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Congratulations to the Class of 2019

The congratulations of all in the Scotch community go to the boys of the Class of 2019 for outstanding VCE and ATAR results, which give measure to their intellect and resolve, and confidence to their capacity to embrace the future with optimism and purpose.

We celebrate such accomplishment across the rich canvas of our non-selective entry, cognisant of a broader educational landscape that values the dignity of each person and curiosity for how the world might evolve for the greater good. The tables below summarise but one set of outcomes flowing from the resulting passions and mastery of each member of the Class of 2019. There are, and will continue to be, many more.

As inaugural participants of the Year 11 Immersion Service programme and early adopters of the Year 10 Scotch Enterprise programme, the boys of the Class of 2019 have explored the increasingly connected interface between social and economic enterprise defining their age. On exchange, as hosts and representatives, in strong voice in Memorial Hall and Boarders’ Chapel, as Cadets and in outreach, and amidst debate and laughter in the varying games that occupy four and six-square courts, they have explored the place of the individual in community and embraced the fruits of our hard won freedom.  

That all has been done with sensitivity, consideration and excitement for changing times has convinced that those of the Class of 2019 will take up the challenge of doing their bit, and that bit more, for the communities they will serve.

Such confidence is testament to the care, craft and perseverance of many, and my thanks and congratulations go to all involved: boys, members of staff and parents. 

To the Class of 2019: we will miss your humour, zest for life and enthusiasm for all to come. We thank you and wish you well as you assume the mantle of responsibility. Together you have navigated the ‘ordinary’ aspects of Scotch life, but your time has also been rich in attributes which speak powerfully of your generation and our future. You have done this with openness and kindness, and it has been a privilege to share in your optimism and glimpse something of the vibrant world you will forge. In thanking you for all you have given to your School, we look forward to welcoming you back to learn where it takes you.

Tom Batty



2019 VCE and ATAR Success

  • Rupert Balfe, Tianqi Feng, Matthew Lee, Harrison Liu, William Sutherland, and Yulin (Kevin) Wu each received an ATAR of 99.95, and are, therefore, the duces of Scotch College for 2019
  • Eight boys (3.3% of the cohort) obtained an ATAR of 99.90 or more (top 0.1% in the population)
  • 22 boys (9.0% of the cohort) obtained an ATAR of 99.50 or more (top 0.5% in the population)
  • 35 boys (14.3% of the cohort) obtained an ATAR of  99.00 or more (top 1% in the population)
  • 59 boys (24.1% of the cohort) obtained an ATAR of  98 or more (top 2% in the population)
  • 96 boys (39.2% of the cohort) obtained an ATAR of  95 or more (top 5% in the population)
  • 135 boys (55.1% of the cohort) obtained an ATAR of  90 or more (top 10% in the population)
  • 181 boys (73.9% of the cohort) obtained an ATAR of  80 or more (top 20% in the population)
  • The median ATAR was 91.65
  • Early measures of ‘value add’, comparing ability testing data from earlier years and ATAR scores, indicate a very strong performance from this cohort

(Note: the population referred to in the ATAR statistics above is the population of the State-wide Year 7 cohort from 2014, including those students who moved or left school before Year 12.)

  • There were 13 ‘perfect’ scores of 50 across seven subjects.
  • Ten Year 12 boys obtained scores of 50, including: Rupert Balfe (English Language and Legal Studies), Jiahang (Jerry) Chen (English EAL), Patrick Gerendasi (English), Matthew Lee (Specialist Mathematics), Xiang (Leo) Li (English EAL), Chares Lin (English), Daniel Qu (English), William Sutherland (Specialist Mathematics) and Andrew Wong (English).
  • Two Year 11 boys obtained scores of 50: Samuel Harle (Ancient History) and Joshua Poon (Mathematical Methods).
  • Eight Year 12 boys achieved the highest possible ATAR increment in their Higher Education (University) Study: six in Mathematics, one in Physics and one in Chemistry.

 2019 Duces

Scotch Duces: William Sutherland, Yulin (Kevin) Wu, Matthew Lee, Harrison Liu and Tianqi Feng with their Heads of House: Mr S De Domenico, Mr J McNeil, Mr G Patouras and Mr S Pallot.

(Rupert Balfe absent)