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Issues from 1998


‘Make the most of your time at Scotch’


James Zagame
School Captain

Scotch boys are encouraged to appreciate every moment of their time at the school, and make the most of their opportunities.

School Captain James Zagame (12FG) addressed the school at the investiture of the prefects and school officers at morning assembly early in Term 1. This is an edited version of James’ address to the school.

We are gathered here today for the installation of the new school leaders at the beginning of a new school year. I admit to struggling when trying to draw inspiration for this speech, so I did what any young man would do: I turned to the most philosophical resource I had available – my mum.

During our talk, I came to the realisation that every year marks a new beginning. Every year, nerves present themselves once again after the long summer break, and we each have different expectations of what the year will bring. Each year for me, as the eldest of three brothers, brought uncertainty as I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Being the first at everything, each new start was at times a little bit scary. However, each year exceeded my expectations, and each year proved to be better than the last.

Well, what is 2015 going to bring us? That question has a different answer for each one of you in this hall. What 2015 has in store for you is up to you, and you only. What makes Scotch so exceptional is that it presents every boy with so many opportunities.



However, it is how these opportunities are used that will enable you to get the very best out of your school years. As I look around this hall I see immense diversity; and yet, with the amazing resources of this school, Scotch is able to cater for all these different personalities, abilities, interests, and passions. Are you a Scotchie who lives and breathes supporting the cardinal, gold and blue at the Cordner-Eggleston Cup? Or are you a Scotchie who is part of the first hockey team and in the A debating squad? Or perhaps you work hard at your studies, live off charcoal chicken and chips, and can’t wait to get home to play World of Warcraft? Whichever descriptor fits you, or if you are positioned somewhere in between, every one of your personalities and talents adds something unique which ultimately makes up this school.

Last night, as my two brothers and I sat at our desks finalising our holiday homework, it made me think just how privileged we are to be here, not just at Scotch, but to live in a country where we receive a quality of education others in the world can only dream of. It is a privilege that we can easily take for granted when the homework load is a little heavier, the sports training a little harder, and the mornings a little colder. Don’t lose sight of how lucky you are to be at this school, and do try to make every day count.

Today, we congratulate boys elected as prefects and officers, each of whom has made the most of every day of his time at Scotch, and therefore represents the values and ethics of what the school stands for.

Although these prefects and officers are recognised as leaders in the school, I would ask if all of you lead by example and excel in everything you attempt. Wearing a special badge or tie does not make you a leader, nor does being in a first team, or being captain of debating, or playing a lead role in the Symphony Orchestra. Being a leader means standing up for what you believe is right when others do not. This challenge extends to all Year 12s, the most senior among you, to lead by example, and show everyone why Scotch is undeniably the best school in the APS.

I leave you finally with a quote from someone who inspires me every day. The great Kanye West once said, ‘If you have the opportunity to play this game of life, you need to appreciate every moment. Too many people don’t appreciate the moment until the moment has passed.’

Appreciate your time at Scotch and make the most of it – you only get one shot.

Updated: 3 October 2016