockbroker until 2002. He died at Bendigo on 20 July 2010.

Robert David FEATHERSTONE (’84) was born at Melbourne on 1 January 1967. He attended Scotch from 1979–84 as a member of Boyes, then part of Monash House. He was a 1984 form captain and a 1984 1st XVIII member. On 18 March 1995 he married Sharon Elizabeth Pask at Scotch. Robert died at Metung on 15 May 2010.

Peter Francis John FOWLER (staff 1995–99) was born on 28 June 1960. He taught legal studies, accounting, commerce and English, with responsibilities including Teacher-in-Charge of Rowing (1995–97), Deputy Head of School House (1998–99), Head of Legal Studies and coach of the 1st Soccer team (1998–99). He left to become principal of St Stephen’s Lutheran College, Gladstone, Queensland. From 2003–03 he was at Rockhampton Girls’ Grammar and from 2004 until his death he was at Marist College, Ashgrove as Head of Studies of Society and Environment, and as a boarding house coordinator. After dinner at his school house on 8 August 2010 he collapsed and died.  

Wallace Edwin FOWLER (’42) was born at Kew on 22 November 1924, the son of an accountant. He attended Scotch from 1937–41. Also at Scotch was his brother John Victor Veitch Fowler (born 17 April 1921, SC 1936, died 6 February 1973). Wallace served in the RAN from 1942–46 and was demobilised as an able seaman. On 17 May 1952 he married Bonnie Stewart at Scotch. He became a salesman. Wallace died on 21 July 2010 at Bethlehem Hospital, South Caulfield.

Ian William GALE (’52) was born at the Epworth Hospital, Richmond, on 16 July 1935. He attended Scotch from 1944–52 as did his brother Bob, as a member of Lawson–MacFarland House. On 29 July 1960 he married Janice Marie Walker at Montrose, Michigan, USA. Ian studied mechanical engineering at RMIT and worked for Holden from 1956, holding management roles in Melbourne and Sydney. He retired on 30 March 1996 as general manager of engineering and manager of manufacturing at GMH joint venture company United Australian Automotive Industries. Ian died at Caulfield on 15 July 2010.

John Francis GAVEGAN (’60) was born on 12 October 1941 and attended Scotch from 1949–56. He became a journalist and an editor for Leader Newspapers. John died on 26 June 2010.

Barry Edwin John GEARY (’56) was born at the Jessie Macpherson Hospital at Melbourne on 28 October 1938. After attending Trinity Grammar School from 1949–51 Barry attended Scotch from 1952–55 as a member of Lawson–MacFarland House. He rowed in the 3rd VIII in 1955 and was a member of the 1st XVs of 1954 and 1955. Barry was a cadet and a member of the Scotch College cadet guard which formed a guard of honour at the 1955 opening of State Parliament. It was the first cadet guard to have this honour. In 1956 he was the founder and inaugural secretary of the Old Scotch Rugby Union Football Club, and for 10 years after leaving Scotch played alto sax in dance bands.

Barry worked for 38 years in what became Tabcorp. Initially a manager of the Ballarat district centre, in 1968 he returned to Melbourne as the regional manager of branches. From 1973 he conducted his own TAB agency and retired in 1998 due to ill health. On 4 December 1970 Barry married Durell (nee Noble) Dodson. She died on 22 April 2005. Barry retired to his former holiday house at Cowes, where he grew orchids for competition as a committee member of the South Gippsland Orchid Society. He was also a member of the Rhyll and Sandringham Angling Clubs. Barry died at Casey Hospital, Berwick on 2 July 2010. His love and support of Scotch was shown by leaving it a bequest as a member of the Alexander Morrison Circle.

Robert Archibald GILLINDERS (’40) was born at Box Hill on 26 November 1921, the son of Old Boy and auction broker Archibald Peardon Gillinders (born 3 December 1880, SC 1896–97, died 2 July 1977). Bob attended Scotch from 1936–37. He served in the AIF from 1942–46, becoming a corporal, and on 26 May 1945 married Jean Flora Dempster at the Box Hill Presbyterian Church. The church stood on land where Bob was born. Jean died on 4 May 2006. Bob was a manager in the textile trade, manufacturing shoe threads and carpet yarn, retiring in 1981 to spend five years travelling and playing before joining a newsagency partnership. He retired again in 2002. Bob’s grandson Andrew James attended Scotch from 1989–94. Bob died on 28 June 2010.

