Junior School

Physical Education


The Junior School Physical and Sport Education program is a well-balanced, integrated, comprehensive skill based program. Participation in physical activities provides opportunities for relaxation, enjoyment, recreation, fitness, social interaction and competition. We provide a sequential program which involves boys learning and developing skills in swimming, ball handling, gymnastics/movement, athletics, striking games and small equipment games of cricket, football, athletics and hockey. Boys in Years 3-6 are involved in House sporting competitions which are a great lead in to Wednesday Interschool Sport competitions (Years 5-6) against other APS schools.

Within the Physical Education classroom boys in Prep to Year 2, primarily focus on the introduction and development of Fundamental Motor Skills. These abilities underpin the essential skills that make up many of the major games that they will be introduced to in coming years. These skills include: catching, over arm throwing, basketball dribbling, forehand strike, racquet and ball control activities. Complimenting these skills the boys will participate in individual, group and minor games that allow them to build on their locomotor skills, such as running, skipping, jumping, hoping, leaping and dodging. During the year, boys in Year 2 have the opportunity to develop their cardiovascular endurance through a variety of fitness activities.

Year 3 boys continue to develop and refine their Fundamental Motor Skills, working in both open and closed environments to help with the transition to modified versions of the major games. Year 3 covers volleyball, hockey, athletics, gymnastics, table tennis, NFL, touch rugby, netball, soccer, basketball, netball and tennis.

Year 4, 5 and 6 boys will complete the beep test as part of their fitness assessment and also have the chance to participate in a number of fitness-based classes throughout the year. The boys in Year 5 and 6 are introduced to a game sense approach to the sports they learn. Across the year they will be involved in volleyball, hockey, athletics, gymnastics, table tennis, NFL, touch rugby, netball, soccer, basketball, netball and tennis, where they will not only learn and consolidate skills but also become more tactical in their approach to each sport.

Physical Education, boys in Prep-6 will have a week-long swimming intensive run by ‘Swimming with Excellence.’ During this program, boys will be introduced to and have techniques refined in the following strokes: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, survival backstroke and sidestroke, whilst continuing to work on their dives, turns and finishes. Boys will also have the opportunity to learn valuable survival skills including entries, strokes and general water safety.

Year 5 and 6 boys throughout the year have the opportunity to compete against other APS schools in the following sports: tennis, table tennis, swimming, softball, football, basketball, athletics, soccer, hockey, cross country, water polo, touch rugby, volleyball and cricket. As well boys will have the opportunity to trial for the APS Divisional Trials where they can begin the process towards state selection in a variety of team and individual sports.