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Issues from 1998


Music staff feature in Renaissance band


Scotch Music staff members Mr Glenn Bardwell and Mr Julian Bain toured Germany with Renaissance band, La Compañia, playing sackbuts, an early form of the trombone. They also feature on a new CD, Ay Portugal – music from the Renaissance to the New World, released on ABC Classics, which was a ‘CD of the Week’ on ABC Classic FM in July.

Well known to Melbourne audiences, La Compañia made its European debut in the beautiful UNESCO world heritage medieval centre of Regensburg, on the Danube in Bavaria, not far from Munich. They played to a capacity audience in one of the stunning medieval churches (Minoritenkirche) in a concert sold out months in advance at the prestigious Tage Alter Musik Regensburg festival. The band was also given the honour of playing at the festival’s coveted public event, a tradition that echoes a 500-year history, when the most powerful towns vied to employ the best musicians for town events, and were a source of great pride.

The band’s Ay Portugal CD was also the best seller from the hundreds of titles available at the festival exhibition. At the time of writing, La Compañia was scheduled to perform in concerts during August and September at the Melbourne Recital Centre.

Updated: Monday 24 June 2013