Junior School

Learning Support

Learning Support

Learning Support teachers design and implement a wide range of programs that recognise the different learning needs of boys across all year levels at Scotch College Junior School. This includes consolidation and enrichment. A counsellor is also available to help nurture the emotional and social needs of all boys. Most formal assessment activities are coordinated through this department.


  • Identify and cater for boys' individual learning needs
  • Nurture and encourage the development of boys' social and emotional skills
  • Support teachers in the planning of programs to meet individual needs in the classroom
  • Support parents

Additional Activities:

Many additional activities and programs are coordinated through Learning Support in our endeavour to meet individual learning needs. This includes daily reading (in Junior Primary), Literary Circles in Year 6, competitions, tests, challenges and quests.


The Games Club operates during nominated lunchtimes. Only selected boys have the opportunity, if they wish, to spend some of their playing time working with construction toys, computers and alternate electronic games. This club was set up to provide an alternative playing environment for those boys, who are determined by staff, to need some structure and closer supervision with their play time. A new addition this year is the Non Tech Games Club where board games and construction equipment will be available one day per week during lunchtime.

External Specialists

Several specialists also visit the school on a regular basis and they are an integral component of the Educational Support team. These specialists include visiting teachers for vision or hearing impaired students, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, paediatricians and psychologists. Each person plays a vital role in supporting the school’s efforts and philosophy in catering for the individual needs of all students and thus providing the ultimate education for the boys.


In addition, Integration Aides work with targeted students in a discreet manner at various year levels as needs arise.


Assessments are conducted throughout the year in the general classroom, however more formal assessments are coordinated through Learning Support. Unusual results are identified and are followed by discussions between Learning Support and class teachers. Parents are notified accordingly. If there is no obvious reason for a change in learning progress, a supplementary assessment may be administered prior to further meetings or referrals. Generally, routine assessment results are not distributed to parents but are readily available upon request to the Director of Learning Support. cheryl.harrison@scotch.vic.edu.au