David Stanley GORDON (’57) was born on 29 May 1939 and attended Scotch from 1953–56 as a member of Lawson–MacFarland House. He played rugby and was a member of the 1955 swimming team, and 1956 vice-captain of swimming. David played rugby for Old Scotch while studying architecture at RMIT. David was an architect at MGP Architects Pty Ltd and was a life member and former president of the Point Lonsdale Surf Life Saving Club. He competed throughout his life in various open water events, and was the founder of the Power Points Swimming Club. David married Helen Ida Dorman at Scotch on 1 February 1963. David’s sons Ramsay (SC 1982–86) and Ashley (SC 1990–97) attended Scotch. David’s brothers at Scotch were Peter (SC 1956–60) and Malcolm (SC 1961–64). David died on 22 May 2010.

Alan Murray GRAHAM (’39) was born at Brighton on 4 June 1923 and attended Scotch as a boarder in School House and a member of Littlejohn from 1938–39. He was a 1939 relay team member. From 1941–42 he was a private in the army, and from 1942–46 served in the RAAF, becoming a flight lieutenant. On 20 November 1945 Murray married Elva Moore at Scotch. Their son Robert attended Scotch from 1967–70. Also at Scotch was Murray’s brother Gregory Forsyth Graham (born 10 March 1917, SC 1932–33, died 26 April 2001). Studying Law at Melbourne University from 1947–50, from 1952–88 he was a solicitor and founding partner of Warren Graham & Murphy. Murray then became a law and travel industry consultant. Murray died at Cabrini Ashwood Residential Care on 15 May 2010.

Richard Gordon HANNA (’39) was born at Albury, NSW, on 23 February 1922 and boarded at Scotch from 1935–36. Gordon served in the AIF from 1941–46, becoming a trooper, and became a farmer and grazier. Scotch relations included his grandfather Richard Kiddle (born 17 December 1856, SC 1870–?, died 2 January 1937), great-uncle John Kiddle (born 17 July 1853, SC 1869–70, died 9 April 1933), brothers Robert Hugh Hanna (born 26 July 1923, SC 1936–37, died 8 August 1942 in World War II), Austin (SC 1938–40) and Andrew Irvine Hanna (born 16 January 1927, SC 1940–41, died 27 July 2008), and sons Hugh (SC 1966–71), David (SC 1968–73), Rick (SC 1970–75) and Andrew (SC 1974–78). In 2009 he wrote ‘Beautiful Scotch College: I was so lucky and proud to have gone there’. Gordon died on 9 June 2010.

Robert Bruce HAYWOOD (’46) was born on 14 March 1927, the son of Old Boy and medical practitioner Arthur Robert Haywood (born 21 January 1895, SC 1918–19, died 14 August 1981). Bruce attended Scotch from 1942–43 as a boarder in Arthur Rob and as a member of Littlejohn. He married Beatrice Lillian Abbott at Scotch on 5 November 1948. Also at Scotch was his uncle, Gilbert Thomas Bunce Haywood (born 30 June 1906, SC 1922–25, died 10 December 1980). Bruce died on 23 June 2010.

John Douglas HILL (’43) was born at Murrumbeena on 20 August 1926, the son of a secretary. He attended Scotch from 1938–42 as a member of Monash House. From 1944–47 he served in the RAN, becoming a telegraphist. On 5 February 1949 he married Joan Marjorie Crowley, who died on 5 March 2006. Their sons attended Scotch: Ian (SC 1962–67) and Michael (SC 1968–73), as does their grandson Tommy (Year 2). Also at Scotch were Jack’s Tait cousins Geoffrey (SC 1936–38), Alan John Tait (SC born 12 August 1923, SC 1936–39, died 16 February 1957 in a car accident) and James George Tait (born 24 November 1928, SC 1941–44, died 20 July 1992), and Kenneth Albert Lance Stockdale (born 30 November 1923, SC 1937–40, died 12 November 1969). Jack was a company director of Stenhouse Insurance. He was a member of the Old Scotch Collegians’ Lodge. Jack died on 1 July 2010.

Sydney George HITCHCOCK (’39) was born at Dandenong on 24 July 1921, the son of a storekeeper. He attended Scotch as a boarder from 1935–37. From 1941–45 he served in the army as a private. Sydney married Dorothy de Ross at Scotch on 11 November 1947. He died on 20 July 2010.

Eric Trevor HOBSON (’46) was born at Yarram on 18 September 1927, the son of a grazier. He boarded at Scotch in School House as a member of Littlejohn from 1943–46. In 1944 he was involved in the production of Richard III, and was a member of the choir. Trevor was a member of the 1946 1st XI. Also at Scotch were his brothers Oliver (SC 1936–38) and Geoffrey Edwin Hobson (born 4 August 1923, SC 1939–41, died 18 June 1996). Trevor died at St Elmo’s Nursing Home, Yarram, on 2 July 2010.

