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Issues from 1998


Foundation Fellow Dr Michael Reichert visits Scotch

The 2015 Foundation Fellow will ‘help Scotch become better at something it already values and does well’.


The Scotch College Foundation was delighted to sponsor the recent visit of renowned educational psychologist and co-founder of the Relational Learning for Boys Framework, Dr Michael Reichert.

Dr Reichert visited Scotch from 23 to 27 February, and is returning again in August. Dr Reichert attended the school as a Foundation Fellow. The Foundation Fellowship programme was established in the late 1980s with the aim of providing funding for experienced, high profile practitioners to visit Scotch every few years. The funds come from the Foundation’s share of the income generated annually by the Foundation corpus.

Dr Reichert created and served as director of an urban youth development programme, Peaceful Posse, sponsored by Philadelphia Physicians for Social Responsibility, and currently serves as executive director of the Centre for the Study of Boys’ and Girls’ Lives, a research consortium of independent schools operating in partnership with the University of Pennsylvania. Dr Reichert has published and spoken at conferences, schools and to community groups on subjects related to boys’ and girls’ lives. He has consulted to, and conducted training for, many independent schools, and is currently on staff at the Haverford School outside of Philadelphia.

The Relational Learning Framework has been developed using examples of best practice from a wide range of boys’ schools across the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, NZ and South Africa.

The primary purpose of Dr Reichert’s first visit was to work with groups of boys and teachers to better understand our school. To this end he ran focus groups for boys and staff, and participated in a wide range of observations across the school.

Relational learning strategies are key to the ongoing development of effective learning conversations with boys, and improved academic care, in all areas of school endeavour. Dr Reichert was delighted at the opportunity to ‘help Scotch become better at something it already values and does well’, and is looking forward to continuing his work with staff and boys during his return visit in August.


Previous Foundation Fellows include:

1985 Dr John West

1987 Anthony Adams, UK New technology – the move towards electronic communication

1989 Dr John Mason, UK Mathematics education

1992 Prof Deborah Borisoff, New York University,.Department of Communication and Arts; and

Prof Dan Hahn, Florida Atlantic University, Department of Communication; Communication programme with seminars and teacher workshops;

1994 Brian Alger, Canada Computers across the curriculum, particularly Middle School

1995 Brian Alger, CanadaReturn and follow-up

1997 Prof Richard Kimbell, UKTeaching, learning and assessment practices of the design faculty, and plans for the expansion of the facility into new purpose-built accommodation.

1999 Rollo Brown, NSW Boys’ education, masculinity and gender relations – particularly young males’ attitudes and beliefs.

2005 Dr Anton Armstrong, USA Music, especially choirs

Outreach Programme

A separate programme to assist educational institutions from around the world

1990 Mr Winfried Spahn,.headmaster from East Germany

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