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Issues from 1998


Working with and for others

All Year 6 boys give service to the Junior School community by regularly undertaking tasks that help in the day-to-day running of the Junior School.

These jobs include becoming ‘Big Friendly Guys’ and interacting with Junior Primary boys in the playground at lunchtime; managing paper recycling; acting as art and sport monitors by helping to organise resources and distribute equipment; helping to organise and help with Junior School fundraising events; and working as administration monitors by performing jobs such as sorting out and distributing lost property, collecting the milk and morning tea for the staff room, and ringing the bell at the end of recess and lunchtime.

The boys see these responsibilities as opportunities to develop their organisation skills, and to work with and for others. Here are some Year 6 boys’ reflections on their service roles.

All the boys are from 6M:

Ben Daley:.‘Being monitors, we learn about having responsibilities.’

Charlie Heyburn: ‘Service jobs give the Year 6 boys a sense of leadership. It not only makes the teachers’ jobs easier, but it’s fun for the boys.’

Campbell Sinclair: ‘I’ve found emptying the recycling bins fun.’

Ethan Kunaratnam: ‘We are helping the school and the school environment. I also get to see my Year 2 buddy and say hi when I empty the recycling bin.’

Michael Ojaimi: ‘Being a BFG is a fun service, and it means you get to know the little kids. I sometimes find it challenging dealing with the Preps, as they like to pile on top of me.’

Nick Buckley: ‘Being a sports monitor is really fun, and it’s also a social time because we’re all talking when we’re pumping up balls.’

Jackson Cameron: ‘So far being an art monitor has been good, because sometimes we get to test out new art equipment.’.


Updated: 3 October 2016