Junior School

The Role of the JSPA

The Parents' Association is a body, which represents all parents in the Junior School.   Each year it arranges a number of functions and activities to support the School and provides a means through which parents meet other members of the Scotch Family.

A 14-member Committee is formed annually to execute the work of the JSPA.   Some of the areas of involvement of the JSPA are as follows:

  • To operate the Junior School Swap Shop
  • To oversee and guide Class Representatives in the organisation of year level social functions
  • To provide voluntary parent assistance in many areas of school life
  • To organise School social functions as well as fundraising events
  • To act as a forum for procedures and innovations within the Junior School
  • To arrange input from outside speakers on a variety of subjects
  • To be involved on the Family Day

Support from parents is paramount to the success of the JSPA.   All members are encouraged to participate actively in various functions, as well as responding to requests for assistance.   Your contribution will make a difference!