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Issues from 1998
Issues from 1998


Memories are made of this


Mr Pino Cutinelli
Head of Middle School


Middle School boys showed impressive application as their academic year got into full stride.

Everything new, everything different: that was the overriding theme at the start of the school year for the boys of Years 7 and 8. Undoubtedly the Year 7 boys experienced far more mixed emotions than any other year group – even the boys coming up from the Junior School, who, although familiar with the surroundings, were still faced with enormous change.

As the assemblies, Chapel services and boat christenings became part of the repertoire of Scotch life, the Year 7 boys participated with excitement, enthusiasm and great gusto in all that Scotch had to offer. The theme of ‘developing responsibly and doing your best’ was explored right from the start, and ‘this is how it is done here’ soon became a common phrase.

Academic classes gave boys a reality check after the fun-filled days of the summer holidays, and at that point boys had to settle down and show how well they could manage their academic programme.


The Year 7 boys have classes on the northern side of the Quadrangle, while Year 8 boys remain on the southern side for a second year, both year groups growing in confidence as they establish their place in the Quad and in the school.

A popular movie the boys spoke about from the summer vacation was Big Hero 6. They described the movie’s ‘good versus evil’ themes as corresponding similarly to the life decisions everyone must make.

Year 7 boys enjoyed a week at Scotch@Cowes on Phillip Island with their class and teachers. The boys sailed, surfed, visited the amazing mutton bird rookeries and, most importantly, got to know their new school friends; boys who will accompany them in their journey through the Senior School over the next six years.

The single most important factor for Year 7 boys was getting to know the boys in their class, and the camp cemented this very nicely. For the boys, primary school days quickly became a distant memory.

The feeling of being new started to disappear and they soon felt very much part of the Scotch College Senior School community.

Boys’ parents gained an insight into things Scotch through their participation in the Welcome Service, the Family Barbecue, and the routines of Saturday sport. Grandparents’ Day in March provided an opportunity for grandparents to participate with the boys in a tour of the school, a musical recital, and a most enjoyable lunch. The boys’ pride in their school and the grandparents’ pride in their grandsons was palpable..

We are impressed by the boys’ application to the tasks of the academic year, and we are grateful for the enormous support provided by parents at this significant stage of their sons’ secondary schooling. This is where memories are made and remain imprinted in the young men’s minds.


Updated: 3 October 2016