Leslie Albert HYAMS (’41) was born at East St Kilda on 14 November 1923, the son of Old Boy and salesman Henry Hyams (born 23 June 1898, SC 1911–?, died 9 November 1982). Les attended Scotch from 1939–41 and was a member of the 1941 1st XVIII. He served in the AIF from 1943–46, becoming a gunner. He was later a wholesale sporting goods agent and company director whose son Jeff attended Scotch 1963–73. Also at Scotch were his brother Louis Joseph Hyams (born 9 January 1926, SC 1939–43, died 30 September 2001), uncle Philip Leslie Hyams (born 1 February 1900, SC 1911–15, died 18 July 1969), cousin Colin (SC 1950-61) and nephews Gary (SC 1963–74), Bruce (SC 1967–78) and Ross (SC 1969–80). Les died at Cabrini Hospital, Malvern, on 26 June 2010.

Scott HOKIN (’86) was born on 13 February 1968. He attended Scotch from 1980–84 as a member of Shew, then part of Selby Smith House. Scott played tennis and hockey at Scotch. He left to attend Northcote High School. His brother Michael attended Scotch from 1979–85. Scott died on 22 April 2010.

Garry Douglas JACOBS (’51) was born on 10 March 1933 and attended Scotch from 1944–51. He was a member of the 1st XI from 1949–51, being its 1951 Captain, and was a member of the 1951 1st XVIII. He was 1950 Vice-Captain and 1951 Captain of Monash House, and was a 1950 probationer and a 1951 prefect. Garry was a cadet under officer, and 1950 and 1951 Captain of Hockey. His cousin, David Crosby, attended Scotch from 1941–47. Garry went to Ormond in 1952 and was ordained as a Presbyterian minister in 1959. He was chaplain at Ballarat College, and a minister at Beaumaris from 1963–68 before going to St Paul’s, Nedlands, WA. Garry was Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Western Australia in 1972.

From 1976–80 Garry was chaplain of Scotch College, Perth, and from 1981–86 was the minister at the Hamilton Uniting Church. In 1986 he was appointed presbytery minister to the Murray-Goulburn Presbytery and retired to Montrose in 1996, having been presbytery minister of the Maroondah Presbytery. Garry married Elspeth Ann Paton in College Church, Parkville, on 26 January 1965. She was a daughter of Old Boy Sir George Whitecross Paton (’20). Garry died on 2 July 2010.

Robert Bruce JAMIESON (’40) was born at Prahran on 1 July 1923 and attended Scotch from 1937–38 as a member of Monash House. Also at Scotch were his brother John Forrester Jamieson (born 9 July 1920, SC 1937–38, died 4 August 2004) and second cousin Ian Maurice Jamieson (born 12 December 1916, SC 1931–32, died 25 May 1976). Bruce was bursar of Geelong College from June 1961 (its centenary year) until 1988. He was its honorary archivist from 1998–2003. In 1975–76 he was moderator of the Barwon Presbytery and from 1994 was the chair of the synod audit committee of the Uniting Church. Bruce was a past president of the Geelong West Rotary Club and was a Paul Harris Fellow. On 8 September 1945 Bruce married Morna Amy Maplesden at Scotch. She died on 22 January 1990. Bruce died at the Alfred Hospital, Prahran, on 7 August 2010.

Martyn Rothney JONES (’75) was born at Melbourne on 24 May 1958. He attended Scotch from 1968–75. He graduated magna cum laude from the Melbourne University School of Engineering and held an MBA from the Melbourne Business School. He was the director and global head of originations at Westpac Corporate Finance, and then director for Grant Samuel debt restructuring and advisory, and from November 2006 to 12 June 2009 worked for Ord River Resources as executive director with responsibility for the company’s strategic development. Martyn died tragically at 100 Gloucester Street, Sydney, on 22 April 2010.

Thomas Henry JONES (’85) was born on 29 January 1968, the son of Old Geelong Collegian Alan Worrall Jones (GC 1945–52). Tom boarded at Scotch in School House as a member of Littlejohn from 1981–85. He was a 1985 School House prefect and a member of the 2nd XVIII and the 3rd XI. A farmer at Yarck, he was the captain of the Yarck Fire Brigade which fought the Black Saturday bushfires in 2009. Tom suddenly became ill and was flown by helicopter to Melbourne where he died on arrival on 7 June 2010, leaving a widow and two young sons. Due to attend the OSCA Annual Dinner two days later, his place was left empty despite a sold out event as a mark of respect.

