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Congratulations to the Class of 2020

2020 Duces   

The Duces with the Principal and Head of Upper School: Rion Ahl, Gordon Jin, Joshua Poon, Darren Tan and Yichen Jiang.  (Nicholas Kluckow unable to attend). 

From the Principal: 

In this of all years, the warm congratulations of all in the Scotch community go to the remarkable young men of the Class of 2020 for such impressive VCE and ATAR results, achieved amidst such trying circumstance.

During the course of this year, we have, with some weight, been reminded of the many aspects of life more important than examination rankings: the primacy of human interaction; the comfort of familiar routine; the stimulation of debate and collaboration - to note but a few. We have, however, also had cause to pin hopes on the fruits of intellectual pursuit, particularly in the field of medical research, that flow from the rigour and technique honed in examination preparation. Only those who have trod this year’s path will truly understand all that has been overcome and all that has been achieved.

It is with such appreciation that we celebrate this accomplishment across the rich canvas of our non-selective entry. The details below summarise the boys’ results in their examinations. No table could attempt to capture all they have contributed, all they have learnt and all that they will now offer to their communities. The fields and attributes would be as varied as the personalities, talents and ambitions of the young men now stepping out to do their bit.

Many have given much to such end. Their care, resolve and imagination have guided and encouraged throughout, and my thanks and congratulations go to all involved: boys, members of staff and parents.

To the Class of 2020: your good humour, zest for life and vibrant conversation will be much missed. Your steadfastness, compassion and good grace in the face of uncertainty will be long remembered. Your deeds are now part of Scotch lore. Yours has truly been a unique final year and you have risen purposefully to meet each challenge. It has been a privilege to share in your optimism for your world and your belief in the inherent dignity of those with whom your share it.

In thanking you for all you have given to your School, we look forward to welcoming you back to learn what you make of it all.

Tom Batty



 2020 VCE and ATAR Success

  • Rion Ahl, Yichen Jiang, Yang (Gordon) Jin, Nicholas Kluckow, Joshua Poon, and Darren Tan each received an ATAR of 99.95, and are, therefore, the duces of Scotch College for 2020
  • Six boys (2.4% of the cohort) obtained an ATAR of 99.90 or more (top 0.1% in the population)
  • 21 boys (8.3% of the cohort) obtained an ATAR of 99.50 or more (top 0.5% in the population)
  • 32 boys (12.6% of the cohort) obtained an ATAR of  99.00 or more (top 1% in the population)
  • 53 boys (20.9% of the cohort) obtained an ATAR of  98 or more (top 2% in the population)
  • 92 boys (36.4% of the cohort) obtained an ATAR of  95 or more (top 5% in the population)
  • 118 boys (46.6% of the cohort) obtained an ATAR of  90 or more (top 10% in the population)
  • 170 boys (67.2% of the cohort) obtained an ATAR of  80 or more (top 20% in the population)
  • The median ATAR was 88.6
  • Early measures of ‘value add’, comparing ability testing data from earlier years and ATAR scores, indicate a strong performance from this cohort

(Note: the population referred to in the ATAR statistics above is the population of the State-wide Year 7 cohort from 2015, including those students who moved or left school before Year 12.)

  • There were 21 ‘perfect’ scores of 50 across 11 subjects.
  • Twelve Year 12 boys obtained scores of 50, including: Rion Ahl (English), Sebastian Brasington (French), Adam Champion (Literature and Chemistry), Jay Dingle (Literature), Alex Fan (English), Thomas Hill (Psychology), Yichen Jiang (Mathematical Methods and Physics),Yang (Gordon) Jin (Mathematical Methods, Physics, and Specialist Mathematics), Nicholas Kluckow (Biology), Darren Tan (English), Jeff Wang (Further Mathematics) and Alexander Wood (German).
  • Five Year 11 boys obtained scores of 50, including: Ryan Ahl (Mathematical Methods), Andres Buritica Monroy (Mathematical Methods), Edmund Fang (Mathematical Methods) and William McCann (Mathematical Methods).