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Issues from 1998


Six Old Boys honoured at AGM and Presidents’ Dinner




RIGHT: Nigel Watson (’65), Ross McOmish (’66), Brian Morris (’46) and David Purvis (’44).

Last year’s OSCA annual general meeting and Presidents’ Dinner provided an opportunity to welcome two new members to a club with just 39 members. Recognising their exemplary contributions as outstanding servants of Scotch and of OSCA, Alex Sloan (‘71) and Keith Weymouth (‘44) received OSCA Honorary Life Membership at the AGM. As Honorary Life Members, the names of Alex and Keith take their place most worthily on a list which includes some of Scotch’s greatest alumni, including many former School Council Chairmen.

Also at the AGM, Ross McOmish (‘66), Brian Morris (‘46), David Purvis (‘44) and Nigel Watson (‘65) received OSCA Merit Awards, recognising their dedicated service to Old Scotch clubs and branches.


PHILIP KEITH WEYMOUTH (‘44) attended Scotch from 1944. Other Weymouths at Scotch were his brother John (’37), cousin Herbert (’19), nephew Peter (’69) and son Phil (’78).

Keith’s formal involvement in.Old Boy activities began in 1951 when he joined the Old Scotch Collegians’ Dramatic Society which had been reformed after World War II. He was in the cast of Off the Record in September 1951. In 1952 Keith again helped backstage in Fools Rush In and appeared in Home at Seven. From 1953 to 1958 Keith was in the cast of seven plays as well as serving as secretary (1953-56) and president (1957-58). These roles foreshadowed his contribution to no less than five OSCA affiliated organisations, including:

  • Worshipful Master of the Old Scotch Collegians’ Lodge (1990)
  • President of the Old Scotch (formerly the Scotch College) Film Society (2010)
  • Foundation Secretary of the Old Scotch Heritage Club (2006)
  • Committee member of the Old Scotch Tennis Club
  • Committee member of the Old Scotch Bowls Club

In addition, Keith and his wife Helen have been regulars at OSCA and Scotch Foundation functions. Keith’s courteous and friendly nature has earned the esteem of his many school friends and colleagues.

ALEXANDER THOMAS SLOAN (‘71) attended Scotch from 1965 to 1971. His family pedigree correctly suggested that he would be attracted to rowing and other sports. His grandfather, Alexander Barclay Sloan coached 20 Scotch Head of the River crews to seven wins. Among many other relations including the Tingate family, Alex’s father Bruce (’33), uncles Alex (’23) and John (’24) and son Simon (’04) all attended Scotch. Alex (senior) taught at Scotch (1933-45) and helped OSCA during World War II. Alex was a member of the premiership 1970 and 1971 1st XVIIIs and rowed in the 1970 and 1971 1st VIIIs. He was a 1971 School Prefect.

While studying at Melbourne University, Alex rowed in King’s Cup crews and played football for the Old Scotch Football Club. Alex was a foundation member of the Cardinal Club, later joining the OSCA Council and becoming President in 2011. He was an OSCA member (Group B) of the School Council from 2007 until his retirement from it in 2014, strengthening the links between the two bodies. As a member of the School Council, Alex served as its representative on the Scotch College Foundation as well as its Property Committee and Museum Trust. Alex managed to balance these roles with his business responsibilities as managing director and CEO of Betta Foods Australia Pty Ltd.


ROSS McOMISH (‘66) has been OSCA’s Adelaide Branch President since 1994, and is the longest serving office-bearer in the branch. He has served with three secretaries and has presided over every branch dinner during the past 20 years. Ross is a dedicated Old Boy who has worked hard to maintain the numbers at Adelaide branch dinners and to keep in close contact with the OSCA Office. He has been a great ambassador for OSCA in South Australia.

BRIAN MORRIS (’46) has been a most active member of the Old Scotch Collegians’ Lodge for half a century, occupying a considerable number of positions during that period. In 1974 he was installed as Master of the Lodge. As well as taking on roles which are obvious to all Lodge members, Brian has also worked hard behind the scenes, having been the Lodge’s archivist, the driving force in rehearsal groups, and also the principal mentor for Old Boys joining the Lodge. He is a former member of the Old Scotch Rover Crew, a trustee of Elliott Lodge, and an active member of the Old Scotch Heritage Club.

DAVID PURVIS (’44) is a stalwart member of the Old Scotch Film Society. He joined the society in the 1980s, and has been its secretary and film reviewer for the past 15 years, having previously been chairman. He has devoted much of his time to the society with great enthusiasm and plenty of good humour, and has brought to it his considerable knowledge of the film medium. He has also shared his vast experience of the real estate industry with Scotch boys through the school’s Course and Careers Service.

NIGEL WATSON (’65) is currently the principal committee member of the Koomerang Ski Club, handling the redevelopment of the club’s lodge at Mount Hotham. This project is one of the many Koomerang projects Nigel has been closely involved with during more than 40 years as a highly active and outstanding club member. During those four decades, Koomerang has often benefited from his leadership, legal knowledge, determination, patience and calmness. Nigel was elected a life member of Koomerang in 2008.

2015 OSCA Honorary Life Membership and Merit Award nominations are now being sought. Do you know of anyone in the Scotch Family who has immersed themselves for the benefit of an OSCA club or branch?If so, please consider putting forward your submission. Nomination forms can be downloaded from OSCAnet website at

Updated: 3 October 2016