James Harley KENNAN SC (’63) was born on 25 February 1946, the son of a dentist. He attended Scotch from 1951–63. Jim was a member of the 1960–62 Athletics teams and the 1962–63 1st Tennis teams, being 1963 vice-captain. He was a 1963 prefect. Jim’s brother David Ward Kennan attended Scotch (born 20 November 1940, SC 1946–58, died 27 June 2003). Jim became a barrister in 1971 and a QC in 1987.

Jim was Labor MLC for Thomastown in 1982–88 and MLA for Broadmeadows in 1988–93. From 1983–87 and 1990–92 he was attorney–general. As 1987–90 minister for transport he is remembered for a tram strike which blocked the CBD. Jim was 1990–92 deputy premier and after Labor’s October 1992 defeat he was Labor’s deputy leader until March 1993 when he became its leader. In June 1993 he resigned, having lost personal commitment to fighting the next election. Jim’s roles then included adjunct professor in law at Deakin. He returned to the Bar in 2001. Jim died of skin cancer at the Austin Hospital on 4 August 2010.

Allan Thomas LANCASHIRE (’46) was born at Surrey Hills on 12 May 1929. He attended Scotch from 1942–45. Also at Scotch was his brother Ron (see below). Allan was a section manager of training at Telecom. He died on 3 May 2010.

Ronald George LANCASHIRE (’39) was born at Williamstown on 9 August 1923, the son of a post office government servant. He attended Scotch from 1936–38. His brother Allan (see above) was also at Scotch. Ronald served in the AIF from 1943–46 and was demobilised as a warrant officer class 2. He married Elsie Beament at Scotch on 18 July 1946. Ronald died on 5 August 2010.

Ronald Andrew LAWTON (’39) was born at Balwyn on 11 June 1923 and attended Scotch from 1933–39. He served in the RAAF from 1942–45, reaching the rank of sergeant and seeing service in Darwin. He trained as a wireless maintenance mechanic and was an instructor of high frequency transmission. Studying at the Ormond Theological Hall, he was ordained in the Presbyterian Church, and was based at Myrtleford from 1952–57. Ron then went to New York’s Union Theological Seminary, completing his M.Div in religious education and worked at the Red Bank, New Jersey Methodist Church. In 1958 he was appointed director of Christian education in the South Australian Presbyterian Church, holding the Victorian office from 1965 to 1977, when he worked in the Uniting Church’s synod office. In 1982 he was called to the Korumburra Uniting Church and retired in 1988. Ronald died on 22 July 2010.

Edward John (Ted) LEE (’36) was born at Bendigo on 25 May 1920, the son of a teacher. He attended Scotch from 1933–35 and was a 1933 class captain. From 1944–46 he served in the AIF and was demobilised as a sergeant. Ted married Raynor P Williams at Scotch on 18 January 1951. He died on 29 April 2010.

Robert Bruce LLOYD (’42) was born at Moonee Ponds on 8 August 1925 and attended Scotch from 1937–40 as a weekly boarder and a member of Littlejohn House. Also at Scotch were his sons Bob (1963–66), Bruce (SC 1967–72) and John (SC 1976–81) and grandson Tom (Year 8). Bruce served in the RAAF from 1943–46 and was demobilised as a warrant officer. In 2009 he wrote: ‘I thank Scotch for giving me the ability to succeed as I did’ as he had realised his dream of becoming a pilot, flying Spitfires in the 85, 452 and 457 Squadrons. Bruce became company director of his parents’ company P W & E Lloyd Pty Ltd. He retired to Cobram to enjoy its cheap golf. Bruce died on 8 August 2010.

Kenneth John MAPPIN (Staff 1969–87) was born at Footscray on 3 April 1922 and attended Williamstown High School. He taught at Geelong Grammar School from 1948–67, becoming its senior chemistry master, and taught at Clyde School in 1968 before coming to Scotch. His son Peter attended Scotch (SC 1971–76) as did his cousins Robert Paterson Brown (born 19 April 1921, SC 1935–38, died 7 January 2001) and Frank Alastair Paterson Brown (born 22 December 1925, SC 1940–41, died 24 June 2009). At Scotch he developed a successful experimental approach to teaching science and became Head of Science. He was president of the Science Teachers’ Association of Victoria (becoming an honorary life member), was a chemistry examiner, and wrote a chemistry textbook. He was largely responsible for the revision of the chemistry course in Victoria as chairman of the Victorian Universities and Schools Examinations Board’s standing committee for Chemistry, and the Chemistry subject Committee of the Victorian Institute of Secondary Education.

