Scotch News

2019 Henley Regatta

In the first day of rowing at the 2019 Henley Royal Regatta, the two Scotch crews showed strength and won their races. The Quad beat Sir William Barlase's Grammar School by 1/3 of a length in the Fawley Challenge Cup.

In the Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup, the Eight beat Bedford School by 2 1/3 lengths.

2019 Henley Day 1

On Day 2, the Scotch Quad were beaten by the Henley Rowing Club.

2019 Henley Day 2

The 1st Eight defeated St Paul's School, Concord, USA.

2019 Henley Day 2 Eight

On Day 3, the Scotch 1sts won against Shrewsbury in the Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup.

2019 Henley Day 3

In the Semi-finals, Scotch was up against St Paul's School, and managed to beat their strong crew.

2019 Henley Semi

The race can be viewed here .

In the Final, Eton College proved too strong for the Scotch crew, after a heavy week of competing.

2019 Henley Final