Services: Chaplains Prayer Support Group



The primary purpose of the Chaplains Prayer Support Group is to provide prayer for the School, the Chaplains, and the wider community of Scotch College. The group also provides practical support to the Scotch College Chaplains when the need arises.


Meeting weekly at Scotch College the Chaplains Prayer Support Group is comprised of Christians within the school community. Parents, grandparents and staff can regularly pray for the school and its community, bringing the needs of the school before God.

The Chaplains Prayer Support Group functions informally, and careful consideration is given to confidentiality. Your participation will not add to your to-do list, emails to your inbox, rosters or additional pressure. Rather, it is a supportive, social gathering of members to share in friendship through life’s ups and downs.


We welcome your participation on the Chaplains Prayer Support Group, at our informal prayer meeting on a Tuesday morning during Term from 8.30 am for an hour in the Boardroom (adjacent to Memorial Hall).


The Chaplains Prayer Support Group was established informally in 1992 by Graham Bradbeer, and started with a letter of prayer points which he sent four times a year. This developed into the Senior School Prayer group, led for many years by Benita Buchanan. The Junior School prayer group was born in 2001 co-led by Julie Wong and Amanda Starkins, which as their boys grew through the years, became a combined Senior and Junior School Prayer Group intermittently joined by the, then Chaplain, The Rev Graham Bradbeer and now Chaplains: The Rev Douglas Campbell and The Rev David Assender.

While acknowledging Scotch College’s heritage and association with the Presbyterian Church of Victoria, the members of the Chaplains Prayer Support Group come from many Christian denominations. We meet together in unity to support the school’s foundational belief that Christian teachings underpin all that Scotch College seeks to do.

The Chaplains’ Group falls under the banner of the Scotch Parents Association, and is also associated with Prayer Groups for Schools Victoria.


The Chaplains’ Prayer Support Group has an Activities Committee that is activated at pertinent times of the year. The committee is convened and supported by volunteers who meet formally, approximately four times a year, to plan its activities and initiatives. This committee runs under the direct guidance of the school Chaplains in support of the following main activities:

  • The Prayer Breakfast/ Easter Breakfast
  • Family Day
  • Christian Movement Group and annual Camp
  • Christmas Carol Services
  • Faith Week
  • Chitulika/Orbus and ongoing outreach