In 1972 he was awarded the Australian Industries Development Association medal and in 1983 was awarded the inaugural citation of the Chemical Education Division of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute. He liaised with the architects in the furnishing of the Mathematics-Science Building. Ken directed nine drama productions at Scotch from 1970–78 and even performed in one. His wife Thelma Iris (known as Bill) was a laboratory assistant at Scotch from 1974–82. Ken died at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, Parkville, on 22 April 2010.

Ian David MARSHALL (’38) was born at home at Craigie Park, Ballan, on 2 January 1922, the son of Old Boy and commercial traveller Robert Watson Marshall (born 30 July 1887, SC 1903–05, died 20 February 1956). Ian left Camberwell Grammar School to attend Scotch from 1931–37. He was a member of the 1933 under 11 cricket team, and was a member of the victorious 1935 Athletics team. Also at Scotch were his brother Colin Leigh Marshall (born 13 August 1920, SC 1931–36, died 30 December 2003) and great-nephews Myles Coker (SC 1999–2004) and Eric Coleman (SC 1999–2004). Ian served in the army as a private from 1941–42, and in the RAN from 1942–46, reaching the rank of lieutenant. He was present at the Japanese surrender at Bougainville. He studied Agricultural Science at Melbourne University, topping his year, winning an exhibition, and graduating in 1951. He went to ANU as an assistant research fellow studying the effects of myxomatosis and graduated PhD in 1956. Ian established an arbovirus laboratory at the John Curtin School of Medical Research, from which he retired in 1988 as a fellow, then spending a further 12 years as emeritus fellow in the School of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Ian died on 25 June 2010.

Duncan Rollo PATTON (’67) was born on 24 May 1950 and attended Scotch from 1964–66. He died on 3 July 2010.

Edwin William Wallace PEATT OBE (’34) was born at Collingwood on 21 October 1915, the son of a boot manufacturer. He attended Scotch from 1928 until June 1932 as a member of Morrison House. Also at Scotch were his brother Norman Leslie Vaughan Peatt (born 28 January 1913, SC 1921–29, died 19 March 1972) and grandson Andrew Sahhar (SC 1987–98). In 1933 he joined wine and spirit merchants Nathan and Wyeth, of which he was chairman and managing director from 1958–80. He was also chairman of Robert Burns and Associates Pty Ltd (1970–80), Vignerons Distillers and Vintners (1963–81), Chateau Remy Pty Ltd (1963–80), Quelltaler Wines Ltd (1969-80) and Macs Cyder Pty Ltd (1960–80). Edwin was federal president of the Federated Spirit Merchants’ Association (1962-65), president of the Wine and Brandy Producers’ Association (1967–70) and chairman of the Australian Wine Board (1975–81). On 31 December 1980 he was awarded the OBE for outstanding services to the wine industry in Australia.

Edwin served in the RAAF from 1942–46, reaching the rank of sergeant, serving in radar in New Guinea, primarily at Milne Bay. He married Nancy Orr at Scotch on 27 May 1944. He was district governor of Rotary International (1985–96) and charter president of the Rotary Club of Fitzroy (1968–69). Edwin was a member of the Scotch College Foundation. He died at St George’s Hospital, Kew on 4 July 2010 after a brief illness.

John Stewart RIDE (’45) was born at Kew on 26 November 1927, the son of the manager of a timber yard. He attended Scotch from 1941–44 as a member of Gardiner House, and was a 1944 member of the Ninth and the choir. Also at Scotch were his cousins David Ride (SC 1939–44), Edwin John Lindsay Ride (born 12 November 1931, SC 1940–49, died 23 May 1996), John Giffard Brassey Cooper (born 21 February 1924, SC 1938–41, died 25 December 1953) and Peter Brassey Cooper (born 19 April 1927, SC 1939–40, died 10 April 2002) and uncle Sir Lindsay Tasman Ride (born 10 October 1898, SC 1912–16, died 17 October 1977).

John completed a diploma of Metallurgical Engineering (1945–49) at Melbourne Technical College. In 1950 he worked as a metallurgical trainee at Victorian Railways’ Newport Workshops and in 1951 joined Stelco (the Steel Company of Canada) in Hamilton, Ontario as a metallurgist in R&D. His duties included working with the Syracuse University Research Institute developing hot rolling techniques for titanium for the US Air Force. In November 1959 John joined E-A Automation Systems Ltd in London as senior systems engineer. John won the US Association of Iron and Steel Engineers’ 1960 Kelly Award for the best paper contributing to the development of engineering and operating practice in the iron and steel industry. John joined General Electric’s industrial sales division in Schenectady, New York in October 1965.

