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Issues from 1998
Issues from 1998


A centenary of service in many forms.


Mr Jonathon Buckley ('83)
OSCA President

The achievements and services of Old Scotch Collegians have been recognised in different ways. In 2013, OSCA determined the 100 Old Scotch Collegians’ ‘Men of Influence, Men of Weight’, for outstanding achievement, high office, leadership or service across industry, law, science, public office, sport and other endeavours.

This year, OSCA’s commemoration of a centenary of service marks the recognition of those men prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice. From the Great War, through later conflicts and in times of peace, members of the armed services have been ready to fight for our nation.

The sacrifice by Old Boys and staff included heroics in famous battles and also combat and deeds where recognition was neither sought nor received. Scotch families and their ancestors have served the causes of Australia, the Commonwealth and other nations.

Since Scotch College’s foundation by James Forbes in 1851, its Scottish Presbyterian values have provided a strong emphasis on community contribution. The school’s egalitarian and non-sectarian roots created a predisposition towards public improvement. This has been seen in a wide variety of fields in, and outside, military service. It is said that Scotch College’s alumni have received more top Order of Australia honours than any other Australian school.

The OSCA Annual Dinner at Leonda in Hawthorn on 29 May 2015 will be a tribute to service, addressed by the Prime Minister of Australia, the Hon Tony Abbott MP.

OSCA places importance on serving the school and the Old Boy community. The ability of OSCA to make a difference for Old Boys and the school is for OSCA and its affiliated groups to have a strong ‘beating heart’. The OSCA clubs and branches are this ‘beating heart’, in that they represent a means for Old Boys to engage with each other in a pursuit of choice and maintain a connection with, and support for, Scotch College..

OSCA’s 25 clubs and 36 branches have a wide membership and activities across sport, music and arts, and special interests. Some, like the Koomerang Ski Club, the Old Scotch Football Club and the Old Scotch Music and Drama Club, manage substantial operations and budgets. What is common in all clubs is the importance of the time and effort given by their volunteers.

Recognising the challenges and opportunities before them, OSCA is working with clubs and branches to develop a long-term plan to provide support for affiliated societies, in areas such as membership, finance, communications and statutory operations.

Service comes in many forms. Its importance is expressed in a quote from Sir John Monash, carved in stone next to his recently completed statue, at the university bearing his name. ‘Equip yourself for life, not solely for your own benefit, but for the benefit of the whole community’. We are proud of Scotch College and the Old Boys and Scotch family members who have contributed so much to the community over many generations.




George Mackenzie OBE (’49) was guest of honour at the School’s 2015 Anzac Day assembly. George was a student at Scotch from 1945-1949. After leaving Scotch he studied Law and practised as a solicitor.

From 1962 to 1987 George was a member of the Australian Army Reserve and from 1970 -1971 he served as the senior legal officer for the Australian Military Forces in South Vietnam. In 1976 he was awarded an OBE.

George retired with the rank of colonel and is a life member of the 39th Infantry Battalion Association.

From 1978 until 2000 he was a trustee of the Shrine of Remembrance, and in 2000 was made a life governor of the Shrine. In 2004 George was president of Melbourne Legacy.

He is pictured with Year 7 boys James Tarrant, Benjamin Simpson, Jake Davoren, Fergus Ewart, Henry Hayman and Roman Whitby.

Updated: 3 October 2016