In June 1970 he returned to Australia, joining Wean United of Australia Pty Ltd to work on two new production lines at BHP’s Hastings plant. He was WUA’s manager from 1974 until it closed in 1992, and retired in June 1996 as manager of Wean Licensed Products at Major Project Engineering. From 1970–97 he was owner and CEO of G S Frean & Ride Pty Ltd, a timber and building supplies firm. In June 1955 he married Doreen Mae Hassell at Hamilton, Ontario. She died on 17 September 1996. John died of cancer at Mornington on 7 June 2010.

Peter Leon ROBERTS (’48) was born at Nyah West on 21 March 1930, the son of an Old Boy and valuer for the US Army and a timber and hardware merchant John Ronald Roberts (born 30 August 1897, SC 1910–13, died 17 July 1962). Peter boarded at Scotch from 1945–47 and was 1945 form captain of Remove B. Also at Scotch was his brother John George Roberts (born 6 June 1924, SC 1932–39, died 23 May 1989). Peter died at the Tocumwal Hospital, Tocumwal, NSW, on 1 May 2010.

Frederick Leigh SCOTT (’39) was born at 4 Testar Grove, Caulfield on 13 April 1922, the son of Old Boy and retired secretary Frederick Charles Scott (born 11 April 1874, SC 1889–91, died 8 July 1969). Leigh attended Scotch from 1936–37. Also at Scotch were his brothers Robert Harvey Scott (born 15 December 1911, SC 1926–27, died 24 February 1996) and Wallace Henry Scott (born 26 September 1918, SC 1933–34, died 2 January 1991), cousin Francis William Ward Scott (born 29 May 1914, SC 1928–33, died 31 August 1994) and uncle Francis Scott (born 23 December 1884, SC 1900, died 31 August 1959) among others. He served in the AIF from 1942–46 and was demobilised as a lieutenant. On 28 October 1960 Leigh married Yvonne Gardiner. He died on 25 May 2010.

David Field SHOWERS (’64) was born on 31 December 1945, the son of Old Boy and managing director Allan Field Showers (born 23 June 1901, SC 1916–19, died 16 December 1985). He attended Scotch from 1953–62, being a boarder in Arthur Rob only in his first two terms. Also at Scotch were his brother Andrew (SC 1950-57) and nephew Mark Cornell (SC 1978–83). David was managing director of Showers International Pty Ltd. He died on 5 May 2010.

Donald James SIMONSON MC (’38) was born at Kew on 21 May 1920, the son of Old Boy and importer Paul William Simonson (born 9 November 1895, SC 1910–12, died 31 March 1967). Also at Scotch were his brother Bob (SC 1930–40) and Walker grandsons James (SC 1986–93) and Travis (SC 1990–97; see the May 2010 Great Scot Simonson obituaries for other relations). Donald attended Scotch from 1929–36 as a member of Gardiner House. From 1942–46 he served in the AIF. As a member of the 39th infantry battalion in New Guinea he won the MC for using hand grenades to put two Japanese machine guns and their crews out of action at Deneki. Donald was demobilised as a captain. On 9 April 1947 he married May Catherine Small at St. Mark’s Anglican Church, Camberwell. He was a director of M Simonson (Australia) Pty Ltd, manufacturers’ agent, and 1970 president of the Melbourne Legacy Club. Donald died on 11 July 2010.

Archibald Gordon SIMPSON (’41) was born at East Melbourne on 14 February 1924, the son of Old Boy and farmer John Robin Simpson (born 30 April 1897, SC 1912–15, died 27 July 1956 when a woolshed collapsed on him). Arch attended Scotch from 1931–42. He was a 1933 Junior School class captain, a 1938 relay team member, a 1939 swimming team member and a member of the Head of the River 1941 1st VIII. Arch was a 1941 prefect in Littlejohn House (being a boarder in School House) which was named for his grandfather, William Still Littlejohn (headmaster 1904–33). Arch was briefly a 1942 probationer before leaving to join the army as a private. From 1942–46 he then served in the RAAF in the No. 78 Kittyhawk Squadron and was demobilised as a flying officer. He graduated from Dookie Agricultural College in 1948 with a Diploma of Agriculture and became a farmer.

On 15 November 1949 he married Helen Jean Roe at Scotch. Their son Robin attended Scotch from 1964–70. Other Scotch relatives included Arch’s brother William (SC 1932–41), uncles Thomas Leigh Simpson (born 19 May 1895, SC 1911–12, died 9 December 1960), George Simpson (born 14 May 1899, SC 1915–16, died 24 November 1960), Frank Stephen Simpson (born 29 April 1901, SC 1916–18, died 12 May 1968), James Alexander Simpson (born 4 March 1904, SC 1919–21, died 8 April 1992), Charles William Berry Littlejohn (born 4 January 1889, SC 1904–06, died 4 August 1960) and Euan Ironside Littlejohn (born 26 October 1892, SC 1904–11, died 7 February 1968) and grandfather Archibald Joseph Simpson (born 17 January 1859, SC 1869–75, died 1 March 1940). Arch died at the Benalla Hospital on 11 August 2010.

James Rossiter STAHLE (’34) was born at Hampshire, England on 22 January 1917, the son of Old Boy and estate proprietor Leon Rossiter Dalglish Stahle (born 3 November 1892, SC 1908–09, died 21 May 1987). Known as Ross, he attended Scotch from 1930–34 as a weekly boarder in School House. Headmaster Gilray described him as ‘a good type of boy, well-mannered and pleasant. His character is beyond reproach and he is thoroughly trustworthy’.

Also at Scotch were his brother Ian Oliver Stahle (born 2 December 1918, SC 1930–35, died 28 October 1999), son Paul (SC 1959–69), nephews Peter (SC 1957–69) and Philip (SC 1959–71), great-nephews Nathan Stahle (SC 1987–98) and Adam Rudegeair (SC 1985–88) and second cousins John Frederick Melville (born 24 January 1918, SC 1930–33, died 11 August 2009) and Hugh Melville (SC 1936–42). Ross was an army private from 1940, and from 1942–45 served in the RAAF, becoming a sergeant. He was an architect and in 1948 a founding partner in Mockridge Stahle & Mitchell. The firm designed many schools and churches. Ross died at home at Hawthorn on 20 April 2010.

Thomas Edward STUDLEY (’39) was born at Murrumbeena on 30 August 1920. He attended Scotch from 1935–37 as a member of Gardiner House. From 1942–46 he served in the AIF, reaching the rank of corporal. On 19 March 1948 he married Gwendoline May Tunnock at St Stephen’s Presbyterian Church, Caulfield. Their son Alan attended Scotch from 1966–69. Tom’s grandsons at Scotch were David Studley (SC 1994–2006), Alistair Macrae (SC 1989–94) and Glen Macrae (SC 1993–98). Tom was a CPA and an FAICD, and was manager of William Crosby Tile Merchants. He was a life member and past president of the Australian Tile Council, and a member of the Rotary Club of South Melbourne from 1979–97. Tom died at Cabrini at Ashwood on 15 July 2010.

Robert Andrew SYMINGTON (’55). Further to his May 2010 obituary, his family wrote:

Rob was the second son of Hilda and Presbyterian minister Rev John (Jock) Symington. He began work at the ANZ bank, and through it met his wife Helen Dowdle. A desire for greater autonomy led to him starting a motel in Parkes, NSW. Rob then moved to Brisbane, where he worked in kitchen design until his death. A great sadness for him and his wife was the death of their daughter Judith. Rob was proud of his Scottish heritage, wearing a kilt on special occasions, and of his old school, immensely enjoying his continued relationship with it through his membership of OSCA. Rob led a very full life involved in a wide range of activities, including sports, cooking, camping and fishing.

John Laidlaw TODD (’45) was born at Malvern on 26 November 1927, the son of retired grazier and Old Melburnian John Laidlaw Todd (MGS 1897–99). He attended Scotch from 1933–44 as a member of MacFarland House. John was a Junior School class captain in 1934, 1935, 1937 and 1938 and was a 1939 Junior School choir member. He coxed the 1944 1st VIII. John worked at Dalgety & Co and from 1947–50 was a jackeroo at Wallaby, Hay. In 1950 he took over the family farm at Mount Cotterell. On 11 October 1960 he married Judith Ann Peter at Scotch. She died on 16 December 2000.

Their sons at Scotch were Peter (SC 1974–78), William (SC 1975–79) and Bruce (SC 1980–83). Other relatives include cousins John Hamilton Todd (born 22 March 1911, SC 1922–28, died 27 January 1972), James Gordon Todd (born 13 July 1912, SC 1922–29, died 27 January 1963), Adam Robert Gordon Todd (born 28 June 1917, SC 1928–33, died 30 January 1942 in World War II) and David Gordon Todd (born 29 September 1924, SC 1931–35, GC 1936–40, died 6 September 1993), and great-uncle William Gordon Laidlaw (born 8 May 1844, SC 1860–61, died 28 July 1882). John retired to Anglesea in 1995. He died on 27 May 2010.

Robert Roff TRENGOVE (’44) was born at Camberwell on 11 December 1925 and attended Scotch from 1935–43. Bob was a member of the 1938 Junior School treble choir, the 1943 swimming team, and the 1943 1st VIII. Also at Scotch were his brother John Roff Trengove (born 6 February 1923, SC 1935–40, died 19 July 1999), cousin David Roff (SC 1951–55), grandfather Joseph Roff (born 1854, SC 1864, died 15 October 1925) and Sutherland great-nephews Andrew (SC 1988–92) and Thomas (SC 1993–95). From 1944–45 Bob served in the RAAF and was demobilised as a leading aircraftman. On 24 February 1951 he married Shelagh Mary Johnstone at Scotch. She died in 2009. Bob was an architect whose work included consulting to the World Bank in Indonesia and Washington DC in 1971. He died on 28 May 2010.

Thomas George WARDLE (’49) was born on 21 February 1931 and attended Scotch from 1942–47. On 28 February 1953 he married Margot A Longden at Scotch. Thomas’ sons at Scotch were Scott (SC 1975–83) and Greg (SC 1980–87). Thomas was a company director. He died on 9 July 2010.

Dr Edwin John (Ted) WARE (’36) was born at Brisbane, Queensland on 18 May 1919, the son of a director of the Ramsay Publishing Company. Ted left Camberwell Grammar School to attend Scotch in 1935. Also at Scotch were his brother Robert Edward Ware (born 31 December 1921, SC 1935–37, died 10 July 1942 in World War II) and grandson Wilfred Fullagar (SC 1983). In 1941 he graduated BDSc and joined the RAAF as a dental officer, but was demobilised as a flight lieutenant deemed medically unfit for further service in 1942. On 18 April 1942 he married Audrey Ashton Bracher at St Mark’s Anglican Church, Camberwell.

Ted commenced private dental practice in Balaclava in 1942, later moving to Hawthorn, retiring in 1975 to take a government job at Longreach, Queensland. Ted then worked with the Victorian School Dental Service until 1982, retiring to Point Lonsdale in 1984. He was a life governor and council member of Camberwell Girls’ Grammar School. Shortly before his death at the Geelong Hospital on 4 June 2010 he said: ‘Even if you were only at Scotch for a year, you are part of the Scotch Family for the rest of your life’.

Donald Campbell WEEKES (’49) was born on 24 October 1931. He attended Scotch from 1942 until 14 May 1944 as a boarder in Arthur Rob and as a member of Littlejohn. Donald was a member of the 1944 under 13 cricket team. He moved with his family to Adelaide for violin tutoring and in 1949 won the ABC’s Australian concerto and vocal competition. He played with the Victorian Symphony Orchestra and in 1954 moved to London. With the London Philharmonic Orchestra (of which he became co-leader) he toured Moscow in 1956, and for 30 years he led the English National Ballet. Donald provided backing music for the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album, played for the Prince and Princess of Wales, and recorded operas with Dame Joan Sutherland and Luciano Pavarotti. Twice married, he died at London, England of pneumonia on 25 June 2010.

An obituary by Peter Manger in The Age provided information for this obituary.

Dr Blair WIDMER OAM (’32) was born at Jamestown, South Australia on 8 December 1914, the son of a clergyman. Blair attended Scotch from 1929–32 as a member of Gardiner House. He was a 1932 class captain and the last survivor of the 1932 1st VIII. Blair was a member of the historic inaugural Scotch rugby team in 1932, and played in the first Public School rugby game on 11 August 1932 at Scotch against Melbourne Grammar School. In 1939 he graduated MBBS from Melbourne University, and from 1942–46 served in the army and AIF, including two years in New Guinea. He was demobilised as a major.

Blair worked in general medical practice until aged 90. A member of Legacy since 1956, he served on the Maroondah Hospital Board from 1976–86, served the Maroondah Social Community Health Centre from 1972, and served the Maroondah Addictions Recovery Project from its 1977 foundation. In 1984 he wrote a book, General Practice and Alcoholism, and on Australia Day 1989 was awarded the OAM for service to the community. Blair’s sons at Scotch were Philip (SC 1961–66) and John (SC 1964–70). Also at Scotch were his brother Ronald Widmer (born 12 March 1916, SC 1930–33, died 31 October 2004), nephews Bruce (SC 1957–64), Geoff (SC 1958–67) and Rick (SC 1959–69) and great-nephews Scott (SC 1987–94), Tim (SC 1995–97) and Michael (SC 1995–99). Blair died on 1 June 2010.

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